I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 416: Divine Message

Chapter 415: Amnesia

While walking, Ryuunosuke tried to move away from the group since they became the center of attention. Still, while he tried to move away, there was a meter distance between them and he wouldnt move so far since he kept looking at the cause of this attention.

Shishio was walking normally, but he let out a tired sigh, looking at the girls around him. “You dont need to worry. I wont be fighting for a while.”

“For a while?” 4x

Misaki, Shiina, Ritsu, and Nanami looked at Shishio with a frown at the same time.

After coming back from the Underground Arena, Shishio went to the hospital to take care of the wound on his head. While he wasnt hurt and was mostly unscathed, there was bleeding on his head.

While the bleeding would recover quickly since he had an “Enhanced Recovery,” his girlfriends felt worried, and in the end, there was no way for him to tell about the matter of the system and the uniqueness of his body since he didnt want to be kidnapped in the laboratory.

Still, considering his status, those who kidnapped him should be the ones who worried.

Also, Shishio felt that it might be good to use part of his blood to create a medicine so one could recover faster. After all, he had a pharmaceutical company. It would be wasteful if he didnt do so.

However, what Shishio wanted to say was the aftermath of that fight.

While the girls knew they couldnt stop him, they would watch him and tell him to remind them if he went on a fight. After all, it scared them to death when they saw him, hurting.

Unlike most of his fights where he came out unscathed, this time, he was blown away so exaggeratedly and had a bleed on his head, so they realized how dangerous his fight was. It might be only a bleed on his head now, but what about the future?

Thinking about that possibility, they became scared, especially when they thought they might lose him.

While their care and love moved him, Shishio was tired after being scolded, but it might also be his fault for playing around, letting himself be hit.

Still, Shishio must admit the aftermath of that fight was troublesome since he had gauze wrapped around his head, especially after he came back to the Sakurasou.

Touching the gauze on his head, Shishio felt worried when he thought Hiratsuka would know about this since he hadnt told her anything before and went on a spar with the rest of the girls.

As for Ayaka, Shishio could imagine, he was being doted to the limit, but being scolded by her wasnt bad either.

‘You naughty boy.

Shishio somehow could imagine that plot, but frankly, he regretted getting hurt since he saw them crying for him.

Still, he didnt think that he would fight for a while since he had become so strong right now.

While his body was just three times normal human and hadnt reached an exaggerated level like Wakatsuki or Yuujiro Hanma, he still had confidence in his technique, especially on Aiki.

Whether it was a powerful punch, kick, force, or anything, Shishio could either redirect or return them back.

Unless one was using their hands like a knife, or an exaggerated power and technique like Yuujiro Hanma, Shishio believed that there were no people that could defeat him.

There was no point in fighting someone who was weaker than him since it was just a waste of them.

Right now, his focus is on the novel that he is writing and to help Misaki with her anime.

“Misaki-senpai, when do you need us to dub your anime?” Shishio asked, ignoring the gaze on him along the way to the school.

While worrying about him, Nanami also looked in Misakis direction since it was her first as a Seiyuu, and of course, it would be lying if she wasnt excited. Also, it might be a good thing since this way, he would be busy, and there was no need for him to do something like fighting again.

“Its on Thursday.” Misaki quickly chirped and asked, “Are you ready?”

“I am ready.” Shishio nodded, then looked at Nanami. “How about you, Nanami?”

Unlike Shishio, who could confidently say he was ready, Nanami hesitated for a moment since she would be lying if she wasnt nervous, but when she saw his dependable figure, she nodded gently and said, “Yes, I am ready, Senpai.”

“Good!” Misaki was happy by their response and said, “Okay, I cant wait for Thursday!” If possible, she wanted to start the dubbing right away, but it wasnt ready yet, so she could only bear it for a while. “By the way, are you feeling alright? You dont feel dizzy, right? You dont have brain damage, right? You dont have amnesia, right? Also, my name is Misaki Kamiigusa! Dont ever forget my name!” When she saw Shishio come back to Sakurasou with a gauze wrapped around his head, she was so panicked and thought to call an ambulance, but only realized it was useless since he had come to the hospital before.

Still, even so, Misaki was worried about him since she didnt expect something like this to happen.


Shishio stared at Misaki in silence until the sleeve of his blazer was tucked by Shiina. Then, he looked at Shiina in confusion, but then, Shiina said, “My name is Shiina Mashiro.”

“….” Everyone.

Shishio let out a sigh and patted Shiinas head gently. “Hello, my name is Shishio Oga.”

Shiina stared at Shishio in shock, thinking he might have forgotten about her.

“…..” Everyone.

They played an amnesia game for a while, walking toward the school together.

“By the way, if I really forget about you all, what will you do?” Shishio somehow felt curious if he was in amnesia. He wondered what they would do.

When this question fell, they were quite surprised for a while. After all, amnesia only happened in the movie as for the real thing. They never encountered it. Still, this was an interesting question since if this really happened, what would they do?

Usually, in the story, it would be a girl who had amnesia, and the boy would work hard for the girl to remember him again.

However, this time, it was the reverse, the girls were the ones who worked hard, but it didnt really matter since either way, it was romantic, so they thought for a while until Shiina said, “Ill tell you everything about you.”

“Everything?” Shishio looked at Shiina curiously.

“Yes.” Shiina nodded and said, “Like the number of moles on your body, at how you always look at my legs, at how you love to rub my legs, like how…” Shishio quickly closed her mouth with his hand since he was afraid if this continued, this girl would blabber something that shouldnt be said.


However, the aftermath of Shiinas answer made him sigh since he could see their thoughtfulness gaze on him, which made him sigh tiredly.

“Good answer.”

Still, the milk had spilled. There was no use bitching around, so he just praised Shiina before he asked the other girls.

“How about you, Senpai?”

“Me?” Misaki thought for a moment and said, “Ill tell you how you have rubbed my breasts violently.”

“…” Shishio.

“…..” Everyone.

Shishio knew Misaki wasnt wrong. Instead, she was right, considering he really had rubbed her breasts violently in the past, but who would expect that this girl still bore a grudge of that act. “Do you still feel angry about that?”

“Of course!” Misaki fumed and said, “I am a girl! How can you rub my bre—”

Shishio quickly covered Misakis mouth since he was afraid the damage to his character would be even more severe.

The wounds that were caused by Shiina were deep enough. There was no need to sprinkle salt over them.

Shishio let out a sigh, but two girls and one boy were looking at him with an expressionless gaze.

“…How about you, Nanami?” Shishio asked since he knew Nanami was the most gentle among everyone, so he thought her answer would be gentle, but who would expect that she wasnt that much different from Misaki and Shiina.

“Are you sure you want to hear my answer?” Nanami asked with a gentle smile.

“…” Shishio was in silence before he looked at Ritsu and asked, “How about you, Ritsu-senpai? What are you going to do?” While he knew this girl was quite cold, he knew that this girl was quite gentle. Still, he felt this question was quite inappropriate, considering their status as a friend.

Hearing this question, Ritsu thought for a moment and felt that she wasnt sure how to answer. After all, their relationship was just a friend. However, she felt uncomfortable when she thought how Shishio would forget everything about her.

“If you dont want to answer, its okay, though.”

“No, I can answer.” Ritsu was quite embarrassed, but then she said, “…I-Ill tell you that youre my friend.”

Unlike the rest, their relationship was just a friend, so Ritsu just told him normally that they were friends.

“Thats true.”


Somehow suddenly, the atmosphere between them became so awkward.

Shishio was helpless, but he quickly looked at Ryuunosuke and asked, “Ryuunosuke, what about you?” He didnt intend to ask him, but if he didnt do so, the awkward atmosphere would remain, so he asked him.



Ryuunosuke looked at Shishio for a moment and said, “Ill tell you about the history of your browser and what you keep inside your hardware.”


Shishio looked at the sky and felt slightly lonely since he wondered whether there was someone who could give him a normal answer.

“Shishio, what about you? What if I have amnesia? What will you do?” Shiina suddenly asked.

Everyone looked at Shishio curiously, wondering what he would do when Shiina forgot all about him.

“Well, first, Ill be disappointed since you have forgotten all the memories that we have made, including the fact you have loved me…” Shishio didnt continue and tried to imagine what he would say if something like that really happened. “However, Ill try many ways so youll remember me. Still, even if you forget and cant remember me, I wont give up and try to make you fall for me again, even if youre not the same as you were before. If we can fall in love once, we should be able to fall in love twice, so while it might be hard, I wont give up since the love that is born from such a process is precious and dear for us, right?”

Shiina was in a daze, staring at Shishio, and wanted to kiss him, but Shishio quickly stopped her since they were in the middle of the street.

“Later, alright?” Shishio put his finger on Shiinas lips.

Shiina showed disappointment, but she nodded reluctantly.

Still, not only Shiina but Nanami somehow also wanted to jump on him, but with her status as a mistress, it was hard to do so, which was why, she could only bear it until there were only the two of them.

However, when Nanami looked at Shiina, who could hold him and flirted with him openly, she would be lying if she wasnt jealous and wanted to develop their relationship further.

But that quickly stopped when a question emerged in her heart.

‘Was it okay for me to do that?

Nanami wasnt sure, but right now, she could only look at them with a forced smile.

As for Misaki, Ritsu, and Ryuunosuke, they looked at him for a moment before they looked at the cloudy sky in silence.

It started with a playful question, yet why had it become like this?

They werent sure, but right now, it was better to go to the school and bury the strange feelings in their hearts, lock them, and throw them to the side until they forgot about them.

Yet, was it possible?

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