I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 418: This is a misunderstanding

Chapter 417: This is the last time

“Yahallo!” Ebina Hina smiled as she greeted Shishio. “Are you going to stop becoming a scumbag and becoming a homo, Shishio-kun?”

“…..” Usa.

“Watch your mouth, or Ill wash them with soap,” Shishio said coldly.

Ebina pursed her lips and said, “I was just joking. You dont need to get angry.” She knew she had said too much, but even so, his reaction was too much!

Ebina was still a beautiful girl!

Ebina felt she should be treated gently, right?

“That joke isnt fun.” Shishio looked at Ebina and said, “If you have nothing to do, just go back to your class.”

“Youre so cold!”

“My mood isnt good. You know my head is hurt, yet you teased me with such an unfunny joke.” Shishio moved closer and whispered, “If it is someone else, theyll think that joke is disgusting.” While he often said same-gender relationships were more tolerated today, that didnt mean it would be easily accepted.

“Sorry…” Ebina stopped joking and apologized with a downcast expression.

“Its okay. I am not angry. Its just dont do this kind of joke again, alright?” Shishio patted Ebinas head gently.


Ebina stared at Shishio for a moment and wondered whether he gave her a stick and carrot deliberately. “…While it feels nice, arent you the rude one for patting my head?”

“You dont like it?”

Ebina didnt say anything since there was no way for her to admit that his head pat felt good, so she quickly changed the topic of conversation. “Its quite rare to see you be with a male classmate, so I just cant help but feel curious, and so you know…”


Shishio and Usa were in silence since they realized Ebina was right.

It is rare for him to be with a male classmate, especially when he has always been surrounded by his harem.

“It isnt something special, you know? He just needs advice,” Shishio said as he patted the free space on the bench right beside him.

“Advice?” Ebina sat next to Shishio before she looked at Usa for a moment, then looked at Shishio. “Its about love, right?”

“Ugh!” Usa wasnt sure why, but he felt he was being treated as a simple guy.

“Is it so obvious?” Shishio asked curiously.

Ebina only laughed and didnt answer his question since the answer was obvious.

“Well, youre not wrong. He is asking for love advice.” Shishio nodded.

“Oga!” Usa was embarrassed!

Usa had taken Shishio somewhere, so no one would hear their conversation since he was embarrassed!

However, who would expect Shishio would blabber his mouth to a stranger that he didnt know?!

“Usa, you just like someone.” Shishio looked at Usa calmly and said, “Whats so embarrassing about it?”

“…..” Usa was in a daze.

“Theres nothing embarrassing about it. It isnt like you do a crime, right?”


“Look.” Shishio pointed at Ebina and said, “This girl also loves something, yet she doesnt feel embarrassed to express it.”

Somehow Ebina felt smug and said, “Thats right! Theres nothing wrong with liking something! Its like me who likes BL (Boys Love)! You can also love other guys too!”

“…Er.” Usa was troubled and shook his head. “I – I am normal…”

“I see…” Ebina slumped and felt depressed.

“Lets ignore this girl for a while.”


“How cruel!” Ebina complained, then asked, “Who is she falling for?”

“Oga, dont tell her!” Usa wanted to close Shishios mouth, but Shishio pressed his head.

“Who is going to tell her? Dont you believe me? If you dont believe me, then Ill just go back now.”

“No! No! No! Dont go back!” Usa begged as he cried.

Ebina looked at Usa and whispered to Shishio. “Is he so desperate?”

“Well, yeah.” Shishio nodded, then looked at Ebina and asked, “Ebina-senpai, can I ask you something?”

“What?” Ebina looked at Shishio curiously.

“If, for example, theres a guy who is in love with a girl, but that girl doesnt know you well and only treats you similar to the other guys in the school, do you think shell agree to that confession?” Shishio asked.

Usa was startled, then quickly looked at Ebina. While it was good to listen to Shishios advice, it also wasnt bad to listen to a girls opinion.

Ebina didnt answer his question for a while and said, “No.”

“….” Usa felt everything was crumbling, but he still didnt want to give up and asked, “Why?”

“Its like when someone who is gay confesses to someone who isnt gay, do you think the other party will agree?” Hina said calmly.


While the example was quite weird, Usa must admit Hinas words werent wrong since there was no way for someone normal to receive a confession from a gay.

“While her example is quite problematic, it isnt wrong.” Shishio looked at Usa and said, “You need to know her better, and she also needs to know you better, so either of you will regret when you date each other. Still, while I have said this, you need your crush to have an interest in you.”


“Yes.” Shishio nodded and said, “The most simple one is like someone handsome. The girls will be attracted to you with your face alone, right?”

“I see…” Usa nodded then asked, “If so, why isnt she interested in me?” He thought his face wasnt bad, so why didnt his crush have an interest in him?


Shishio and Ebina looked at each other wrily and didnt expect this guy would have such confidence in his appearance.

‘Because youre not handsome enough. 2x

While it might be cruel, this was the fact.

However, Shishio and Ebina werent cruel enough to remind this poor boy.

“Falling someone for their appearance is a shallow thing, and such a relationship wont last long,” Shishio said while shaking his head.

“I see…” Usa nodded and wrote those words in his note.


Shishio looked at Usa in silence, wondering whether this boy didnt realize his sarcasm since Usa also fell for Ritsu because of her appearance too.

“Still, the reality isnt a manga where you can find the heroine in a crisis, and you help her during that time. This country is peaceful, and you need to take a slow approach, trying to get close to her as you present yourself to her.”

“Present?” Usa was looking at Shishio in doubt.

Shishio nodded and said, “You need to show the part of yourself that can make her love you.”

Usa somehow got excited and asked, “Wh-What is that part?”

“I dont know.”

“….You dont know?” Usa was dumbfounded.

“Each person has a different part, and as I have said to you, I am not your babysitter or cupid. While I give you advice on whether your endeavor can be successful or not, it all depends on yourself. Still, if you can show her that youre dependable, gentle, tolerant, and tough, thats the key.” Shishio looked at Usa and said, “However, the problem is, can you show that part of yourself to your crush?”


Usa was silent.

While Usa knew the key for a girl to fall for a boy, and he even made a note, remembering it deep into his head, he didnt have a chance to show it to that girl, which made him desperate.

On the other hand, Ebina looked at Shishio with interest, carefully listening to his every word.

“Th-Then how am I going to show that part of myself?” Usa asked expectantly.

Shishio was silent and thought that this had become so troublesome. He knew that Usa had become dependent on him, and the more he thought about this, the more troublesome it was, so he made his decision and said, “Usa, before I tell you, this will be the last time I give you advice.”

“Wh-What?!” Usa was dumbfounded and asked, “Why?” He showed disbelief and showed an expression that he had abandoned.

“Its troublesome.”

“….” Usa.

“So this will be the last time. Ill give you a chance for you to appeal that part of yourself, and as for the rest, youll do it on your own,” Shishio said.

“Wh-Why? I -I can give you more money!” Usa was desperate since Shishios advice was right on the spot. Still, he also knew how troublesome he was, and he could give Shishio money for every bit of his advice.

“Its not about money.” Shishio shook his head and said, “And its not like I lack money after all.”

“…” Usa.

“The reason why I have decided to help you is that youre my friend, but frankly, I have realized it has become quite troublesome for me to manage, so this will be the last time. Ill give you a chance to show that part of yourself to your crush.”

Usa wanted to say something, but Shishios threat stopped him from saying anything. “If you dont agree, Ill steal that crush and date her.”

Usas mouth closed tightly after he heard Shishios threat. He thought for a moment and nodded. “Yes, I-I agree.” With a heavy heart, he agreed since if he didnt agree, his crush would disappear!

As for whether Shishio could date Ritsu or not, Usa wasnt sure, considering how difficult Ritsu was, but he didnt want to bet on it.

“Okay.” Shishio nodded and said, “Free your schedule on the Weekend.”

Usa was in doubt and asked, “Whats wrong?”

“Lets go to the theme park.”

“Theme park?”

While Usa didnt know what Shishio planned, he agreed without hesitation.

“Also, this is my last piece of advice.”


“Dont be in a hurry. Instead, slowly learn more about her, and let her learn more about you, so you two wont regret the relationship.”

Hearing that advice, Usa could see how sincere Shishio was to teach him and to answer him. He nodded vigorously. “Yes, Oga-sensei!”


Shishio decided to ignore the last part and felt relief since the trouble had disappeared. He decided to go to the literature club where everyone was waiting, but Ebina came with him and walked by his side. He looked at this girl and asked, “Whats wrong?”

“I just understand why you can have a harem now,” Ebina said with a smile.

Shishio only patted Ebinas head a few times and said, “Even if you fell for me, it wont work.”

“How narcissistic! Who is going to fall with a scumbag like you?!”

They looked at each other before they smiled and laughed.

Ebina looked at Shishio for a moment and wanted to invite him again to the Ikebukuro, but suddenly someone called his name.


“Shi–, Hiratsuka-sensei, whats wrong?” Shishio asked calmly.

Hiratsuka looked at the gauze on his head for a moment and pulled him. “Come with me!” As for Ebina, she ignored her and didnt care at all.

Shishio was helpless, but he didnt fight back. Instead, he only turned and looked at Ebina, then said, “See you.”

“See you.”

Waving her hand, Ebina somehow felt quite lonely.

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