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Chapter 419: Unfamiliar Shoes

Chapter 418: This is a misunderstanding

Seemingly angry, Hiratsuka brought Shishio to the guidance counselors room, and as soon as they entered, she locked the door without hesitation.

Shishios expression was a bit weird, and he said, “Um, Shizuka-chan, even though I dont mind doing it at school, is it really alright with you? Do you want to taint this sacred place for study with our mark?”

“What the heck are you thinking about?!”

Hiratsuka was furious and wanted to knock his head, but she stopped when she saw the gauze on his head. She looked at him worriedly and asked, “Say, Shishio, did you fight on the Underground Arena or Kengan Match?”


Shishio looked at Hiratsuka in surprise since he didnt expect her to know about this.

“Are you surprised that I know about the underground fights?”


“My father is the chief of Chiba Prefectural Police Headquarters, so I have seen those underground fights, and you should know how I like to do martial arts, right?” Hiratsuka recalled when she heard a rumor about a prodigy fighter in his 15 years, who had won the championship of the Kengan Match and brought down the master of Chinese martial art in the Underground Arena.

While his name wasnt revealed, she somehow had a feeling it was Shishio since the rumor he was really handsome, and from his expression, she knew she was right.


If Hiratsuka knew the fact he became a fighter in the underground fight because of her martial art hobby, Shishio wouldnt think too much. However, the fact the Chief of the Chiba Prefectural Police Headquarters was her father surprised him a lot, and it made him wonder whether he would be caught messing around with his daughter.

“What are you thinking about? Be serious! I am talking with you!” Hiratsuka scolded Shishio when he didnt seem to listen to her words.

“Sorry, I was afraid your father might catch me,” Shishio said truthfully.

Hiratsuka was amused by his worry and just knocked his chest lightly. “You should! So dont you dare to hurt me.”

“I know.” Shishio hugged Hiratsukas waist and said, “I have always taken care of you well, right?”

Hiratsuka looked at Shishio for a moment and let out a sigh before they kissed each other.

The guidance counselor room is located on the highest floor of the school building, and it was also equipped with a curtain to cover what had happened inside the room since no students wanted to be seen scolded by the teachers along with their parents.

In conclusion, it was also a perfect place to mess around inside the school.

“Wa-Wait! Do-Dont do it here!” Hiratsuka quickly slapped his hand away when his hands became naughty.

Shishio also stopped and didnt force her since he wanted her to be the one who made a move.

Hiratsuka looked at Shishio, who stopped and felt complex since if he was slightly forceful toward her, she might agree to do it here. Frankly, she felt it wouldnt be bad to do it in school since the sense of immorality was quite exciting. Still, she held it since she was a teacher with a strong sense of responsibility. “Shishio, lets talk whether it is true if you really fight on the underground arena or not?”

Shishio looked at Hiratsuka and asked, “If I tell you the truth, will you give me a reward?”

“Reward?” Hiratsuka was dumbfounded then asked, “If I give you one, will you tell me the truth?”

“Of course.”

“What kind of reward do you want?” Hiratsuka asked curiously.

“Please wear a high school uniform when you do it next time,” Shishio said with a serious expression.

“You pervert!” Hiratsuka wanted to punch Shishio, but he was smart and quickly adjusted her trajectory to his head, which caused her to stop punching. She gritted her teeth and thought this guy was quite unfair.

“Ugh, my head is hurt…” Shishio held his head, pretending that he was hurt.

Hiratsuka let out a sigh as her cheeks blushed shyly. “…Do you really want to see me in a high school uniform that much?”


“…Ill think about it.”


“Shut up! Now, answer my question first!”

“Yes, Sensei!”


Watching Shishio, who had become an obedient student, Hiratsuka smiled funny and asked, “So is it true?”

“Yeah.” Shishio nodded. “Its true. I have been fighting on Kengan Match and the Underground Arena.” There was nothing to hide, and he even thought to invite Hiratsuka to watch his spar with Wakatsuki before, but in the end, he didnt since he felt it was quite troublesome, considering how she might scold and try to stop him.

After all, Hiratsuka was unlike his other girlfriends.

Hiratsuka was several years older than everyone, and of course, her experience in life was richer than everyone, so she also knew what kind of danger that one would be when they fought on the Underground Arena, especially when she also trained well in martial arts.

Hiratsuka wanted to say something, but Shishio said, “Of course, I know this is dangerous, and it is also the reason why I just had always told Chihiro-nee that I had a spar.”

“Then why did you do it? Even though you know it is dangerous, why do you do it?” Hiratsuka asked with a frown since she was worried about her loved one since she knew how cruel the underground fight was.

There were no rules.

Everyone was free to do what they could to defeat their enemies as long as they didnt use a weapon.

It was a cruel place where one could lose their lives.

They had just confirmed their relationship, and they had become together, so Hiratsuka didnt want to lose him.


Shishio moved closer and hugged her gently. “I know that youre worried about me, but I am not as weak as you have imagined. On the contrary, even among the fighters in the underground fight, I am part the strong one. Also, I dont plan to enter anymore now.”

“Why?” While it felt nice being hugged like this, Hiratsuka thought about how to stop him from fighting in the underground arena, but who would expect him to tell her he was going to stop fighting, which made her dumbfounded.

“Isnt it because of you?” Shishio pinched Hiratsukas nose gently as he said in a gentle tone.

The truth was, he decided to stop because he couldnt see the improvement to fight the fighters on the Underground Arena again.

Shishio had become so strong, and he was strong enough to bring down a country now or two.

It might seem ridiculous, but with many combinations of his martial arts mastery, his heightened senses, strong body, and many skills mastery, Shishio could bring a country to ruin easily.

Shishio also knew his girlfriends were still tense since they saw him being blown away by Wakatsuki. Even if he told them he was alright, who would believe him?

After all, they were so scared when they saw him being blown away.

When they saw him hurt, they also felt hurt, so Shishio decided to stop fighting on the underground fight.

However, it didnt mean he was going to stop since as long as there was a fighter that interested him or a reward that made him interested, he might fight. However, without any of that, he decided to stop since it was so dull to fight a fight with an obvious result.

“Really?” While Hiratsuka felt happy, she still looked at him in doubt.

“Really.” Shishio nodded, without any shyness, even if he might fight again in the future.

Hiratsuka stared at Shishio for a while until she let out a sigh. “Shishio, I know the urge of every martial artist. They want to become the strongest, so they fight many fights. I also feel the same after all since I also want to become the strongest.”


Shishio looked at Hiratsuka and felt she was a little boy who was trapped in the body of a charming woman. However, he must admit this part of her was cute, so he said, “Its alright. Your man is the strongest since he defeated many strong opponents. As of now, there are no opponents that interest me, so I wont fight. Havent you tasted my fighting power before?”

Hiratsuka blushed and lightly hit his chest. “You pervert!” Still, she must admit his fighting power was amazing. He had the explosive power of the carnivore and the stamina of the herbivore. The combination of the two made him a monster in bed, and frankly, it was amazing, and she wanted to do it again tonight. “…Are you free tonight?”

“…If you dont mind if I stay for a few hours, I can go to your apartment tonight.”

“Okay~~!” Hiratsuka kissed his lips without hesitation, and after she parted her lips, she asked, “By the way, what kind of martial arts did you practice?” She only remembered that she had never asked him this question before, which made her curious. After she was done with her scolding, she acted coquettishly like a girl who had fallen for the first time.

Looking at Hiratsuka, who sat on his lap and hugged his neck, Shishio must admit that it took all of his will not to push her here and now, but at the same time, he was also curious at what kind of martial arts she had trained. “How about you? I have never known what kind of martial arts you learn.”

“Me? Well, I did all the martial arts usually trained by the police like judo, taiho-jutsu (arresting art), kendo, karate, and a little aikido.”

Hiratsuka had trained in many martial arts since she loved it, considering her dream was to become the strongest in the past, but even though she had trained a lot, it was still impossible to defeat him on the bed, which made her slightly frustrated and thought she was going to have her revenge tonight.

“I see…” Shishio was quite surprised, but then he asked, “Do you want to have a spar with me?”

“Spar? Us?”

“Yeah.” Shishio nodded. “I have a dojo in my apartment. You can come to see.”

Hiratsuka stared at Shishio for a moment and asked, “…Are we really going to fight?”

“…If you want, we can also have a “rematch” there.”


The two talked for a while before they reluctantly left.

Still, Shishio walked into the literature club lately and was stared at by everyone, but luckily, they thought he was talking with Usa before.

“So, what did you talk about with your friend?” Mai asked curiously.

“Mai…” Shishio looked at Mai and solemnly said,” Guys have something they cant talk about with women.”

“…….” Everyone.

Even if Usa was a simple guy, Shishio wouldnt betray him and tell the content of their conversation to everyone.

However, they seemed to misunderstand him.

“Probably about porn, right?”

“…I have you. Why do I need porn?”

Somehow the conversation moved in a strange direction.

Luckily, the lunch was quite fun, and they returned after the class after the break ended.

Everyone was thinking of visiting a sweet store or something.

Shishio just listened and didnt join their conversation since he just followed them, but then he noticed Rui, who walked toward their direction. “Rui-nee.” While she might have ignored him, it didnt mean he was going to treat her similarly.

Even a drop of water could break a stone.

His sincerity should be able to break her cold persona, right?

However, Shishio didnt expect his sincerity would be able to break her heart so quickly.


Rui seemed unsteady and out of focus before she fell into him, and he caught her subconsciously.

The girls saw him hugging Rui in public, making them stare at him together.

“……” Everyone.

“…This is a misunderstanding,” Shishio said helplessly.

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