I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 421: Its kind of awkward

Chapter 420: Fever

Rui opened her eyes gently as she felt something cold on her forehead.

“This is…?”

Rui was confused when she saw she was in her room.

“Have you woken up?”

Rui was surprised and dumbfounded. She woke up abruptly, but her head became dizzy. “Ugh…”

“You have a fever. Dont move so suddenly like that.”

Shishio was speechless and helped her to sleep again on the bed.

However, Rui kept looking at Shishio and asked, “…Why are you here?” While she was happy, it was quite hard to show it when she ignored him before.

“Werent you the one who fell on me so suddenly before?” Shishio looked at Rui helplessly and said, “If I didnt meet you back then, you might not be able to go home.” He had a feeling she might pass out on the street, and someone might do something to her, which was something he couldnt allow.

Shishio took a glass of water and put the straw near her mouth. “Heres the water. Drink it first.”

Rui obediently followed his words and sipped the water slowly while feeling slightly fuzzy, but one thing for sure, she was happy, and she also recalled what had happened before.

“Do you need anything else? By the way, sorry to rummage around your house a bit, but I have received permission from Tachibana-sensei,” Shishio said.

“Hina-nee did?” Rui looked at Shishio and thought his relationship with her older sister was quite good, but she decided to ignore it right now since there was something that she wanted to do. “A towel and pajamas. I am all sweaty. I want to wash, warm water, and change my clothes.”

“Okay, wait here for a moment.”

When Shishio was about to stand up, Rui called his name out subconsciously. “Shishio.”


“…Why youre here?” Rui asked with a headache on her head.

Shishio looked at Rui for a moment and said, “Isnt it obvious? Because I am worried about you. Stop asking something stupid. You should rest and let me take care of you.”

Rui pursed her lips and smiled, watching his figure that walked out from her room while laying on the bed gently. It might be her imagination, but she felt better somehow.

‘Is it because hes here?

Rui wasnt sure, but she wanted him to stay as long as possible.

Before long, Shishio came back with all the things that Rui needed.

However, who would expect Rui to suddenly unbutton her uniform?

“…What are you doing?”

“I feel sick. Help me change my clothes.”

“…Are you serious?”

“What are you acting surprised for? We have had sex several times, right? Help me…” Rui was weak and wanted him to help her.


Shishio also wasnt sure why he became hesitant even though he was familiar with every part of her body. However, he couldnt be blamed since the last time she had ignored him so suddenly, so it was quite surprising for her to ask him to change her clothes.

Still, it was good that she felt better.

Shishio unbuttoned her white shirt and bra with ease since it wasnt his first time doing this.

Rui blushed, but then she slapped his hand with slight anger. “Why do you rub the boob of someone sick?!”

“Sorry, its just too cute, and it has been a while.”

It had been a while since they had sex and watched her well-shaped boobs and pink nipples. Shishio felt his throat dry, but he quickly showed a solemn expression since he knew she was sick and it wasnt a time to do this.

Watching his solemn expression, Rui was dumbfounded and then became speechless since she had become naked.

“You havent shaved yet?”

“Shut up!”

Shishio only smiled and asked, “Come on. Let me wash your body.”

Rui was embarrassed, but strangely, she didnt feel dizzy anymore, and she just pouted, letting her body be wiped with a wet towel. She wasnt sure why, but when she felt her body became better and better when he kept washing her body.


‘Why do I feel so hot…?

Rui looked at the air conditioner inside her room, and even though it was turned on, she could still feel her body was hot. She bit her lower lip when she saw him, wiping her inner legs, underboobs, and many places near her sensitive parts, teasing her repeatedly, without giving her time to rest.

When Shishio wiped Ruis body, he used his “Chi” and “Hamon” to make her body feel better.

‘But why am I the one who becomes worse?

Shishio noticed Ruis eyes that looked at his nether region, but his hands were preoccupied, so there was nothing he could do to hide his hardened phallus.

While neither of them talked to each other, it didnt mean the situation was uncomfortable.

This silence was also comfortable, but their bodies were quite uncomfortable since they needed to release the heat inside their bodies.

Luckily, Shishio didnt need a long time to wipe Ruis entire body.

While it was true that Shishio wanted to touch her body longer, it was quite inappropriate to do so when Rui was sick.

After Rui wore her pajamas, she rested again on her bed.

“I made your porridge. Do you want to eat?” Shishio asked.

“…You made me a porridge?” Rui was surprised.

While Rui knew Shishio could cook, she didnt expect he would cook something for her.

“Are you not hungry?”

“Not really, but let me taste it.” Rui was curious and wanted to taste his porridge.

“Okay, let me get some.” Shishio put porridge in the bowl before he helped to feed her. “Open your mouth.”

Rui stared at Shishio for a moment and opened her mouth obediently, eating the porridge.

“What do you think?” Shishio asked.

Rui felt she had seen the space since the taste of the porridge was so delicious that she almost passed out. However, she opened her mouth again without commenting on his food.

Shishio smiled and continued to feed her before stopping when she had emptied the bowl. “Its good, right?”

“…Yeah.” Rui looked at Shishio in an unbelievable gaze and asked, “Youre cooking skill is good?”

“Its not bad.” Shishio didnt really want to tell the detail of his cooking skill since it might sound arrogant, and this wasnt a good occasion, but then he heard the sound of a thermometer that was put on her armpit.

Before she ate, he put a thermometer there, so there was no need to wait too long.

“Its 37 degrees celsius. Not bad. Your fever should be okay tomorrow, but to make sure, do you want medicine?” Shishio asked.

“Okay.” Rui nodded while thinking she should ask him how to make such porridge before.



Rui looked at Shishio, who put a suppository near her pillow.

“Ill be out for a while. Tell me when youre done.”

Shishio wanted to go out, but his wrist was taken.

“I cant put it there by myself. Help me,” Rui said with a begging tone.


Shishio looked at Rui for a moment and nodded helplessly. “Okay, roll over and show me your butt.”


While Rui knew it was a necessary process, her face was burning red, but she obediently rolled over her body and pulled open her pants and panties.

Shishio walked into her bed and grabbed her cheek butts, and opened them so he could see her anus better.

“…Shishio.” Even if Rui had asked for his help, she still felt embarrassed!

“Wait a moment.”

Shishio took a deep breath, trying to calm his raging boner when he saw her beautiful pink slit and arse. He let out a sigh, wondering how every part of a woman could be so beautiful.

Anyway, Shishio took the suppository and put it inside her anus gently.


Rui held her moan when she could feel his thick finger enter that place too, but she quickly scolded him. “Shishio!” While she had felt better, she felt she might get sick again if this guy kept teasing her!

Shishio let out a sigh as he patted her butts gently, helping her put her panties and pants on before going to the bathroom to wash his hands. It wasnt that he felt disgusted, but it might be strange when he touched her hand or face later. Even though the one he touched was her arse.

Still, when he came back, he could see how happy she was.

Shishio sat next to her and asked, “Do you feel better?”


“How about you sleep then?” Shishio asked.

“No, I cant sleep.” The heat on her body made it hard for her to sleep.

“Do you want me to give you a massage?” Shishio asked.

“Massage?” Rui looked at Shishio curiously.

Shishio didnt say much and massaged her head gently.

“Hmnn~~.” Rui moaned and felt comfortable when her head was massaged. “It feels nice…”

“Thats good. Just relax. Ill take care of you until your family comes back.”


Rui was in silence for a moment and asked, “Say.”


“Do you like my anus?”

“…Why do you say that?” Shishio almost coughed blood when Rui asked this question.

“You have been teasing it for a while before. Do you want to try an anal?”

“…I wonder whats going on with you after Golden Week that you have ignored me. It seems youre fine now,” Shishio said helplessly.

Rui pouted and said, “Wasnt it you who announced that you had become a scumbag? It was hard to talk with you after that. Your relationship with your girlfriends became even closer after that, making it hard for me to talk with you.”

“I thought you understood what kind of relationship we had,” Shishio said softly.


Rui was silent since she understood they werent lovers and she shouldnt get jealous, but it was impossible for her not to be jealous since she understood what kind of feeling she had for him.

“Sorry, it is my fault for seducing you even though I have girlfriends,” Shishio said as he caressed her bangs gently.

Rui shook her head and said, “No, it is also my fault for falling into a scumbag like you.”

“…” Shishio.

“Still, I want to understand my feelings more,” Rui said since she understood she was quite needy and jealous, so it was quite hard for her to see him be with another woman.

“Its okay. Take your time.”

“By the way.”


“It has been a while since we did it….” Rui was quite shy and asked, “Do you want to do it?”

“…Youre sick, right?”

“I heard that you would feel better if you sweat a lot, right?”

“Youre not wrong, but…” There were many things Shishio wanted to say, but he decided to swallow them. “I dont bring a condom, though.”

“There should be many packs on my table. Theyre your size.”


Shishio stood up and checked her table, finding the pack of condoms easily. They were also his size, which made him speechless. “…When did you buy it?”

“With Momo before. She is very knowledgeable about this matter,” Rui said plainly.


“So, do you want to do it?”

“Okay.” Shishio opened the package and took off the condom. “Ill be gentle. You dont need to move. Ill be the one who moves, so just lay there.”

Rui nodded and just lay on her bed while looking at him, who smoothly pulled her pants and panties. Her place was already wet, so it didnt take long before they started to act.

While they did it, Shishio said, “Do you know?”

“Hmnn?” Rui bit her lips, trying to hold her cry since the pleasure she got was too amazing, considering how immoral it was to do it at her new house.

“Youll feel better if you transfer your sickness to someone, so transfer your fever to me, alright?”

Rui wanted to say something, but her lips were taken by him. While the pleasure made her brain melt and hazy, she smiled and hugged him tightly with her hands and feet.

If he didnt use a condom, Rui thought she would let him out inside her right now since those words were so sweet.

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