I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 425: Everyday in the Service Club

Chapter 424: Shishio is once again…

Walking through a familiar street, Aki Shina had been living in Tokyo for the past month. While he was still nervous and there were many things that he was unsure about, he had gotten used to living in this bustling city.

Coming back from his hometown after Golden Week, Aki missed Ayaka and thought about meeting her, and he was happy to meet her again. Even though Ayaka might have had a strange relationship with Shishio, he knew Shishio was Nanas boyfriend, so while the relationship between Shishio and Ayaka was close, it was normal since they might become siblings-in-law in the future.

However, unlike Aki, the rest of the girls who stayed in the Sunahara dorm could see something was different about Ayaka, but neither of them was going to talk to him since they werent obligated to do so.

Also, it was hard to talk with Ayaka since she had always smiled and changed the topic of the conversation by pressing those girls on her boobs, shutting their mouths forcefully.

While the change in Ayaka made the girls feel curious and also doubtful, Aki was more cornered about what had happened to Ayaka lately since he could see her mood wasnt good. She seemed to be depressed and worried about something. If he didnt happen to see her letting out a sigh alone in the living room, he wouldnt realize something had happened to her.

Aki knew something must happen to Ayaka.

While he wasnt sure what had happened, he knew something must happen!

Aki tried to ask Ayaka, but she just changed the topic of conversation and smiled like usual, pretending nothing had happened.

Aki was worried, but there was nothing he could do.

However, Aki didnt give up and thought of a plan to cheer Ayaka up.

“Lets make good food!”

Aki happened to see a magazine that told a way to cheer someone up through food, so he thought to cook dinner today.

While Aki might have messed up the dinner last time, he had grown up. He was different from his past self, and he had been reborn to a new self.

“Yosh…! Lets make something to cheer Caretaker-san up!”

Aki clenched his small fists together before raising them together.

The people who saw him could only laugh while thinking Aki was a cute girl.

However, Aki didnt hear them since his mind was preoccupied with Ayaka, and even if he heard them, he wouldnt care much either, considering how he had gotten used to being treated as a girl.

In high spirits, Aki returned to the Sunohara dorm, looking straight, without noticing the motorcycle parked inside the dorm. If he noticed it, he wouldnt be in high spirits again, and his body would be deflated.

Luckily, Aki was so excited that he didnt notice anything.

Even if Aki entered the dorm, he didnt notice the unfamiliar shoes were placed at the dorm entrance. He just ran straight and entered the dorm to search for Ayaka, telling her about his big plan to cheer her up by making her good food.


Aki called, but he didnt see her anywhere, even inside the living room. He looked around the dorm, wondering where she was, but then he heard a noise inside her room.

“Be careful, Ayaka-nee. It is sensitive.”

“Sorry, did it hurt?”

“No, its okay. It feels nice somehow.”

“Really? Should I touch more?”

“Dont be in a hurry. Do it slowly and gently.”


Aki wasnt sure what had happened there, but he felt so uncomfortable right now. His high spirit was destroyed instantly, and he just didnt know what to do since he heard Ayakas voice inside with someone he didnt know.


Aki questioned inside his heart. He wanted to ask Ayaka, but there was something that made him scared somehow. He tried to open the door in front of him, but his body couldnt move and was stuck there.

Aki stood still and was unable to move until he decided to return to his room since somehow he was afraid to be seen.

However, Aki was seen by Yuzu Yukimoto, Sumire Yamanashi, and Yuri Kazami, who happened to go home. Neither of them had a student council job, so they just wanted to go back since they felt worried about Ayaka, like Aki.

They had noticed Ayaka was depressed about something, and similar to Aki, they also wanted to do something.

“Hey, Shina, you have gone back?”

Yuzu greeted, but Aki didnt seem to hear her voice, ignoring her before entering his room.


Yuzu felt annoyed she was being ignored.

However, Aki didnt seem to hear her voice.

“What was wrong with him?” Yuzu frowned.

“Yuzu-chan… that…” Yuri suddenly pointed at the unfamiliar shoes that were placed at the entrance.

Yuzu and Sumire also noticed the shoes, and they were startled since they didnt notice them before.

The shoes were placed on the side, deliberately or unintentionally placed on the inconspicuous place, so it wouldnt attract anyones attention.

However, Yuri was different from an average person since she could see often take a photo of everyone from a secret place.

In other words, Yuri was a stealth expert, so she could notice something that was out of the ordinary that happened in this dorm.

As for the motorcycle, neither of them saw them since they hurriedly entered the dorm, and it was also similar to the shoes, considering how the motorcycle was placed deliberately or unintentionally placed in the blind spot of someone.

After all, the owner of the motorcycle and the shoes was a ninja, so such a thing was possible.

As for why that person did this, it might be just because of a habit or something, considering his previous experience in Ruis house.

The three girls looked at each other and suddenly felt something strange. They didnt walk to their rooms, toilet, or even the living room. Instead, they subconsciously walked to Ayakas room since Akis reaction was so strange. They walked quietly, trying to erase their voices and noises, but a gasp came out from their mouths when they heard the ambiguous and strangely lewd voice that could be heard from inside.

Their faces quickly reddened, and they were in shock!

However, unlike Sumire and Yuri, Yuzus reaction was more exaggerated.

Her petite body was launched, and Yuru opened the door without hesitation!

“Wh-What are you doing?!”

Her loud voice attracted everyones attention.

However, the three girls quickly focussed their attention on the people inside.

As for the people inside, they were just staring at the three girls in a daze.

“…What are you doing too?” Ayaka asked with some confusion but at the same time sighed in relief since she didnt need to show the three girls something that they shouldnt see before they became an adult.


However, one thing was for sure, everyone was silent, and everything became awkward.

After what had happened, everyone gathered in the living room, and they understood that everyone was a misunderstanding, especially when they saw a gauze wrapped around his head.

Even Aki, who had returned to his room, also joined everyone and sighed in relief since he understood everyone was a misunderstanding!

Ayaka was just checking Shishios wound since she was worried about him.

Fortunately, the wound was alright, and it would recover soon.

While they talked about how Shishio got his wound and how relieved everyone was when they knew he was alright, Yuri noticed something.

‘Why is Shishio-nii here?

Yuri was confused, but when she looked at Ayaka, who smiled at her.

“Whats wrong, Yuri-chan?” Ayaka asked with a bright smile.


Yuri wasnt sure why, but she shuddered and shook her head furiously. “No-Nothing!”

“Hmm?” Ayaka only tilted her head, showing confusion as to why Yuri seemed to be afraid of her.

While Ayaka didnt realize what she had done, Yuri also started to ask Shishio about the camera and photography question, considering it was rare for him to come and there were many things she wanted to ask.

“Shishio, youll stay here for dinner, right?” Ayaka suddenly asked with a smile.

“Yeah, if thats not a problem.”

“No, its not a problem. Eat here, alright?”


The two looked at each other while smiling warmly.

It might be everyones imagination, but why did they feel their relationship became closer?

However, when they thought about his relationship with Nana, they felt it was understandable, so they didnt care much and continued to talk to each other since it was quite rare for him to come, and they also werent sure when he was going to come here again.

“Shishio-nii, when are you going to come again?” Yuri suddenly asked.

“Whats wrong?” Shishio didnt answer Yuris question. Instead, he asked her a question since this way there wouldnt be a misunderstanding.

‘Youre really popular, Shishio-kun.

‘But youre the only one for me, Ayaka-nee.

While it was quite disappointing Shishio and Ayaka couldnt stay together and do what they did during Golden Week, there was nothing they could do. After all, Ayaka couldnt leave the children in her dorm alone, and as the caretaker, she needed to take care of everyones needs, considering she was paid for it.

The two talked to each other through their eyes without anyone noticing.

“I want you to teach me about photography,” Yuri said with a sigh since there were many things she could learn from Shishio, but the time was limited. He was in high school, and he also had Nana as his girlfriend, so it was quite hard for him to stay with her.

‘Wait, if I were his girlfriend, would it be possible for him to spend more time with me?

Yuri suddenly blushed with that possibility, and if that really happened, she might pamper him so much that he wouldnt be able to leave her.

Shishio wasnt sure why, but he felt a shudder somehow when he noticed Yuris gaze. He put a slight distance from this girl who caused him to touch Sumire Yamanashi, who sat next to him. “Sorry.”

“No-No, its okay.” Sumire shook her head while hiding her facial expression through her long hair.


Shishio was silent, then asked, “You want me to teach you photography, right?”

“Yes!” Yuri nodded without hesitation.

Shishio thought for a moment while looking at Ayaka and asked, “Say, Ayaka-nee.”


“How about we go out together?”


Everyone was dumbfounded by Shishios invitation to go out toward Ayaka. However, it was normal since they were confused about what was wrong, considering his invitation was so random.

“Its okay, but what about everyone?” Ayaka asked.


They were even dumbfounded when Ayaka received Shishios invitation.

“How about we all go out this Saturday?” Shishio asked.

“Eh? Where?” Yuzu was the most excited and quickly asked.

“Its Ashikaga Flower Park. I have heard the flowers there bloom the most beautifully in May. I can also teach you how to photograph and take your pictures there, but if you dont want to….”

“Were going there!” 4x

Ayaka, Yuzu, Yuri, and Sumire said at the same time!

“Okay. Well go there together on Saturday. Ill pick you up in a car.”

While they talked to each other about their plan, Aki, who was on the side, also would be lying if he wasnt excited about their trip to the Ashikaga Flower Park.

However, was he invited?

Well, yeah, after all, Shishio wasnt that cruel.

Still, Aki didnt realize that his first crush had fallen for someone else.

However, neither Shishio nor Ayaka thought about Akis feelings right now since they knew on Saturday, there were many things they could do together, and they were excited about it.

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