I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 429: Shishio: I dont see anything

Chapter 428: Dubbing

It wasnt old news that Shishio was a scumbag now.

After having dinner with Yukinoshita and spending time with Rui in his different apartment, Shishio spent his time with his other girls again.

As Shishio clearly thought, he felt his time was limited and that 24 hours wasnt enough for him.

However, even if his system was powerful, there was no way it could change the time for a day unless he moved to a different planet.

Still, Shishio felt it wasnt a time for him to think about such a random thing when there was something he needed to do right now.

As Misaki had told them before, she had booked the recording studio inside the school for her anime dubbing. She had tried to venture into a different anime genre, and it was her first attempt to create a romance anime.

The romance wasnt her main strength, and she was quite clumsy, whether it was at work or reality.

It might also be part of the reason why Misaki had always fallen for a scumbag.

However, Misaki didnt want to stay like she was and tried to make a romance anime with a script that Shishio wrote. She was satisfied with the script and what she needed to do was to create the rest.

Misaki was like a single anime studio.

Whether it was illustrator, coloring, directing, or many other things could be done by her as long as it was related to anime.

Misaki could also do a script, but she wasnt good at romance, so she asked Shishio, who was good at it, to write it for her.

Truthfully, it wasnt Misakis first time creating an anime with someone.

In the past, Misaki also had made an anime with someone, and that person was Mitaka Jin.

Mitaka was Misakis childhood friend, her previous crush, and also Misakis scriptwriter for her anime.

Misaki was in love with Mitaka, but even if she was in love, she just couldnt be satisfied with him, and he just couldnt make her feel good.

Mitaka was also in love with Misaki, but he felt crushed by her talent, so he could only reluctantly leave if he kept staying by her side. He felt he would hate her instead of loving her.

However, unlike Mitaka, Misaki was able to move on, and she had forgotten about her forlorn love, embarrassing a new exciting love.

Shishio, Misaki, Nanami, and Misakis friends, Saori Himemiya, were there.

The four of them talked to each other about the dubbing process for the anime.

However, the four of them werent alone, and there was Mai, Miu, Saki, Shiina, and the rest members of the literature club who were observing on the side without disturbing their discussion.

Kiriya and Usa were also there since they were also quite curious about the process of anime dubbing.

It might be weird, but the location of the recording studio was at Suimei Academy.

Now, the question is, how does such a school have something as luxurious as a recording studio?

While Suimei Academy is a famous private prep school, it is also a famous art school.

Whether it was a painting, singing, dancing, designer, or many other things are there.

It was also the reason why Mai, who was a famous actress, decided to come to this school, considering how tolerant it was toward their students careers.

It was also the reason why there was such a huge recording studio inside the school.

Shishio was talking about his understanding of the emotions of Noboru Terao, the childhood friend of Mikako Nagamine (main character) of the Voices of a Distant Star (the name of their anime).

Misaki nodded and continued to talk to each other.

While the two were talking to each other, Saori Himemiya and Nanami kept listening since they would be part of this project after all.

While Saori was Misakis friend, she was also Misakis partner.

If Mitaka was in the script, Saori was in the music, creating many BGM and helping the dubbing process of Misakis anime.

However, it was different now, considering Shishio was there.

Misaki might be cheerful and seemed like an idiot, but she took her work seriously, and she wanted it to be as perfect as possible. She was a perfectionist, so she hoped Shishio would be the one who made the BGM for their anime.

Shishio agreed since it was quite easy for him to make one.

This somehow made Saori unable to accept for a while, but there was nothing she could do, especially after Misaki had made the decision. She wasnt sure how good Shishio was with music, but she must admit this famous scumbag was so handsome.

Shishio didnt expect a sudden reward.

While Shishio felt happy, he needed to focus on his first anime first.

As for what kind of reward he received, it was a famous company operating sound recording, mixing, and mastering studios in Ginza, Tokyo.

While it was a small company, it has quite a reputation in this country and among the entertainment industry.

Shishio said while also instructing Nanami. “Nanami, have you learned your character?”

Still, Shishio must admit Misakis friend was quite cute, and he wondered why Misaki hadnt introduced him until now since if they knew each other, then… Oops, he felt he really couldnt be saved anymore.

“Yes.” Nanami nodded.

“How do you see Mikako Nagamine (main character) as a character?” Misaki asked.

“If I have to say, it is a girl who misses her crush.”


While his script might seem complicated, it wasnt that complicated.

In the end, the story of the Voices of a Distant Star was a love story that was separated by distance and time.

“However, can you picture yourself as a girl who is missing her loved one? By the way, have you ever been in a relationship, Nanami?” Misaki asked curiously.


Nanami was in silence for a moment before she glanced at Shishio.

“….” Shishio.

“No… not yet,” Nanami answered after a moment of hesitation.

“What? Are you sure? But you must have been in love before, right?” Misaki asked as she nudged Nanamis side.

Misaki showed a bitter smile and said, “Its true that I have loved someone, but I dont have any experience with going out with each other as a boyfriend or a girlfriend.”


“However, I have an experience of being separated by a distance,” Nanami said.

“Huh? What does that mean?” Misaki was confused by Nanamis words.

‘Being separated by a distance… Shishio looked at Nanami with a complicated gaze.

Nanamis words werent wrong.

After all, while they had done it on the bed together, they werent a lover or a couple.

Their relationship was probably an affair.

They were together, and without a doubt, they had feelings for each other.

However, there was an invisible wall that separated them, and it was something that made them unable to proceed with their relationship further.

Shishio knew to solve to break this wall, there was something that he needed to do, and after hearing the words that came out from Nanamis mouth, he felt he needed to solve that problem faster.

“But you dont need to worry. Ill be fine. I can do this,” Nanami said confidently since she had kept reading the script on her hands hundreds of times or more. She knew she wasnt someone with talent, so she needed to work harder.

Shishio had helped her a lot, so now, she was going to show him the result of her hard work.

Misaki watched Misakis eyes for a moment, and somehow she felt she faced the main protagonist of a shounen manga. Her eyes were also burning, and she slapped her back hard. “Go for it! Well start the dubbing process soon. You two are ready, right?”

“Yes.” 2x

Nanami and Shishio looked at each other as they smiled.

The two entered the recording room with a script in their hands, waiting for the dubbing to start.

The process of dubbing anime was quite simple yet also complicated.

In the dubbing process, the voice actor only needed to act as their characters. There was nothing complicated, and that was what they needed.

If there was a difference with a movie, the voice actor only used their voices to act instead of their entire body.

As for which one was more difficult, it was hard to compare, considering each of them had its own difficulties.

Shishio and Nanami stood next to each other in front of the microphone while waiting for the screen to play Misakis anime.

“Its my first time seeing an anime dubbing process,” Usa said in amazement.

“You should watch and learn well since it is quite a rare experience. In the future, it might be useful for you,” Kiriya said.

“Yes, Sensei!” Usa nodded and kept watching.

While the two of them talked to each other in a low voice, the girls kept focussing on the dubbing process and wanted to watch how it was going to finish.

Saori looked at Misaki, and Misaki gave her a nod.

Saori used her microphone and said, “Were rolling.” She pressed the recording button and let Shishio and Nanami start their dub.

Nanami would be lying if she wasnt nervous, but when she noticed Shishios gaze, she smiled since he gave her the power to move forward and challenged her first step to becoming a famous Seiyuu.

“There is a word, “World.”

With Nanami starting her act, Shishio also started to act. He also activated his “Zone” and pulled her into his “Zone,” so her act would be even better.

The two acted together, ignoring everyones gaze on them, only focussing on each others voices and the incomplete anime that was playing in front of them.

Nanami: “From now on, it will take eight years and seven months to receive each others mail. Sorry.” (Her voice was full of loneliness and numbness, thinking it was impossible to meet her crush).

Nanami: “Say, were separated by space and the Earth…”

Shishio and Nanami: “…like lovers, arent we?”

Shishio: “Since middle school, we probably only saw each other. But a distance that takes eight years at the speed of light is no different than, say, “forever.” The time between Mikaki and I drifts further and further apart. Thats why I have made a goal, to make my heart harder, colder, and stronger.” (His voice was trembling, seemingly crying all the time, yet he stubbornly grit his teeth, showing his determination to become stronger).

No one could take them away, and they might not realize their eyes seemed to brim with tears since the act between Shishio and Nanami was so moving.

With the scene of Mikako Nagamine (main character) falling into the enemy and her mecha being destroyed, she closed her eyes, showing a relieved expression after a long struggle.

Nanami: “Say, Noboru…”

Nanami and Shishio: “I am here.”

When those words fell, Misaki said, “All right. Perfect! That wraps up the entire scene!”

Shishio felt tired, but then he was hugged by Nanami so suddenly.

“Thank you.”

“No problem.”

Shishio let Nanami hug him, but it might be his imagination. He felt there were many eyes that were watching him right now.

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