I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 430: You have to protect your women well

Chapter 429: Shishio: I don ’t see anything

“Its good! Its good! Its perfect!”

Misaki entered the recording area happily and hugged Shishio and Nanami without hesitation, rubbing her cheeks against them.

“Mi-Misaki-senpai!” Nanami was troubled and felt embarrassed.

However, Shishio was silent since he enjoyed the moment when two girls hugged him at the same time.

‘Hmm, not bad.

However, when his girlfriends kept staring at him, Shishio coughed and said, “Misaki-senpai, I know youre happy, but please let go of us, and can we hear the record?”

“Sure. Come on.”

Misaki knew Shishio was good at this type of dull work, so she quickly brought him with her and checked the record.

However, Shishio looked at his girlfriends who had joined the fun and asked, “Are you sure youre going to stay with us? Were going to be late, you know?” It would take a while before his job finished, so he felt it was better for them to go back.

Not only was he going to check the recording, but he was also going to make the BGM for the anime too. He was going to finish his parts on this anime today, so he wouldnt waste his time again, so of course, it was going to take a while.

Anyway, Misaki had booked this recording room for a day, so there was nothing to spend a long time in this place.

“Its okay. I dont have anything to do after this anyway,” Nana said since she was living alone now, and besides playing games at her apartment and playing with Mai and the rest of the girls, and Shishio on the bed, she had nothing to do. Also, she didnt lie when she said it was quite interesting to watch the dubbing process.

Everyone was the same, and even Kiriya also gave a similar response since it was fun to see something like this.

Kiriya suddenly wondered whether it was possible to create a movie in the future.

‘Even though were a literature club.

However, Kiriya still had his job, so he couldnt stay too long and left shortly.

Everyone, except for Kiriya, had made up their decision to observe together, and Misaki, who was the head of this project, didnt really mind, but she told them to be quiet. They agreed and quietly observed them.

However, they must admit that when Shishio was serious, he was really handsome, so even if there werent many things they did in this room, they enjoyed his profile from the side.

Shiina even took out her drawing book and quietly drew him.

While everyone was watching, it didnt really interrupt their discussion about the dubbing check.

“This part, you should add this kind of noise.”

“Also, this part…”

Shishio kept talking, and Misaki agreed to every one of his words since even if she was an ultra genius in the anime, in terms of music and voice, she lacked experience.

After talking, Shishio felt his throat was quite thirsty, so he said, “Ill go out and buy a drink first.”

“Oh, let me go with you. I want to talk more. Ill also treat you to the drink,” Misaki said.

“Are you sure?” Shishio asked.

“Sure. Ill even treat everyone here to dinner tonight!” Misaki slapped her chest, causing them to tremble several times. Her chest was huge, but the number of her assets was also huge since she had done many works in the anime industry.

Shishio glanced at Misakis chest for a moment before he looked away. “Good, thats what you say.”

It was only for a moment, but Misaki noticed his glance and gave him a thoughtful expression.

The two left and went to the vending machine to buy a drink, but before he left, he asked the rest whether there was something they wanted to drink.

When Shishio left, Usa was the only male in this room, and he knew he should be happy.


‘Why am I not feeling happy?

Usa was in silence, staring at Ritsu, who read quietly on the side of the room. He wanted to talk, but he was afraid to interrupt her. He felt sad, but suddenly, he thought about his last advice to Shishio before and remembered Shishio would invite everyone to the theme park.

Usa was happy with that chance and also wanted to go to the theme park too.

However, Usa wondered whether he should pay for everyones ticket.

‘Do I have enough money?

Usa wasnt sure, but he felt it should be enough, right?

‘I need to work harder!

Usa suddenly felt he needed to work more, so he stood up and said, “Um, um, everyone, Ill go back first! I-I need to do a part-time job!” He had to work a part-time job, went to the theme park together with his crush, and confessed his love!

Looking at Usas excited expression, they thought this kid loved a part-time job so much.

Still, while they were here, they talked with Saori since there were many things they didnt understand about this recording room.

While the girls talked happily to each other, Shishio and Misaki walked next to each other and talked about how to make this anime become better.

“I plan to play our anime in the comic expo that will be held shortly. What do you think?” Misaki asked.

“The anime isnt ready yet, right? Arent you too fast?” Shishio asked.

“Of course, I need to be fast. The advertisement is also an important part of the anime. Dont you see how many animes that will be aired in the summer have already been advertised? You can now see many of their posters on the street and trailers on the television. Even Seiyuu also entered the radio, joining various programs to advertise the anime,” Misaki said excitedly.

“Well, thats true, but didnt you tell me you werent interested in how well this anime would be?” Shishio asked speechlessly.

Shishio, of course, knew how a single anime could be chained with many entertainment industries—whether it was music, Seiyuu, toys, videos, or many other things tied together with an anime, showing how important an anime was to this countrys economy.

But, of course, it was hard to create an anime, and Shishio could also see how Misaki often stayed late at night to make her anime.

Misaki might often be called a genius, but before she was a genius, she also worked hard, so hard that one couldnt imagine.

Unlike Mitaka, who just “worked hard” half-heartedly, Misaki truly worked hard, so it wasnt surprising if he was left to the dust by her.

“Say, Misaki-senpai, I have a rude request,” Shishio suddenly said.

“Huh?!” Misaki blushed and looked around nervously before she sighed in relief when no one was around them. She showed a shy expression and asked in a quiet voice, “Do you want to rub my breasts?”


Shishio looked at Misaki and wondered how she could come to such a conclusion.

“Okay, come here. I have also wanted to do this naughty thing with someone who isnt my boyfriend. I wonder how it feels, especially when we do it at school and when someone might notice us….”

Misaki had prepared herself. She leaned on the wall on the corner of the school building with two hands on her back. She lifted her chest slightly, so it would be easier for him to touch them.

“But be gentle, alright? Dont be like before…” Misaki looked at Shishio with upturn eyes, waiting for his naughty act.

“Stop! Stop!” Shishio couldnt let Misaki continue with her nonsense. While it was true, he was interested in her boobs. It didnt mean he wanted to touch them!

While it couldnt be denied that he was interested in her boobs, it didnt mean he was thirsty enough to do such a deviant act.

“Are you sure?” Misaki asked while looking at Shishio.

Unlike her usual dumb expression, Misaki was like a cute girl right now.

‘Well, shes a cute girl.

Shishio couldnt deny that Misaki was a cute girl, but he couldnt deny how disappointing this girls personality was, so he flicked her forehead without hesitation.


Misaki cried as she rubbed her forehead.

“Dont say something stupid. Come on. Buy me some drinks!”

“Youre going to regret giving up a chance to rub my boobs for a mere cheap drink!”

“I am not. You dont need to worry. My girlfriends boobs are bigger than yours.”

“Rude! Rude! Youre so rude, Junior-kun! Also…” Misaki looked around and asked in a whisper, “Have you touched Nanas boobs? Did they feel good?” She had seen how inhuman Nanas boobs were, and she was also quite curious about them.

“Do you think Ill tell you?” Shishio was speechless.

“How stingy!”

Shishio rolled his eyes since Nanas boobs were only his. They were only for him, and he wouldnt let anyone touch them beside him.

Well, maybe, his children when they were babies since they needed milk from their mother.

“Right, my request, I almost forgot to say it.”

“What?” Misaki asked unhappily.

“I might plan to create a video streaming website, so Ill upload that anime in the future. Its okay, right?” Shishio asked.

“Video streaming website? What is that?” Misaki was confused. “Also, do you plan to make a website?!” She even became dumbfounded.

“Well, keep this matter quiet. I dont want anyone else to hear it.” Shishio made a quiet gesture.

Misaki nodded and made a zipper gesture, showing she would keep her mouth shut, but then she said, “Well, its okay. You can do what you want with the anime since you also own the copyright, but Shishio-kun, you have too many secrets.” She put her finger on her lips with a smile. “I wonder what kind of secret you have been hiding.” She somehow felt the school forum or the famous art website, Pixiv, might be related to Shishio, but she didnt have proof, so he didnt say anything.

“You will know it soon, so just be patient. Come on. Put your money in the vending machine. Didnt you want to treat me?” Shishio said when he was right in front of the vending machine.

Misaki pouted, but she obediently took her money, choosing many drinks for all of the people inside the recording room while putting those cans of drinks in Shishios hands.

“Hey! Hey! I am just one person! Theres no way I can hold that many drinks at the same time! Help me, Senpai!” Shishio couldnt help but complain when Misaki kept putting the beverage cans in his hands. If he didnt have an “Enhanced Balance,” he believed he would drop all of those beverage cans on his hands now.

“Hehehe…” Misaki laughed happily and said, “I have treated you, so you need to become my gofer, Junior-kun.” It had been a while since she used “Junior-kun” to call Shishio, but she must admit it was pretty fun.

“Youre unreasonable, Senpai.” Shishio let out a sigh and gave up arguing since he knew this girls mind worked differently from normal people, so the more he talked, the more tired he was.

“Shishio-kun, can you lower your head a bit?” Misaki suddenly asked.

“Hmm? Whats wrong?”



Shishio felt something wet on his cheek before he saw Misaki laughing in front of him.

“Thats my reward for todays hard work! Come on! Lets go back! We still have a lot of work to do.”

Shishio was in silence and glanced at the corner of the corridor for a moment.

“Shishio-kun, come on! Dont be slow!”

“Okay, okay.”

Shishio shook his head and decided to ignore this matter, pretending he didnt see anything since this matter was really troublesome.

Still, he really wondered what was wrong with his luck?

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