I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 42 - This Country Isnt As Safe As It Seems

the figure, it should be a girl.

It was his first time encountering this kind of thing in this country, in his previous life, he had seen this kind of thing a lot, but it was because he often went to places where the security wasn ’t good and the development was quite backward for his business since he could get something cheap there, but this country was very developed so he didn ’t expect that something like this would happen.

Shishio let out a sigh and thought that no matter how developed a country was, there had always been darkness inside…

”Tch! ”

Shishio ’s mood turned bad and he directly followed them inside the alley, especially when he could see a pair of desperate eyes from the gap between few people and this girl also clearly saw him and there was a light of hope in her eyes, but the owner of the eyes turned dim when she realized that he was alone.

”It ’s such a coincidence that we met a cute one since I want to try my new trick, haha! ”

Shishio walked slowly, but he didn ’t erase the sound of his footsteps, but they didn ’t notice him since they were in the middle of having fun.

”Brother, hold her, drag her in! This bitch dared to bite me! ”

The man looked at the bleeding teeth mark on his hand when he covered the girl ’s mouth, but he let go of his guard and the girl directly bit his hand. He even became furious at the girl and wanted to show her what despair was.

The man was very unlucky today, he had just tried to recover money from the borrower, but the borrower escaped which caused him to be reprimanded by the boss and he was also being beaten up and when he returned, he didn ’t expect that he would meet his eldest brother from the group would enter a room together with his girlfriend. The two of them entered with a smile on their faces, and when they noticed him, the girl cast a disdain on him which made him furious.

The man was about to explode, but he knew that he couldn ’t do anything to his eldest brother or else, he was the one that was killed.

The man then looked at the girl in front of him. He had just been drinking alcohol with a few of his companions along the way, and he saw a beautiful girl walking alone on the street. Then without hesitation, he along with his companions directly hit her on, trying to have a conversation and if possible went to the hotel, but the girl didn ’t give him a face, directly ran away, and even punched some of them in the face, so he grabbed her directly with his few companions.

The man looked at the girl and saw the beauty spot underneath her right eye. His eyes became even angrier because this bitch had a similar beauty spot to the girl that had cuckolded him, then without hesitation, he brought this girl with his companions to the alley.

”Shout! Shout out to all you want! No one is going to help you! ” The man said cruelly.

The eyes of the girl became even more desperate and fearful, but it caused the eyes of few men to become even more excited.


”Bro… can you let me first? ”

”Bastard! I will be the first! You ’ll go after me! ”

The man was very excited, and was about to strip this girl, but…


The sudden noise caused them to be startled and the man quickly became furious.

”Bastard! I will let you do her later…. ”

His voice along with the other stuck up and trembled after they saw someone holding the bloody head of their companion and they could see that their companion ’s head was slammed into the wall until he passed out and some of the teeth fell out from their companion ’s mouth which made them realize how cruel this guy was.

Ignoring the gaze of a few men, Shishio looked at the girl and said, ”Don ’t worry, I ’m here. ”

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