I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 431: Flower Language

Chapter 430: You have to protect your women well

Shishio must admit his luck was weird. He didnt have a doubt. His luck was great since he could get a system and created a harem too. If he said his luck was bad, he knew many people would rampage toward him.

However, Shishio also felt weird because of his luck too.

Why did he feel it was weird?

It was because there were some accidents here and there whenever the girls around him tried to give him a reward (kissing, hug, or something else) to him.

Shishio thought about the day when he took care of Rui when she had a fever, and someone suddenly came in the middle of his “treatment.” Luckily, this person didnt interrupt his “treatment,” and Rui was alright the next day.

However, the damage had been done, and this “person” had caught him and Rui in the act.

Still, Shishio had a feeling this “person” wouldnt say anything and pretended nothing had happened.

However, Shishio also had a feeling this “person” would also try to come and talk with him, trying to tell him to break his relationship with Rui.

Shishio didnt think too much about this since every person in this world had their own opinions, so if this “person” wanted to tell him to break with Rui, he was okay with it, but whether he would really break with Rui or not, thats impossible, right?

Anyway, leaving the matter of this “person” aside, Shishio thought his meeting with this “person” during his act with Rui was just a coincidence, but who would expect, a few days later, a troublesome thing to happen?

While Shishio didnt do the “act” with Misaki, she had kissed his cheek, and it happened to be seen by someone who had a crush on her.

As for who that someone was, he didnt need to spell him out, right?

Suddenly Shishio wondered whether he had the ability to suck out the luck of another person, but it was better to think about this matter later since he was going to visit Ayaka in Sunoharasou since he had promised to take everyone out to the Ashigaka Flower Park.

“Shishio-nii!” Yuzu Yukimoto waved her hand excitedly when she saw Shishio walk out of his car.

“Yuzu, good morning. Your clothes suit you well. Theyre cute.” Shishio praised.

“Hehehe….” Yuzu laughed embarrassedly. Unlike most people who called her “-chan,” she loved how Shishio called her by using her name directly, which made her face hot.

“Shishio-nii, are you a lolicon?” Yuri Kazami asked curiously.

“…Thats something that you shouldnt ask a man. Also, I am just praising her, theres no meaning behind my words, and you also look beautiful today, Yuri,” Shishio said helplessly.

“Hehehe… thanks.” Yuri laughed happily.


Shishio rolled his eyes, then looked at Sumire Yamanashi, who stood beside Yuzu in silence but looked at him expectantly. He could tell this girl wasnt good at communication, and it might be because of her height that she had always worn something mature, even though she wanted to dress with something cuter.

“Those clothes also look great on you too, Sumire.”

“Thank you,” Sumire said quietly while looking away, trying to hide her blush.

“But dont you want to wear something cuter? I think theyll suit you well.”

“No-No, some-something cute isnt suitable for me…” Sumire was embarrassed and furiously shook her head.

“Of course not, right?” Shishio said while looking at Yuzu and Yuri.

“Yeah, you look cute in that dress, Sumire-chan,” Yuzu said honestly like a good child.

“Yes, you should wear those cute clothes every day?” Yuri said with a smile, but somehow there was a hint of a tease on her words.

“Re-Really…?” Sumire seemed to believe their words.

“Of course!” 3x

The three of them said at the same time, reassuring Sumire that cute clothes would be suitable for them.

Still, Shishio suddenly felt weird since he was flirting with a middle school girl. Even though he was a high school student right now and their age difference between them was just two or one years, he felt weird somehow.

There was just something immoral somehow, and he knew he needed to stop, or else this conversation would continue to the place where it shouldnt be.

“Ah, Shishio-kun!”

Ayaka ran toward Shishio and hugged him as usual.

“…” Sumire, Yuzu, and Yuri.

“Ayaka-nee.” Shishio also hugged Ayakas soft body. He wanted to kiss her here and now, but there were three girls and one young boy watching them, and he knew he shouldnt show an inappropriate thing to them.

“Sorry, I am not ready yet. Can you wait for a while?” Ayaka said and sounded apologetic.

“No, its okay. I have heard the Ashikaga Flower Park is the best place to be seen at night. Were still early right now.” Shishio then moved closer and whispered, “I just want to see you as soon as possible, so I come early.”

Ayaka laughed happily and hugged him tighter, rubbing her face against his neck. She then kissed his cheek sneakily, which caused the three girls and one boy to be in shock.

“Ayaka-san!!!” 3x

Yuri, Yuzu, and Sumire were dumbfounded and shouted together.

However, Aki Shiina was in shock, and he couldnt believe what he had seen.

Shishio rubbed his slightly wet cheek and felt this woman was really a succubus that was born to tempt him.

“Hehehe…” Ayaka only laughed naughtily at everyone, then said, “Have you eaten yet? Theres still some breakfast in the kitchen.”

“Really? Then Ill eat.”

Shishio might have eaten, but he didnt mind adding another food to his stomach since it was cooked by Ayaka. He also couldnt get fat no matter what, so why not?

“Fufufu, then come in,” Ayaka said and pulled Shishio inside.

However, the girls looked at Shishio and Ayaka in doubt and wondered why their relationship seemed to be closer than before?

Still, they couldnt ask since they had entered, so they quickly chased after them!

Aki Shiina was also confused before he followed them since he also felt suspicious of the relationship between Shishio and Ayaka.

Shishio ate some foods that were cooked by Ayaka while she cleaned up the house and prepared herself to go out. While he ate, he could see Yuzu, Yuri, and Sumire wanted to ask him something, and he could tell they were about to ask him a troublesome question, so he looked at Aki Shiina and asked, “Aki, can you tell me something?”

“Ah, yes?!” Aki was startled and looked at Shishio nervously.

“You dont need to get nervous. I am just curious about you,” Shishio said with a chuckle.

“Me-Me?! Youre curious about me?!” Aki was dumbfounded.

“Is it something so surprising? After all, youre the only male in this dorm,” Shishio said simply.

‘Male… 3x

Sumire, Yuzu, and Yuri only realized Aki was a male, but they couldnt be blamed since it was hard to treat Aki as a male, considering his appearance and how he behaved every day. Still, when they realized this, they started to wonder whether it was alright for a male to stay in the same dorm as them, considering how this dorm was made for a girl in the first place.

“I have heard youre coming from Shizuoka.”

“Ah, yes! I am from Shizuoka, Oga-san!”

Looking at Aki, who was all stiff and tense, Shishio had already given up telling him not to get nervous in front of him. “Tokyo is quite far from Shizuoka, and you come from such a far place here alone. Youre also in your 1st year of middle school, so is there something you want to do by coming to the school in Tokyo?” He wondered whether Aki had some motifs at why he came to Tokyo instead of studying in Shizuoka.

If Aki was a high school student, Shishio wouldnt be surprised if he wanted to study in Tokyo.

However, Aki was just a middle school student, so Shishio was quite curious.

“We-Well… I-I want to be treated like a man…” Aki said nervously.

“A man?”

“Ye-Yes…” Aki still answered in a low voice.

“But arent you one?” Shishio asked with a strange expression.


Aki was dumbfounded while looking at Shishio.

“Whats wrong? Or you dont have that thing there?” Shishio asked curiously.

“O-Of course, I-I have it!” Aki quickly said with a red face.

“Then youre a man.” Shishio smiled and said, “And, I think coming to Tokyo alone has already made you a man, though.”

“Re-Really?” Aki looked at Shishio, hopefully.

“Of course.”

Shishio nodded since there werent many guys who dared to study out without their parents presence during middle school, but then again, when he thought about how cruel the work hours of the people in this country were, he also felt natural that the children in this country were quite independent.

“I-I am a man…” Aki murmured with a happy face and felt his decision to come to Tokyo was right.

However, Aki didnt know if Ayaka didnt tell him his gender in the first place, Shishio might think of him as a girl.

Shishio must admit Aki was a simple guy, but he felt it was understandable since he was only in 1st year of middle school. However, he felt every guy was a wolf no matter how old they were, and he wanted Aki to move.

However, Shishio wasnt in a hurry since it was a long-term plan.

“Shishio-nii, can I ask you something?” Yuri suddenly asked.

“Hmm? Whats wrong? Is it about the camera?”

“Well, that one too, but can I ask why youre like Ayaka-sans—”

“Sorry for the wait!”

Ayaka came to the living room, and she had dressed up. While her usual plain attire was sexy, her dressed-up appearance was even more amazing, especially her chest.

While Ayaka was attractive, Shishio had been baptized by many women in this world, so after he praised her, he glanced at Aki, who was stunned and couldnt look away. He frowned slightly and knew that while Aki was practically harmless, Aki was still a man, so he knew he needed to protect Ayaka well, and he was quite proficient at protecting his woman.

“Should we go now?”


With those words, they started their trip to Ashikaga Flower Park, and at the same time, Shishio started his plan to protect Ayaka.


Ayaka was sitting next to the passenger seat, next to Shishio. She looked at him with a smile and asked, “Do you want to eat a snack, Shishio-kun?”

“I cant eat them while driving.”

“Ill feed you, of course.” Ayaka took out the pocky and fed Shishio. “Open your mouth, aahh~~.”

Shishio opened his mouth and let Ayaka feed him. He kept eating until he put her finger in his mouth before quickly letting go of her fingers with a complaint. “Why did you let your fingers enter my mouth?”

“Hehehe…” Ayaka only laughed happily.

While Shishio and Ayaka were flirting, they didnt realize there were four people who kept staring at them from the back seat area.

*Stare!* 3x

Yuzu, Yuri, and Sumire kept staring, looking at Shishio and Ayaka in doubt.

However, Aki, who was in a happy mood, didnt know why but felt his chest tighten somehow.

‘Is it just my imagination…

Aki knew Shishio was Nanas boyfriend, so nothing would happen between Shishio and Ayaka, right?

With that belief in his heart, Aki still stubbornly believed.

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