I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 432: Its hard just to be with the two of them

Chapter 431: Flower Language

“We have arrived!”


Shishio parked the car while the two middle school girls were screaming happily when they saw they had arrived.

“Dont run around so suddenly, alright? Dont get separated, so any of you wont get lost.”

Before they entered, Ayaka reminded the four of her tenants.

If they were nearby the dorm, she might not say much, but the Ashikaga Flower Park was located far away from the dorm, and if they were lost, she would be worried to death.

Shishio listened quietly while observing the expression of the four middle school students in front of him. While the three girls seemed quite excited, he could see Aki was quite depressed.

When Shishio saw Aki, he wondered whether he was too cruel since Aki was just a 1st-year middle school student.

However, Shishio didnt make a compromise on the matter of a woman.

Aki also wanted to become manly, so wasnt it better for him to move out of a dorm filled with women instead?

Still, while Aki felt slightly complicated and confused, the girls were pretty excited about this trip.

“I know! I know, Ayaka-san. You dont need to worry,” Yuzu said with a pout, feeling unhappy being treated as a child, especially in front of Shishio.

“Kaichou (president) is so cute…” Sumire suddenly had a nosebleed when she saw Yuzu who pouted since Yuzu was too cute!


Shishio was in silence, looking at Sumires reaction.

“Whats wrong, Shishio-nii?” Yuri asked curiously since she could see Shishio was looking at Sumire weirdly.

“Is the relationship between Yuzu and Sumire so close?” Shishio asked quietly. Still, he was slightly worried about Yuri since it seemed this girl had been observing him for a while, and even if he frowned for a moment, she noticed it, which made him realize this girl was a potential Yandere.

‘Not that I mean it, though.

The only problem was Yuri was a middle school student.

Even though Yuri grew up well, Shishio felt it was better to wait for a while until she reached legal age.

‘Wait, why have I made a conclusion? Will I do something to her?

Shishio suddenly held his head, thinking he was an undeniable scumbag. He had made a move on Nanas older sister, Ayaka, yet he wasnt satisfied, and he was going to reach his claws toward the tenants of Sunohara dorm.

Shishio suddenly felt Aki was several times better than him as a person.

However, Shishio had never thought of himself as a good person since. After all, he was a scumbag. How could he become a good person?

“Of course, we study in the same school, stay in the same dorm, and were also members of the student council. Isnt it normal for us to be so close to each other?” Yuri said with some confusion, but then she asked worriedly, “Are you alright? Do you have a headache?

“I am okay. Thanks for asking.” Shishio gently patted Yuris head and said, “Come on. Ill teach you how to take a picture later.”

“Ye-Yes!” Yuri blushed slightly before she walked right to his side.

They didnt enter immediately. Instead, they went to the ticket booth to buy the entrance ticket, but Yuzu suddenly asked, “Shishio-nii, I have never asked it before, but whats so special about this place?”

“……” Everyone.

Shishio looked at Yuzu speechlessly and asked, “You dont know whats so special about this place, yet youre so happy before?”

“Hehe…” Yuzu only laughed embarrassedly.

However, Shishio decided to forgive her since this girl was cute.

Still, Shishio didnt feel surprised by how confused Yuzu was since even though the Ashikaga Flower Park was fairly famous, many people didnt know about it. It might be because of his invitation that made her excited.

Yuzu didnt really care where she would go, and she just felt happy when she thought she would go out with Shishio.

Her feelings were pure, and somehow it made Shishio feel he was dirty for some reason.

While they had entered the Ashikaga Flower Park, it didnt mean they could see the flower park right away since it was surrounded by walls, so it was impossible to see the inside unless they entered.

“Kaichou…” Sumire had a nosebleed again because of Yuzus cuteness.

“……..” Shishio stared at Sumire for a moment before he said, “The Ashikaga Flower Park is like a theme park about flowers.”

“Theme park?!”

Somehow even if Shishio only gave such a short explanation, they could understand how amazing this place was.

“Do you have your favorite flower, Yuzu?” Shishio asked curiously.

“Favorite flower?” Yuzu thought for a moment and shook her head. “I have never thought of it before.” If Shishio didnt mention this place, she might not know about this, and while she loved flowers, she wasnt familiar with them. Somehow, she felt embarrassed again and wondered whether she had given him a bad impression.

“Its normal if you dont know since a flower isnt really necessary in everyday life. You dont need to get embarrassed. Still, have you heard about flower language?”

“Flower language?” Yuzu looked at Shishio curiously.

“Yes.” Shishio nodded and said, “Yuzu, your name means orange. Did you know an orange has a flower, and it also has a meaning?”

“Really? Whats the meaning?” Yuzu asked curiously.

“The meaning of orange is purity. Your purity equals your loveliness. Your name suits you well. If you dont have your favorite flower, how about you make an orange blossom into your favorite flower?” Shishio said softly.

“Lo-Lovely?!” Yuzus face was so red, and her heart was beating so fast when she heard such a sweet sentence from his mouth, but then she smiled happily. However, she couldnt look at Shishio whenever she saw his eyes, she felt jumpy, and she just couldnt stay calm.

“……” Ayaka, Sumire, and Yuri.

“Me! Me! What about my name is Shishio-nii?” Yuri suddenly asked.

“Yuri, huh? It means “lily,” right?”


“The flower language of a lily is a refined beauty. It suits you well.” Even though Yuris personality was quite doubtful, Shishio must admit this girl was beautiful.

“Hehehe…” Yuri also smiled happily.

“Shishio-kun…!” Ayaka hugged Shishios arm, trying to get her attention, showing how unhappy she was since he kept flirting with the rest of the girls even though his girlfriend was right beside him.

“My bad…” Shishio smiled and patted Ayakas back gently, hugging her waist.

Ayaka was embarrassed when she was hugged in public, but she didnt love away from him.

“……..” Sumire, Yuzu, and Yuri.

“By the way, how about my name?” Ayaka suddenly asked since she was also curious about whether she also had something like a flower language or not.

“Sorry, your name doesnt have anything like Yuzu or Yuri.” Even if Shishio remembered every meaning of the flowers in this world, there was something impossible. After all, the meaning of Ayaka was a colorful flower.

What is the meaning of a colorful flower?


It is just a literal meaning, and there is no flower language about it.

“But even if you dont have such a meaning, youre still as beautiful as a flower, Ayaka-nee.”


Ayaka hugged Shishio tightly and happily.

Shishio patted Ayakas back and felt he was really witty.

“Ayaka-san! Dont do something immoral! Were in public!” Yuzu reprimanded Ayaka, feeling jealous and furious with her immoral act.

“Shishio-nii, you too! Dont let Ayaka-san seduce you!” Yuri also reprimanded Shishio.

“Hehehe… ” Ayaka only laughed and didnt seem to reflect on her mistake.

“Okay, okay, we have bought the ticket. How about we enter now?” Shishio said, changing the topic of the conversation.

Hearing his words, they agreed without hesitation and walked toward the entrance of the Ashikaga Flower Park.

Still, Aki thought he should learn about flower language later since he felt he could make Ayaka feel happy.

However, Aki didnt know Ayaka could only feel happy with Shishio, not him.

However, Shishio wasnt a demon, and he wouldnt remind Aki, letting him realize everything by himself, so that way, Aki could grow up faster.

While Ayaka, Yuri, and Yuzu felt happy and excited when they were about to enter the Ashikaga Flower Park, and Aki was thinking about learning about the flower language, there was one girl who was still hesitant and felt tangled since she was the only girl whose name hadnt been mentioned by Shishio.

Sumire knew it was quite hard for her to be truthful to herself, and she also wasnt sure how to express her feelings since she also wanted to hear the meaning of the flower in her name.

Similar to Yuri and Yuzu, her name also had the meaning of a flower.

Sumire means “violet.”

Its a beautiful flower with a lovely scent.

Sumire wanted Shishio to tell the meaning of the “violet” too, but with her personality, it was quite hard for her to ask so. She also didnt know whether the meaning of her name was good or not, especially when she thought about her body.

“Whats wrong, Sumire? Are you feeling uncomfortable?” Shishio asked worriedly.

“Shi-Shishio-nii!” Sumire was startled, and then she realized she had been standing still, without walking. She was a bit panicked and tried to sort a suitable word to say, but she didnt expect to be teased by him.

“Or do you want to hear the meaning of your name too?” Shishio asked with a smile.

“……” Sumires face was so red. “Shishio-nii!” She might be quiet, but it didnt mean she couldnt get angry. She felt slightly unhappy when she was teased by him and pouted.

“Okay, okay. Lets go, or else everyone will be worried about you.”

Sumire opened her mouth before she closed it again since she knew she had missed her chance to ask him about the meaning of the flower language of the “violet.” She felt uncomfortable, but then she heard him say, “By the way, Sumire, your name has a meaning of a violet, right?”

“Ye-Yes…!” Sumire answered nervously.

Shishio smiled and said, “Do you know the meaning of a violet?”

“No.” Sumire shook her head since if she knew, she wouldnt be troubled like this.

“The meaning of the violet is faithfulness, and thats why I like “Sumire” (violet) a lot,” Shishio said softly.

(He said he liked the violet by calling it “Sumire,” so it caused a double meaning that he loved the flower and Sumire too).

“Shishio-nii! Sumire! What are you doing! Come on!” Yuzu shouted hurriedly since she wanted to enter the Ashikaga Flower Parks as soon as possible.

“Come on, Sumire,” Shishio said and walked away.

However, he didnt realize Sumires face was so red that she might be mistaken for a tomato. “Wait for me, Shishio-nii.”

Walking by his side, Sumire felt her steps were lighter, and she was glad to come to this place.

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