Chapter 432: It ’s hard just to be with the two of them

“Shishio-nii, even though you have said this Ashikaga Flower Park is a theme park for flowers, you havent said anything about whats so special about this place?”

As they were about to enter the Ashikaga Flower Park, Yuzu couldnt help but ask. She might be shy after being praised as lovely by Shishio before, but her curiosity was deep, so she couldnt help but ask him.

“If I have to say whats so special about this place, then it has a different theme every month.”


“Yeah.” Shishio nodded and said, “Were lucky that we came in May right now.”

“Why are we lucky?”

“If I have to say, May has the most beautiful theme since wisteria flowers bloom this month.”

There were eight themes inside this Ashikaga Flower, and each theme had its own beauties. Whether it was spring, summer, autumn, or winter, this place showed a different type eight times a year.

In May, the theme of this place was a “Wisteria Story.”

It was the most beautiful and sought-after theme among all the people who came to this place since the wisteria flowers were so beautiful in this place.

Hearing his explanation, they couldnt help but fasten their steps into the park.

“Come on! Come on!”

Yuzu, Yuri, and Sumire ran in the direction of the park before they looked at the park in awe.

Even Aki, who came later, was also in awe when he saw a park filled with many colors.

This scene was so breathtaking and also captivating.

When the four middle school students walked away, Shishio held Ayakas hand.

Ayaka was also amazed by the beautiful flowers in front of her, but then her smile bloomed even brighter when her hand was held by Shishio. “Why dont you do it when youre in front of them?”

“Is that okay with you?” Shishio asked.

“Why not? It isnt like were doing wrong, right, dear?” Ayaka looked at the four of them, who were too attracted by the scene before them. After making sure, they didnt seem to look in their direction. She moved closer and kissed his cheek.

Feeling his slightly wet cheek, Shishio looked at Ayaka, who smiled mischievously at him, thinking this woman was really a succubus.

“By the way, have you been here, Shishio-kun?” Ayaka asked curiously.

“No, its my first time here.” While it wasnt his first time coming to a flower park, it was his first time coming here.

In the past, Shishio had gone to the flower parks on Enoshima with Saki and Nana.

Two places were different, and each of them had its own beauty.

In this place, Shishio could see the beauty of the flowers to the fullest.

In Enoshima, Shishio could see the beauty of the flowers with the sea.

“Hehehe… I took your first time then,” Ayaka said with a laugh.

Shishio looked at Ayaka for a moment and felt his body was quite giddy.

The two Sunohara sisters might have the biggest pair of boobs that Shishio had seen, but there was a huge difference between the two sisters.

If the little sister was quite naughty and loved to do a prank.

The older sister was gentle but sensual at the same time.

“By the way, do you like flowers, Shishio-kun?” Ayaka asked.

“I love them.”

Shishio must admit he loved flowers since they symbolized many meanings and they reminded him of many things, but if he was told to choose one, what he loved the most about flowers, then it was because it reminded him of how he had moved on.

His lover in his previous life was unforgettable, and he still couldnt forget about her, but even so, it was already impossible for them to meet each other, so he needed to move on.

The process wasnt easy.

It was difficult.

It was like how a flower died before it was born again from the leaves, seeds, branches, or other things until it slowly bloomed into a beautiful flower again.

Still, unlike before, Shishio had many flowers now and not only one, which made him sigh at his progress.

While Shishio was in deep thought, suddenly Ayaka kissed him again.

However, Ayaka didnt kiss his cheek.

Instead, Ayaka kissed his lips.


“…Whats wrong so suddenly?” Shishio asked speechlessly.

It was only for a moment, yet her sweet scent and wet lips were felt on his lips.

It was nice and soft.

Shishio wanted to do it again, but he needed to know why this succubus suddenly kissed him.

“You dont like it?” Ayaka asked with a smile.

“No, I love it. Come on. We have paid, and itll be wasteful if we dont use our time to walk around,” Shishio said as he patted Ayakas back gently, thinking it was better to be patient since she was already his and she wouldnt escape. He needed to find a quiet place, so he could taste those lips thoroughly later.

Ayaka smiled and held his hand. She wasnt sure why he showed such a melancholy expression before, but he had become cheerful again, making him happy.


‘His lips are nice…

Ayaka touched her lips and felt her entire body jolted with electricity.

“Aaah! Shishio-nii and Ayaka-san are holding hands again!”

Looking at four middle school students who got excited because of holding hands, Shishio and Ayaka looked at each other and could only smile warmly, watching this scene.

The four of them didnt know why, but they felt annoyed somehow.

Still, Aki felt his stomach churn and become uncomfortable all of a sudden. He thought to go to the toilet, but somehow he decided to hold it since he was afraid many things might happen if he left and he was afraid of that.

Even if the four of them felt slightly uncomfortable, they quickly forgot about that feeling when they arrived at an 80-meter tunnel made of white wisteria.


While they marveled at this scenery, Shishio and Yuri didnt forget their first intention to come to this place.

“You should hold your camera steadily without moving. Use the right angle and natural light from the sun….”

Hearing his explanation, Yuri felt the door was opened for her, and she felt she could become even better with her photography. She then noticed Sumires gaze and gave a confirmation nod with her usual fox-like eyes.

In response, Sumire showed a beautiful smile and another nosebleed.


Shishio only glanced at the two girls in silence. He wasnt sure what kind of hidden transaction happened under his nose, but it had nothing to do with him. While he took the photo of Ayaka and Yuzu, he suddenly noticed Akis expression was slightly strange. “Whats wrong, Shiina?”

“Ah, no-nothing!” Aki shook his head furiously.

“Do you need to go to the toilet?” Shishio asked. Even if Aki tried to lie, he knew this guy wanted to go to the toilet from his expression alone.

“Ah!” Aki seemed to be found out, and he could only nod.

“The toilet is over there. Do you want me to send you there?” Shishio asked.

“No-No, its alright. I-Ill go there alone.” Aki shook his head since it felt embarrassing when he thought he needed someone to send him to the toilet.

The location of the toilet, while it wasnt that far, it was quite troublesome to go there, considering this place was similar to a maze.

“Were going to stay here. You dont need to be afraid. Were not going to leave you,” Shishio shouted.

“Yes!” Aki answered before he walked toward the toilet hurriedly.

“Hes sure a problem.” Yuzu let out a sigh when she looked at Aki, then quickly approached Shishio and asked, “Shishio-nii, can you let me see the photos?”


Shishio showed the photos to Yuzu, and she couldnt help but exclaim.


Yuzu couldnt believe that she was so beautiful in the picture and it was like seeing someone else, but she knew the one inside the photo was her. “Can-Can I ask for the picture later, Shishio-nii?”

“Sure. You can have the data later.” Shishio nodded without hesitation. He didnt really want to keep Yuzus photos since he was afraid many misunderstandings might happen.

Even though Yuzu might be a middle school student, her body wasnt much different from an elementary school student. She was different from Yuri or Sumire, who had a grown-up-like body. Her body was petite.

In other words, Yuzu was a loli.

Shishio was afraid he might enter jail, so he was going to give all the data of Yuzus photos to Yuzu herself.

“Shishio-nii, can you give me the data too?” Sumire suddenly asked excitedly.

“…Sure.” Shishio wasnt sure why Sumire wanted Yuzus photos, but he didnt see a rejection from Yuzu, so there shouldnt be any harm, right?

However, when Shishio saw Yuris expression, he knew something must happen.

While they talked to each other, Yuzu suddenly wanted to go to the toilet.

Sumire was worried about Yuzu, so she followed.

In the end, Yuri also decided to join, leaving Shishio and Ayaka alone.

“It sure is hard just to be with the two of us.” Shishio let out a sigh, thinking he might be able to get a chance to be together with Ayaka in this Ashikaga Flower Park, but who would have thought the three female middle school students tried to get his attention.

“But now, were together, right?” Ayaka smiled.

The two were sitting on the bench next to each other.

When Shishio realized this, he moved his lips forward and kissed her lips.

“….” Ayaka.

Shishio moved his head slightly and smiled. “Yeah, were together now.” He was so glad they were alone right now since he just wanted to monopolize her blushing face.

“Geez…! You should tell me if you want to do it.” Ayaka pouted and showed she was unhappy even though her heart was beating so fast right now.

“My bad. My bad. By the way, how about we take a picture together?”

“Picture together?”

“Yeah.” Shishio hugged Ayakas waist to move her closer and said, “1 + 1 = ?”

“Ni (Number two in Japan).” Ayaka showed a bright smile as they took their photo together, and when she saw the result of the photo, she said, “Shishio-kun, can you print the photo later? I want to put it on the frame.”

(“Ni” is like a “cheese” in Japan when you take a picture.”

“Should I get the frame for you?”

“No, I will take care of the frame since I like to do this kind of thing,” Ayaka said with a smile, but then, she asked, “By the way, next year, lets visit my hometown.”

“Your hometown?” Shishio was confused and asked, “Isnt your hometown in Tokyo?”

“I mean, my grandmas house. Shes in Shizuoka,” Ayaka said.

“Lets visit her then.”


Ayaka rubbed her body at him. She didnt know why just staying with him and hearing he agreed to her invitation made her feel so happy.

“By the way, Ayaka-nee, I think wisteria is a suitable flower for you,” Shishio suddenly said.

“Eh? Why?” Ayaka was surprised.

“Do you know the flower language of wisteria?”

Ayaka shook her head innocently.

“Its an eternal beauty. Like you, I think youll stay beautiful as always every day, from now on and even in the future.”

Ayaka didnt say anything and just kissed his lips.

Shishio also didnt say much and just hugged her waist, so they could become closer.

The bench where they sat was quite hidden since it was located behind trellises with many wisteria flowers.

They kept kissing until someone interrupted them.

“Caretaker-san! Oga-san! Where are you?”

Hearing this panicked voice, Shishio and Ayaka parted their lips, and the two could only laugh bitterly, thinking they might need time with just the two of them alone.

However, the fire was burning, and there was no way to stop it.

Still, they werent in a hurry.

They were going to hold it until they couldnt hold it anymore, letting it explode when they were alone together.

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