I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 434: Anything can happen tonight

Chapter 433: Nice dream

After watching the scenery in Ashikaga Flower Park at night, they stood in awe since there was a massive difference between a day and a night.

If on the day, the wisteria would show its natural beauty presented with the help of sunlight.

At night, the wisteria showed its beauty with the help of illumination.

Each of them had its own beauty, but if one wanted to ask which one was their favorite, without a doubt, at night since it was more romantic.

The night when one couldnt see anything and when the sun had gone, only darkness was left, the illumination brightened the park along with all the wisteria flowers and other flowers in this park.

While it was beautiful and most people loved it, Shishio didnt know why. He felt it was too exaggerated. On the other hand, he loved to see the wisteria flower that wasnt illuminated by the light or the illumination. Instead, he loved to see the wisteria flower located on the edge, which was illuminated with the natural light from the moon and stars.

Those lights might not be the brightest ones to see, but there was an indescribable beauty that made one couldnt look away. It gave a mystical and aloof beauty as if trying to tell the world and everyone in this place that even without those artificial illuminations, it could show its beauty proudly to everyone.

That image struck him, and when he took a picture of it, whether it was Ayaka, Yuzu, Yuri, Sumire, or Aki must admit, this might be the best photo he had taken today.

However, even if it was the best, this wasnt Ayakas favorite. Her favorite was a photo she had secretly taken with him on the bench together.

Still, while they were in awe and wanted to stay here a little longer, they needed to return since the longer they stayed, the longer they returned.

However, even if they showed various sophistry and even cried, Ayaka wouldnt listen to them and reminded them to go back, especially when she saw Aki had become sleepy.

Aki was really sleepy. After all, he had walked around the Ashikaga Flower Park and also come to the toilet earlier. His mind was also constantly challenged when he thought Shishio and Ayaka might do something secretly together. Fortunately, nothing had happened, and it was time for them to go home, so all the exhaustion he had accumulated over the day burst out and made him sleepy.

Yuzu, Sumire, and Yuri could only sigh, but they also agreed to go back, especially when they saw how Aki couldnt even stand up properly and almost fell from time to time because he was sleepy. Also, it seemed his yawn was contagious that the three of them also felt slightly sleepy, which quickly alerted them.

In the end, Shishio had to carry Aki in his arms since this guy was sleeping. Looking at his feminine features, he sighed and knew he must be cruel toward this little guy. He knew some people might think he was exaggerating since, without a doubt, Aki was just a kid.

However, even if Aki was a kid, he was still a young man.

Shishio was once a young man, and he knew a young man was like a horny monkey. They were full of hormones that couldnt be released. If he was around Akis age and also stayed in Sunoharasou, he didnt believe anything would happen.

Something must be happening.

However, Shishio also knew Akis personality was different from theirs, so something might not happen.

Still, it wouldnt hurt him if he took precautions before everything was too late.

Shishio put Aki on the back and let him sleep soundly before he sat on the drivers seat again.

“By the way, Shishio-nii.”

“Hmm? Whats wrong, Yuzu?”

“Thank you very much for treating us and bringing us here.” 3x

Yuzu, Yuri, and Sumire said at the same time that they were grateful for his care and how he had taken care of everyones tickets and food during their trip to this place. They were just middle school students. They didnt have much money, and they also couldnt take a part-time job since only a high school student could take one.

Which was why they were grateful for Shishio.

“Its alright. You dont need to worry. I am the one who invited you, after all, and it isnt like well do this every day, so you dont need to be so formal like that.”

Shishio must admit the three girls behind him were really good girls, but at the same time, he wondered how out of millions of people in Tokyo, they were able to meet a scumbag like him?

However, it didnt really matter since right now, he didnt have an interest in them, considering there was a succubus right beside him.

“Hmm?” Ayaka only looked at Shishio with an innocent smile before she asked, “Oh, right, youre going to stay tonight, right?”

“…….” Shishio looked at Ayaka for a moment and asked, “I brought a car, though. Unfortunately, theres no parking space around your dorm.”

“There might not be one around my dorm, but theres some nearby. Ill guide you there later,” Ayaka said with a smile, and from her words alone, it had already been decided Shishio would stay in the Sunohara dorm too.

Shishio glanced at the three girls through the back mirror, and they didnt seem to show any reactions, but he asked anyway since, unlike before, he stayed in the Sunohara dorm when there was only Nana and Ayaka.

This time, there was Yuzu, Sumire, and Yuri. Even if they were just middle school students, they were still a girl, literally.

Shishio was a male, and of course, his stay was bound to have many problems.

“Well, its okay, isnt it? Shishio-nii is tired after driving so far and also walked around the park earlier. Isnt it better for you to stay with us at the dorm, resting there for a night before you go home tomorrow?” Yuri said.

Hearing Yuris words, Sumire and Yuzu also didnt see a problem.

However, Sumire suddenly asked, “Um… Shishio-nii, where are you going to sleep?”


When this question fell, the car suddenly turned in silence.

The Sunohara dorm was quite huge, but of course, there was a limitation since, right now, every room was fully occupied. Therefore, there was no vacant room in the dorm. Even if there was a vacant room, it was either a storehouse, bathroom, or living room. Either way, those places werent a place for one to sleep.

However, this question was unneeded since, without doubt, Ayaka had prepared a place for him to sleep if she didnt, why should she invite him before, right?

Still, even if Ayaka had prepared a place for him to sleep, there was no way for her to tell everyone where he would sleep since she was afraid to taint their pure minds.

“Um… my body is small. I dont take much space on my bed, so Shishio-nii can sleep with me,” Yuzu suddenly said with a blush.


Not only Shishio but Ayaka, Yuri, and even Sumire were dumbfounded by Yuzus outrageous thoughts.

“Sorry, but Ill stay in the living room, right? Ayaka-nee?” Shishio quickly said that he was afraid he would stay in prison instead of Sunohara dorm.

“Eh? Is that okay, Shishio-nii?” Yuri asked worriedly.

“Its okay. I have slept there before,” Shishio said.

“Eh? You have stayed in the dorm before?!” 3x

Yuzu, Yuri, and Sumire were dumbfounded before they looked at Ayaka at the same time.

Ayaka only smiled and said, “Yes, he had stayed before during Golden Week.”


Yuzu, Yuri, and Sumire somehow felt betrayed by Ayaka, but they couldnt say anything since they were going home during Golden Week.

“Okay, you dont need to think too much. His body is tough and strong. It isnt a problem for him to stay in the living room.” Ayaka pulled the collar of his shirt slightly, showing his muscular shoulder and neck. “See?”


It might be just a shoulder, yet they didnt know why. It made their throat dry somehow.

“Dont pull my shirt so suddenly, Ayaka-nee. Youll make the fabric around the collar baggy.” Shishio was speechless at Ayaka, but he also felt speechless at three middle school students behind him, wondering why they were so precocious.

Anyway, it had been decided Shishio would stay in the Sunohara dorm tonight, and somehow it brought a thump to the heart of three girls.

On the other hand, Ayaka could smile bitterly since she also knew how dangerous his charm was.


‘Im sorry.

While Ayaka was gentle and kind, Shishio was a different matter, and she also didnt want him to turn into a criminal, so tonight, she was going to tame this beast.

Still, among everyone, Aki was peaceful. He slept soundly, without any interruption, while having a nice dream. “Caretaker-san…”

Fortunately, no one heard his mumbling since everyone was too focused on what was going to happen tonight.

Shishio parked his car, and he carried Aki in his arms.

Aki was sleeping soundly in his arms and didnt seem to wake up even if he was carried by him.

Shishio looked at Aki speechlessly and felt strange when this guy tried to hug him, but he quickly evaded, letting him curb his body slightly. He wasnt sure why, but he could feel many envious gazes aiming in his direction.

‘Well, it isnt me.

Aki didnt know why, but he frowned slightly, feeling uncomfortable, but soon, his expression changed again, and he became comfortable again.

“Lets go back,” Shishio said.

They nodded and didnt want to waste their time staying any longer.

The summer was nearby, so the temperature was slightly warm at night.

Shishio suddenly realized it might be his first time spending a summer in this country, and he wondered how hot it was, compared to the country where he was born in his previous life.

‘Well, no matter how hot it is, it shouldnt be as hot as Death Valley, right?

Anyway, Shishio walked together with everyone while talking to each other quietly since they didnt want to wake Aki up.

The distance between the parking space and Sunoharasou wasnt that far, and before long, they arrived.

“We have arrived!” Yuzu said happily.

“Come in, Shishio-kun,” Ayaka said with a smile.

“Hurry up, Shishio-ni!!” Yuri pulled Shishios hand.

“Shishio-nii…” Sumire kept staring at Shishio.


Looking at the four females who were looking at him expectantly, Shishio took his first step to Sunoharasou. It might not be his first time here, but it was his first time staying with so many females in this place.

Still, everything had nothing to do with Aki since he was sleeping so soundly and had a nice dream, thinking everything would be alright tomorrow.

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