I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 435: Sunoharasou is a nice place

Chapter 434: Anything can happen tonight

Shishio put Aki on his bed gently before he put a blanket over him. Looking at Aki, who was sleeping soundly, he felt weird at that moment. He might have gotten used to sleeping together and being gentle with a woman most of the time, but it was his first time doing this with a male.

While Aki had a feminine appearance, without a doubt, this guy was a guy.

However, Shishio didnt want to wake Aki up. It was better for Aki to sleep as much as possible, having a nice dream, so he could have a nice night with Ayaka.

Shishio walked out of Akis room and quietly closed the door.

“Is Akkun still sleeping, Shishio-kun?” Ayaka asked.

“Yes.” Shishio nodded with a sigh. “He sleeps so soundly.”

Ayaka chuckled and said, “Youll also sleep so soundly tonight, alright?”

‘What do you mean by that? Shishio wanted to ask a question, but he didnt have a chance since he was pushed by Ayaka. “Whats wrong?”

“Take a bath first. I am sure your body is full of sweat since you have walked in the park there,” Ayaka said gently.

“What about the others?” Shishio remembered that Yuzu, Yuri, and Sumire also wanted to take a bath.

“Its okay. They can go later. You should go first. After all, they might feel uncomfortable letting a guy take a bath with the water of their used water.”

While there was something wrong with Ayakas phrasing, Shishio was too lazy to argue, but he asked, “Do you want to take a bath together?”


Ayaka stopped and blushed before leaning forward, pressing her chest towards him.


Shishio knew Ayakas chest was amazing, but this was outrageous!

“Do you want to take a bath with me?” Ayaka whispered right into his ear.


Ayaka blew hot air into his ear and kissed his cheek. “Lets do it early in the morning since it is too dangerous to do it tonight.” She then smiled since she could see his blushing face and felt happy she could tease him, but who would have thought her butts would be slapped!


“Kyaa~~!” Ayaka touched her butts together and stared at Shishio with a blush. “Shishio-kun! You naughty boy!” She pulled his ear, then whispered, “Wait until everyone fell asleep.” With a flushed face, she quickly ran back to her room.


Shishio looked at Ayakas back for a moment before he looked at the palm that he used to slap her butts. While her boobs were outrageous, her butts were audacious!

Shishio let out a sigh and thought the Sunohara gene was too amazing. He shook his head and decided to take a bath first since he needed to calm himself.

After taking a bath, they gathered in the living room together, looking at the photo taken by Shishio.

Yuri took her laptop and transferred some photos that she loved from memory.

Yuzu, Sumire, and Ayaka also huddled together while looking at the photos together.

On the other hand, Shishio was sitting on the side while reading a novel he had brought with him.

Still, while they looked at the photos on the laptop, they glanced at him since his appearance with his bangs was kind of cute.

While he was reading, he felt a glance from his side. He closed his novel and asked, “Whats wrong?”

“No, its kind of nice to see your bangs down like this, Shishio-nii. Its kind of cute,” Yuri said with a smile.

“…” Shishio wasnt sure why, but it felt weird to be called cute by a middle school student. “Thanks, youre also cute, Yuri.”

Yuris fox-like eyes turned into a crescent, showing a happy smile.

“Cough! Cough! Yuri, show the next photos,” Yuru said with a pout.

Sumire didnt say anything, only glanced at the two from time to time.

Ayaka didnt seem to care about their banter. Instead, she looked at the laptop curiously, trying to understand it, considering she wasnt good with technology.

“Now that you mention it, did you bring your own clothes with you, Shishio-nii? Why didnt I see you bring them with you earlier?” Yuzu suddenly asked.

Hearing this question, Sumire and Yuri also looked at Shishio together.

It was kind of weird since they didnt see him bring clothes when he came with them to Sunoharasou. However, when he had taken a bath, he had changed his clothes which was something weird from where he got them?

“When you were in your room before, I went back to my car to take some clothes.” Shishio then looked at Ayaka and said, “Right, Ayaka-nee?”

“Yes.” Ayaka nodded before she stood up and offered. “Do you all want some warm milk?”

“Yes!” 3x

Yuzu, Yuri, and Sumire agreed without hesitation and forgot about what they had asked.

Shishio looked at Ayaka and thought this woman was quite crafty, but he didnt hate it. After all, if someone thought carefully, they would think of a hole in his alibi, considering how the three girls had looked around his car and didnt see any clothes there.

It was also the reason why Ayaka changed the subject of the conversation, so no one would ask him again.

Also, having warm milk at night would help them to sleep faster.

Shishio must admit Ayaka really couldnt be underestimated, and as expected, the girls quickly became sleepy.

Yuzu and Sumire wiped their eyes slightly while yawning.

“My, my, you should go and sleep, Yuzu-chan, Sumire-chan,” Ayaka said and helped Yuzu and Sumire to go to their room, leaving Shishio and Yuri alone in the living room. However, she didnt say anything since, according to the setting, Shishio was going to sleep in the living room, and Yuri asked for a photo from Shishio.

Also, Yuris eyes were like a fox, so it was hard to see whether she was sleepy or not.

However, Shishio and Ayaka could tell Yuri wasnt feeling sleepy, so neither of them said much to her, even though the two of them wanted to go to the room now.

When Ayaka, Yuzu, and Sumire left, Yuri suddenly asked, “Shishio-nii, can I ask you something?”


“Whats your relationship with Ayaka-san?”

“If theres nothing wrong, shell be my sister-in-law, right?” Shishio answered plainly, but suddenly a photo was presented in front of him. It was his photo with Ayaka together, closely like a lover.

“But you two are like lovers.” Yuri looked at Shishio with a smile and asked, “Are you two dating?”

“But I am dating Nana,” Shishio said.

“Is there a rule that one cant date two girls at the same time?” Yuri asked while tilting her head.

Shishio closed his book and faced Yuri directly. Still, he must admit her position was quite ambiguous.

Yuri wore pajamas, causing her neck and the upper parts of her chest to show through a collar, especially when she leaned forward. Her collar dropped slightly, causing a huge gap opening.

Shishio wondered whether Yuri did this deliberately, but he didnt ask her or glance at it since he knew this wasnt a time for that.

Unlike before, Yuri opened her green eyes, staring at his profile with a serious expression.

Shishio only smiled as he flicked her forehead gently.

“Ouch!” While it didnt hurt, Yuri showed a grievance expression when her head was flicked.

“Youre so sharp, Yuri, but its still too early for you to understand. You should go and sleep,” Shishio said.

Yuri pouted and said, “Dont treat me like a child, Shishio-nii. I am also a woman. I can also get pregnant.”


There were many things Shishio wanted to say, but he held them.

“Youre not wrong. I date Ayaka-nee and Nana at the same time.”

“Really?” Yuri was surprised and asked, “Is that okay?”

“The two sisters are okay with it, but I know this isnt something we can be proud of talking to someone else, so I hope you can keep this a secret, alright?” Shishio said. While it was something happy and amazing for him, it was a different matter for Ayaka and Nana since the public would think they were easy. He didnt care about his reputation since he could shut the mouth of the people who tried to mess him up, and he also had a strong mentality, so it was hard to hurt him, but his women were different.

While they might be strong and love him, Shishio knew it would be wrong to take everything as something for granted. He needed to take care of them and protect them in this way. They wouldnt regret becoming his women.

“Hmm… what to do? I might tell someone about this…” Yuri said with a smile.


Shishio was speechless and slapped Yuris butts.

“Kyaa!” Yuri quickly covered her butts with blush and complained. “Shishio-nii, what are you doing?!” Still, she didnt hate the feeling of being bullied by him.

“Youre younger than me, and you have learned to blackmail me?” Shishio felt he might be too gentle and felt it was necessary to tell this girl not to mess up with him.

Yuri pouted and said, “I wont tell anyone, but can we go out together?”


“Um!” Yuri nodded without hesitation.

“I date two girls at the same time, you know?”

“Is there a rule for a man not to be able to date three girls at the same time?” Yuri once again showed her unique rhetoric again.

“Say that again when youre older, but I dont mind if you want to go out with me. However, I cant do it right away.”

“Okay! As long as you have promised, we can go out anytime,” Yuri said cheerfully.

Shishio showed a helpless expression as he patted her head gently. “Go back and sleep. I am quite sleepy after driving for so long before.”

“Okay.” Yuri nodded and said, “Good night, Shishio-nii.” She quickly pecked his cheek before she ran away, but before she left, she stuck out her tongue cutely and returned to her room.


Shishio looked at Yuri speechlessly before he shook his head and continued to read his novel. He wondered what was so good about this scumbag, but someone hugged his neck. “Ayaka-nee?”

“Hehehe…” Ayaka laughed and rubbed her face against his.

Shishio smiled and threw his novel away, pulling Ayaka on his lap while hugging each other.

Ayaka hugged his neck tightly and whispered, “They have slept.”




Shishio didnt say much nonsense and brought her to her room.

Ayaka was shy, but she didnt move away from him.

Either way, the two decided not to sleep tonight.

Aki woke up in the middle of the night since he wanted to go to the toilet. After releasing the water on his body, he was about to sleep again since he was sleepy, but his heart was beating so fast when he heard a strange cry.


Aki was startled before he ran away back to his room, covering his body with a blanket with a trembling body. He had closed the door and everything, so nothing would enter, but then he realized the strange cry was coming from Ayakas room.

However, Aki was too sleepy to think, and before long, he was sleeping.

Luckily, Aki quickly fell asleep, or else he might see something he shouldnt see.

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