I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 436: Dull trip but my teacher is hot

Chapter 435: Sunoharasou is a nice place

When someone sleeps early, they wake up early.

Yuzu, Sumire, Yuri, and Aki, who had slept early because they were tired from playing around yesterday, had woken up quite early. As grown-up teenagers, they also felt hungry, considering they were still in a growing-up period.

Usually, Ayaka would wake up early in the morning and prepare breakfast, but who would have thought she hadnt woken up, making them wonder what was happening.


Hearing this voice, they turned and saw Shishio come out of the toilet. They suddenly understood why they didnt see him when he told everyone he was going to sleep in the living room.

“Morning, Shishio-nii.”

They greeted him, but Shishio asked, “So whats wrong? You have a frown on your face.” He didnt need an answer since he heard a loud growl from their stomach.


Yuzu blushed and lowered her head shyly.

“Kaichou…” Sumire had a nosebleed when she saw how cute Yuzu was.

“Hmm… I wonder where Ayaka-san is…” Yuri was confused, then looked at Shishio and asked, “Shishio-nii, do you know anything?”

Shishio glanced at Yuri and said, “She might be tired from yesterdays trip since she has to take care of you.”

“Ah…” They somehow felt guilty since they had troubled Ayaka many times, so they didnt realize she was tired.


Looking at their guilty expression, Shishio was riddled with guilt at that moment since he didnt expect they would be so honest.

Couldnt they doubt him a bit?

Shishio sighed inwardly and felt worried about their future, but he must admit they were cute. “If you dont mind, how about I make breakfast for you?”

“Eh? Really?” 3x

Sumire, Yuzu, and Yuri were surprised.

Aki was dumbfounded.

“Yes. I can only make something simple, though.” Shishio knew it was his fault for Ayaka not being able to wake up in the morning, and he also felt guilty for letting the four middle school students in front of him become so hungry.

“Please!” 3x

They didnt hesitate and asked him to cook for them since they were curious about his food.

“Okay, lets go to the living room and wait there. Dont disrupt Ayaka-nee rest.” Shishio pushed them gently to the living room since he was afraid to wake Ayaka up.

They nodded while making a quiet gesture.

While Aki, Yuzu, and Sumire seemed clueless, Shishio could see Yuri seemed to look at him with doubt.

“Hmm?” Shishio titled his head, showing a confused expression.

Yuri stared at Shishio and felt there was a conspiracy, but she hadnt found evidence, so it was better for her to quietly lie down, waiting for a chance to catch him red-handed.

However, even if Yuri caught him red-handed, she wouldnt tell anyone and kept it to herself. That way, it would even be fun.


Shishio suddenly shuddered and glanced at Yuri. Luckily, he was well-prepared, or else he would be caught red-handed by this naughty girl.

With a slightly messy appearance, Ayaka woke up and felt at a loss when she saw no one was right beside her, but then she noticed a note on her side. She smiled when she read the note, before being dumbfounded since she realized she had woken up late!

While Ayaka might be bold and also happy to do “that” with Shishio, she felt embarrassed if the people in this dorm knew what they were doing. Also, she forgot to prepare breakfast which made him quite panicked since it had been a while since she woke up quite late.

Ayaka woke up in a hurry before she flinched since her legs were quite wobbly. In the end, she sat down on the edge of the bed for a moment and wondered whether Shishio could stay for a night again.

“Ugh… I cant think of that!”

Ayaka blushed and felt that place throb, especially when she thought about how intense they had been last night.

Ayaka rested for a moment before she stood up slightly and walked toward the living room. Strangely, it was so quiet, which made her confused, and she wondered whether the four middle school students would be still sleeping. If so, she would feel relief since she hadnt prepared anything.

However, who would expect Yuzu, Sumire, Yuri, and Aki were there, eating breakfast quietly and with vigor.

“Ayaka-nee, good morning.”

Hearing this familiar voice, Ayakas face flushed, then greeted Shishio with a bright smile. “Good morning, Shishio-kun~~.”

Yuzu, Sumire, Yuri, and Aki realized Ayaka was there and stopped eating before they looked at her figure for the first time today. They didnt know why, but they felt something had changed about her.

Ayakas hair was slightly messy, and she didnt tie her hair in her usual ponytail. Her complexion was rosy, yet there was exhaustion shown on her face. However, one thing was for sure. She became even more beautiful and alluring.

Aki was in a daze before he lowered his head since he didnt dare to look at Ayaka.

However, Sumire, Yuzu, and Yuri looked at Ayaka in a daze and said, “Ayaka-san, youre so beautiful.”

“Eh? Really? Fufufu…” Ayaka laughed and asked, “Have you eaten breakfast? Do you want to eat?” She was too embarrassed to mention why she became beautiful and quickly changed the topic.

Hearing Ayakas question, Yuzu quickly said, “Ayaka-san! Ayaka-san! Shishio-niis food is so delicious! You should try it!”

“Eh? Shishio-kun has cooked?” Ayaka was surprised and looked at Shishio.

Shishio was in the kitchen and prepared a portion for Ayakas breakfast. “I know youre tired, so I have cooked breakfast in your place.”

“Thanks.” Ayaka smiled sweetly and sat on Shishios side without hesitation while eating the breakfast prepared by Shishio, but when she ate, she was silent since she didnt expect it would be so delicious!

Ayaka was in silence for a moment and said, “Shishio-kun, tell me the recipe later, alright?” She looked at Shishio with a serious expression since, for the first time, she felt she had lost to him.

“…Okay.” While Shishio wasnt sure why Ayaka had glared at him, it was better not to touch something carelessly since he was afraid he might be told to stay outside of her room later.

Watching the interaction between Shishio and Ayaka, they somehow felt their relationship became even closer, which made them slightly uncomfortable.

Only Yuri curled her lips upward, showing a mischievous smile.

However, everyone had gotten used to seeing how close Shishio and Ayaka were.

Still, that didnt mean they were alright with it.

“By-By the way, Caretaker-san,” Aki suddenly called Ayaka.

“Hmm? Whats wrong, Akkun?” Ayaka looked at Aki curiously.

“Is-Is there a ghost in this dorm?” Aki asked worriedly.”

“Ghost?” 5x

Not only Ayaka but Shishio, Yuzu, Sumire, and Yuri also showed confusion, but some of them showed a scared expression.

“Shi-Shiina, what were you saying?! The-There arent any ghosts in this place!” Yuzu said stammeringly with a pale face.

“Kaichou…” Sumire had a nosebleed, looking at how cute Yuzu was.

“……..” Shishio.

“Ghost? There shouldnt be one here. You might be dreaming, Akkun,” Ayaka said gently like an elder coaxing a little child.

“Bu-But when I went out to the toilet last night, I-I heard a strange cry in the corridor!” When Aki thought at this moment, he felt weird because of the cry. It sounded painful and eerie.

However, if it was someone else and Aki wasnt feeling sleepy, the person who heard that cry would say differently.

However, no one could dispel Akis doubt since the cause of the cry was…

Ayaka flushed slightly and twisted Shishios waist.

“Ouch! Ouch! Ayaka-nee!” Shishio felt miserable since his waist was twisted by Ayaka. It might seem weird, but no matter how strong the human body was and how tough they had tried their durability, they would feel pain when they were pinched or slapped.

It was the case with Shishio since it felt hurt when Ayaka pinched his waist.

However, Ayaka felt that it had become a problem and thought it might be hard to do it with Shishio if Aki was here. Her dorm only accepted a girl, and Aki was an exception since she thought he was a girl. She knew there was bound to be a problem when a guy and a girl lived together.

Ayaka felt it was better for Aki to move, but with her gentle personality, she wouldnt mention this matter directly and decided to put this matter aside.

However, Ayaka knew there would be a problem if she wanted to do “that” with Shishio, considering Akis room was on the first floor.

“Caretaker-san?” Akki looked at Ayaka worriedly since she thought there was really a ghost in this place.

“Of course, there isnt a ghost in this place. You might hear a sound from the outside since the wind was quite intense last night,” Ayaka said gently.

‘Intense, eh? Shishio only glanced at Ayaka and didnt say anything.

However, Ayaka flushed and felt embarrassed, pouting at Shishio slightly.

Still, the pout of an older woman was adorable, Shishio thought.

Shishio somehow wanted to visit Hiratsuka since he knew she spent most of her days either sleeping, reading manga, playing games, or drinking alcohol. If she wasnt a beautiful girl and his girlfriend, he would think of her as an uncle.

Unfortunately, Shishio had an appointment with Tachibana Hina today, so he couldnt stay with Hiratsuka.

Shishio somehow could imagine what Hina wanted to talk with him about, but he really wondered whether it was morally okay when he had decided to go out with the big sister of his girlfriend.

While they talked to each other, Ayaka asked, “Shishio, will you stay tonight?”

“Sorry, I have something to do today,” Shishio said and felt regret for rejecting Ayaka, especially when he thought how wonderful their night was, especially her muffled voice, which made him hard every time.

“I see…” Ayaka felt disappointed, but then she kissed his cheek. “Okay, do your best with your work, okay?” She knew Shishio was working, so she thought that was the case today.


Shishio wasnt sure why, but he felt he was a guilty husband who had cheated on his wife.

However, Ayaka was okay with this relationship, so there was no need to entangle with this problem so much.

Still, the scene of Ayaka kissing his cheek was shown to everyone, and they couldnt help but shout, “AYAKA-SAN!!!”

On the other hand, Aki could only watch this scene stupidly while wondering whether he was dreaming.

Still, Sunoharaou was so merry today.

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