Chapter 436: Dull trip but my teacher is hot

“When it gets cool under the night sky… Ill be back to being a lonesome kid, so take me to the amusement park. As the neon signs fade…”

With the BGM of the random music on the radio, Shishio watched the scenery of the coast through the window of the car. While it might be fun to open the window to feel the wind from the sea, he didnt do that since he had been to a place near the sea several times, so the scenery before him felt slightly dull for him.

Still, while it might be dull, the situation he watched this scenery was quite unique since he was watching this scenery together with a woman who happened to be his teacher and sister-in-law. Without a doubt, if anyone saw them, they would think they had an affair at this moment.

While Hina Tachibana hummed the song happily, she noticed Shishios expression was slightly strange. However, her mood was naturally good right now, so she asked cheerfully, “Whats wrong?”

“Nothing.” Shishio shook his head and said with a sigh, “I just felt like were having an affair.”

Hina was dumbfounded and almost lost control of the car.

“Hina-chan-sensei! The car! The car! Youre going to get us killed!”

The two quickly stopped on the side of the road before they sighed in relief.

Hina puffed her cheek and lightly hit his shoulder. “Shishio-kun, what were you saying so suddenly?!” She felt her heart almost jump out at that moment. Still, her face was so red since she also felt the same somehow. However, even if she had to die, she wouldnt admit it no matter what.

“Sorry, sorry, I wont say that again.” Shishio was almost dead before, so he had decided he wouldnt say something stupid again.

Hina let out a sigh of relief and patted her chest slightly since she was still frightened when they almost crashed into another car. Luckily, Shishio was there and moved the car, so they wouldnt crash into each other.

“Do you want me to drive?” Shishio asked.

“Can you?” Hina asked. After all, her body was still shaking since she had almost crashed the car.

“Truthfully, I was having a scare when you told me you were going to drive a car by yourself.”

“Why?” Hina was unhappy with Shishios words.

“You know, I thought you were a clumsy type of woman who would put an egg on the microwave and let it explode there…” Shishio hadnt finished his words, but he could see Hina was looking away. “Dont tell me you have done that?” He was so speechless and wondered how there was someone so stupidly cute in this world.

“Its not my fault! I thought I could cook an egg faster in the microwave!” Hina showed her sophistry.

Shishio twitched his lips and wondered why there was such a huge difference between the two sisters.

Rui was good at cooking, yet she was expressionless and wasnt good at communicating.

On the other hand, Hina wasnt good at cooking, yet she was good at communication.

Shishio suddenly wondered how the two sisters of the Tachibana family had grown.

However, when he thought about it slowly, he knew that even if some sisters were similar to each other, most of them were different from each other, considering how they were two different people. Even if they had always been together, their personalities were different.

“By the way, do you want me to drive?” Shishio asked.

“Shishio-kun, youre a high school student, right? How can you drive a car?” Hina suddenly asked since she realized this scumbag was a high school. As for previously, she might be in a daze to answer his question, considering he was so dependable.

“Its okay. I have driven a car to Enoshima before. Also, isnt it better than a teacher who is asking her student on a trip like this?” Shishio asked with a teasing smile.

“…..” Hina.

“Okay, okay, sit in the passenger seat. Let me drive the car. While your income as a teacher isnt bad, itll be a disaster if you crash this rental car, right?”


Hina could only pout, but she obediently followed his words, letting him drive, and frankly, she regretted why she didnt tell him to drive from the beginning since it felt so nice. She didnt feel bumpy and felt she was driving a Rolls-Royce while the truth was she was driving on Suzuki.

“By the way, Hina-chan-sensei.”

Shishio called, but Hina didnt answer.


“Geez, Shishio-kun! You shouldnt call me Sensei!” Hina pouted while looking at Shishio unhappily since she didnt want to be called “-sensei” by Shishio during this trip.

“Well, thats true. I shouldnt call you-sensei since it can give us a lot of trouble.” Shishio nodded.


Hina couldnt say anything since she asked him not to call her “-sensei” because of her selfish desire, but she only realized the danger caused if he called her “-sensei” during this trip and heard from someone. She sighed in relief since she had realized this before it was too late.


“…..” Hina was stunned while looking at Shishio. “Can you call me again?”

“Hina-chan?” Shishio looked weirdly at Hina and asked, “Whats wrong?”

“It gives me a tingling feeling on my body with someone younger than me calling me Hina-chan somehow.” Hina flushed and felt slightly embarrassed, but she didnt hate this feeling. Also, while she didnt say anything, it made her body throb slightly.

Hina squeezed her legs slightly since it had been a while since she did that with her ex-boyfriend, considering how they had fought each other before.

Shishio suddenly smelled an intense yet familiar smell from Hina, but he didnt say anything since, as a gentleman, sometimes, it was better he pretended he didnt notice anything. “By the way, Hina-chan.”


“Why are you so nervous? You make me feel kind of weird.”

“Its your fault! How can you call my name “-chan” so calmly like that?!” Hina was also quite annoyed since Shishio didnt show much embarrassment like how a young man should be and called her name “-chan” brazenly without much change in his emotion. She pouted and felt unhappy. She somehow wouldnt feel satisfied if she hadnt succeeded in teasing him.

However, why did she feel her percentage to win was quite small?

‘No! No! I cant give up so easily! Hina furiously shook her head.


Shishio looked at Hina speechlessly and asked, “By the way, can I ask something, Hina-chan?”

“Whats wrong, Shishio-kun?” Hina, who had calmed down, asked calmly.


Shishio ignored Hinas competitive spirit and asked, “Why are we going to Kamakura?” Out of many destinations they could choose, she decided to bring him to Kamakura. Still, he would be lying if he didnt feel curious about this place since it was the old capital city during the Kamakura Shogunate.

“What? You dont like it?” Hina asked.

“No, truth be told, I love it. I like a place where there are many traces of history, so I am glad you invited me here, Hina-chan,” Shishio said with a gentle smile.


Hina was in a daze for a moment before she looked away, staring at the sea while stammeringly answering, “Is-Is that so?”

Shishio laughed and said, “Youre so cute, Hina-chan.”

“Shishio-kun! Dont tease your teacher!”

They bickered with each other while laughing.

Neither of them mentioned Hinas ex-boyfriend or Rui since it might be their current understanding of each other that made them do this.

But even so, their conversation wasnt awkward, and everything was so natural.

“Still, its surprising you can get a driving license for a car, Hina-chan,” Shishio said.

“Huh? Are you looking down on me?!” Hina felt unhappy again and wondered whether this scumbag was born to piss her off.

“No, I dont mean it like that. You should know there arent many people in this city who get a driving license after all.”

Unlike people in other areas, Tokyo was convenient. There was a lot of public transportation, and they connected everywhere. Along with the price of land and house in this country, most people were too lazy to get a driving license.

“Really? Well, I am not one of them. I also have a license to drive a motorcycle after all.” Hina proudly showed her two driving silence to Shishio without hesitation.

Shishio only smiled, then asked, “By the way, Hina-chan, can I ask you something?”

“Hmm? Whats wrong?” Hina asked while looking at Shishio curiously.

“Has Natsuo-senpai gone home?” Shishio asked.

“Natsuo-kun?” Hina let out a sigh and said, “I wonder whether hes on his rebellious period.”

“So he hasnt gone home?” Shishio asked.

“Now, you mention it where you have heard Natsuo-kun hasnt gone home?” Hina asked curiously since she was sure she had never mentioned this problem to Shishio.

“From Rui-nee.”

“Ah, I see.” Hina looked at Shishio while thinking the relationship between Shishio and Rui was so good that they could share with each other secretly. She should be happy, but she felt slightly uncomfortable. “By the way, as for Natsuo-kun, he went home yesterday.”

“I see… thats good.” Shishio nodded while sighing in relief inwardly.

“Is your relationship with Natsuo-kun close?” Hina asked curiously.

“Not really.” His relationship with Natsuo was far from close.

Shishio wouldnt even be surprised if Natsuo wanted to beat him up after what he was doing at Tachibanas house with Rui.

“Then why did you feel relief?” Hina felt confused.

“I am just happy for your family. Can I?” Shishio felt it was too troublesome to explain the matter of Natsuo, so he quickly changed the topic of the conversation and said, “Anyway, were about to arrive at Kamakura. Where are we going after this?”

“Wa-Wait for a moment! Let me check the guide!” Hina quickly put a guidebook in her bag and opened the page that she had bookmarked. “This one! Lets go to this famous sweet shop!”

“Okay. Lets go there.” Shishio nodded and agreed, but then he asked, “By the way, Hina-chan.”


“Youre going to treat me, right?”


Hina looked at Shishio speechless and wanted to pull his cheek somehow. “Okay! Okay! Let me treat you!”

“Yahoo! How generous!”

Hina let out a sigh and said, “Shishio-kun, you might have the talent to become a host then fool many women to give you their hard-earned money.”


Shishio wasnt sure what to say at this moment, but even if he had the talent to become a host, he wouldnt become one since the job to fool a woman to buy an expensive thing for him wasnt something that he loved.

Anyway, lets forget about the strange and unhappy things since they were about to start their trip to Kamakura.

Also, while everyone might have realized it, Shishio must admit Hina was hot.

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