I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 438: Doing something that shouldnt be done

Chapter 437: Last time?

After they arrived in Kamakura, they stopped at the famous sweet shop to fill their stomachs. They ordered the famous anmitsu together as they sat at the free table.

“Please wait for a moment.”

Looking at the beautiful woman in her 40s, Shishio nodded and thought the service in this shop was good.


Shishio looked at the back of the waitress, whose body was constricted with a slim-fitted kimono, showing the tightness of her waist. He wondered whether the woman was the wife of the owner.

If so, Shishio must admit the owner of this sweet shop was so lucky.

Like an apple that fell from the tree because of the force of gravity.

His eyes were naturally drawn toward that waist.

However, as a gentleman, he had never shown such a rude glance. Instead, he glanced at that waist in an upright manner like an expert observed an antic.

Still, it was just a moment, so Hina didnt seem to notice his glance.

“This shop is popular. It even enters the guidebook trip in Kamakura…”

When Hina started to talk, it seemed there was nothing that could stop her.

Shishio wasnt sure whether it was her personality, but it was good he didnt need to talk much and only responded from time to time, causing her to talk about many things.

At first, Hina talked about Kamakura. Then she talked about the supermarket near her home, then she talked about the comedian she often watched, and by then, it continued with various other topics that didnt have any connection with the previous topic.

Somehow it felt like a loop.

However, Shishio didnt complain and just listened while giving her a response from time to time since he was checking the rewards he got from Sunohara Ayaka.

It was just a few hours before they parted, but Shishio just couldnt forget about Ayaka. While he took a bath in the morning, her smell could still be sniffed out from his body. His experience last night was incredible and unforgettable, especially her anguished expression when she was at the peak of physical ecstasy.

Still, Shishio knew he was the worst for thinking like this, but the reaction of Ayaka and Nana were similar to each other when they reached the peak, and he thought even if the personalities of the two sisters and their appearances were different, their reactions to the bed were similar to each other.

However, Shishio must admit, he didnt feel guilt or happiness when he gained rewards from the system after he did “that” with the woman he loved.

Instead, it felt like he was in a state of enlightenment or something.

‘Have I become the number under heaven?

It could be, but Shishio knew there were worse scumbags than him that had done with thousands of women in their lives.

On the other hand, the number of women he had been could still be counted with his fingers, so he should be better, right?

While listening to Hinas ramblings, Shishio wondered why he wasted his time on this meaningless thought.

Anyway, it was better to open his rewards first.


Shishio was silent since, similar to Ayakas amazing boobs, the rewards he got were also amazing.

“Whats wrong, Shishio-kun?” Hina asked curiously since she could see Shishio smiling gently at her. Still, she must admit that if he wasnt his teacher, she hadnt just broken up, and he also wasnt her little sisters crush. She might have fallen for him at this time and at this moment.

“Nothing. I just thought you were cute,” Shishio said smoothly.

Hina only smiled smugly, then smirked. “I am cute, right? So, shouldnt you feel lucky to go out with me?”

“Yes, yes,” Shishio answered perfunctorily, feeling the regret of praising this woman.


While they bickered with each other, Shishio checked his rewards again after he divided them by assets and skill type of rewards.

The assets he received were five billion yen and a building in Tokyo.

The building he received was an office building that was fully rented, and from it, he could get quite a nice sum of money from the rest.

As for the skills, he received “Sewing Mastery,” “Lock-Picking Mastery,” “Microbiology Mastery,” and “North God Style Mastery.”

Whether it was “Sewing Mastery,” “Lock-Picking Mastery,” or the “Microbiology Mastery,” there was no need to explain them too much. However, he loved the “Microbiology Mastery” since, with it, he could create better-fermented food and beverages.

Whether it was alcohol, miso, umeboshi, pickle, or many other things, Shishio knew he could create the best of them.

Still, what surprised him the most was the “North God Style Mastery.” He could tell it was a sword technique, but instead of focussing on one or two specialties like a fast-drawing sword, two handed-sword, or something alike.

This technique was more focused on staying alive and approaching a battle with the highest chance of winning. It relied heavily on the practitioners adaptability and usage of ones surroundings, and as a result, this style involved using a lot of tricks instead of refined techniques.

While this technique sounded dirty, Shishio loved it for as long as he could win. Everything was alright. It also helped him to combine and utilize all of his skills better.

In the past, while Shishio could use his technique perfectly, there was a lag when he changed to the technique of the other styles.

However, such a problem didnt exist again after he received this reward, and it was the reason why he loved it.

While he was happy with his rewards, the anmitsu they ordered had come and served on their tables.

“Please enjoy.” The beautiful waitress gave a polite bow before she left.

After thanking the waitress, Shishio and Hina looked at each other before they ate together.

“Yummy~~!” Hina smiled happily as she held her cheeks with a happy smile. She had heard the anmitsu in this shop was good, but she didnt expect it would be good!

The red bean was carefully selected as agar-agar jelly made from Gelidiaceae algae, and the black sugar syrup was made from sugar in Okinawa.

The combination of various ingredients made them feel like they were in the festival of sweets.

“I must admit this is delicious.” Shishio nodded in agreement.

“Right?” Hina showed a smug expression.


Shishio was speechless since Hina wasnt the one who made this anmitsu, yet she was the one who was proud of it.

“What a great couple. Are you two here for a trip?”

Suddenly the beautiful middle agrees waitress teased Shishio and Hina.

“Yes.” Hina sighed and said, “My boyfriend is begging me to go on a trip here. Luckily, I came, or else, I dont know if theres such a delicious anmitsu.” She didnt even blush when she uttered those lies.

“……” Shishio.

“Really?” The waitress was also happy by Hinas praise but secretly glanced at Shishio.

The two talked to each other about the place they must visit in Kamakura.

Shishio didnt say much and glanced at the waitress for a moment before he took a tissue and wiped the stain on Hinas lips. “Theres a stain of ice cream on your lips.”

“…….” Hina blinked her eyes and lowered her head, continuing to eat. “Th-Thanks.”

“No problem.” Shishio succeeded in shutting Hinas mouth instantly.

After they ate, they walked out together to continue with their sightseeing.

“Youre not going to say anything?” Hina suddenly asked.


“I mean, I told that waitress were in a relationship, you know?” Hina wanted to see Shishios reaction.

“Its okay, isnt it? Its better to lie since itll be dangerous if they know how we are teachers and students, right?”


Hina couldnt say anything since Shishio was right, but she was unhappy since this guy didnt show any reactions. “How uncute!”

“Well, I might not be cute, but youre cute since you were blushing when I wiped your lips.”


Hina was silent for a moment before her face started burning red. “Shishio!”

They bickered with each other again before they laughed and continued with their sightseeing.

There were many things they could see in Kamakura. After all, it was known as the old capital city during the Kamakura Shogunate. However, most of them were related to Buddhist or religious relics built during that era.

While it might not be romantic, the two had fun in the city.

“Still, its a shame we cant see the festival in Kamakura.” Hina had heard there was a festival of demon banishing on Kamakura, but they didnt come at the right time, so they were unable to see it.

“Well, if we have time, we can watch it in the future.”

Shishio would be lying if he wasnt curious about the festival. He also had heard how the light on the Kamakura would be turned off, and only the burning fire on the shrine could be seen at night. He was sure it would be breathtaking scenery.

“Next time?” Hina asked while looking at Shishio.

“You dont want to?”

“Okay, next time, we can go here together,” Hina said with a smile.

Shishio looked at Hina for a moment and nodded. “Okay.”

The two continued to talk again about many other things before they parked their car near the beach. They walked together in the sun without their shoes, watching the sun on the edge of the ocean.

“Ah~~! The sea breeze feels nice!”

Shishio looked at Hina, who stretched her hands high as her skirt was fluttered by the wind. “I somehow want to get wild here!”

‘Get wild… Shishio was speechless since her words could be misleading. He didnt follow her, who wanted to get wild and sat down on the nice size log he found on the beach. Still, he was happy about his decision since her skirt was blown by the wind, showing off her unexpectedly black-colored lace underwear.


Hina quickly pushed down her skirt before she turned, looking at Shishio with a flush. “Did you see it?”

“I see them perfectly.” Shishio gave a thump up and said, “Thanks.”


Hina was lost for words before she sighed and sat next to him. She let out a sigh and said, “Can you fluster a bit?”

“Oh? Do you want to see me blushing while furiously shaking my head and telling you that I dont see anything?”

“Yes! Yes! Thats the response I want to see!”

“You think this is a manga?” Shishio was speechless and said, “Still, your underwear is unexpectedly bold.”

Hina blushed and hammered his arm several times.

“Okay, okay, sorry, sorry.” Shishio apologized while begging her to stop.

Hina snorted while showing a satisfied expression.

The two kept laughing at each other until Hina gazed into the sea and said, “Thanks.”

“For what?” Shishio smiled and said, “I have fun here too. You dont need to think too much.”

Hina also smiled, but then a thought suddenly shrouded her mind. She knew after this trip that neither of them would continue to communicate with each other. They would part, and they would say goodbye to each other. Until now, she also wasnt sure why she invited him to come with her on this trip that they needed to keep a secret from everyone.

Hina wasnt blind and knew her little sister was feeling toward this scumbag. She wanted to say it was wrong and it shouldnt be done, yet before she could even say anything, she was drawn by him like it was something natural.

Hina let out a sigh as she rested her head on her shoulder.


“Lets stay like this for a while.”

Shishio didnt say anything afterward.

The two just stared at the sea absentmindedly while enjoying their last time together.

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