I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 439: Falling deeper

Chapter 438: Doing something that shouldn ’t be done

Shishio wasnt sure why, but when they watched the ocean together, a sudden downpour suddenly wet them. It might be near summer, and he knew it was the time with the most rain in this country, but even so, this happened too suddenly, right?

Shishio and Hina quickly entered the car to protect themselves from the rain.

While they sighed in relief since they didnt need to be worried about being wetted by the rain again, Hina suddenly sneezed and felt slightly chilly.

“Are you okay, Hina-chan?” Shishio asked.

“I am okay, but I feel slightly cold.” Hina rubbed her shoulders repeatedly, trying to warm herself. She then looked at Shishio and asked, “How about you? You have to use your shirt to cover me after all. Arent you cold?” When they ran to the car, Shishio took his shirt off, so he could protect her from the rain.

“I am okay. I often work out, so I am healthier than normal people,” Shishio said while looking at the rain through the window of the car. The rain was quite heavy, and it would probably become even more intense soon. “It seems the rain wont stop anytime soon.”

“Its dangerous to go back like this.” Hina had a driving license, and because of this, she knew how dangerous it was to drive under the heavy rain.

“Well, do you want to wait here?” Shishio asked. Still, even if the rain was heavy, it didnt bother him a bit since with his “Driving Mastery” and “Enhanced Vision,” everything was clearly seen by him.

“Its a bit cold here…” Hina frowned slightly, then said something unbelievable, “I have seen a sign of a hotel nearby.” She looked at Shishio and asked, “Do you want to stay there?”


Shishio was in silence for a moment and wondered whether this woman was alright. However, he decided to think positively and thought the temperature was too cold, so staying in the hotel was better since that place should be warmer. Moreover, there was a hot spring bath and new dry clothes where they could change their wet clothes.

After a moment of hesitation, Shishio nodded. “Okay.”

The two had made up their minds to take shelter in the hotel from this intense downpour.

The location of the hotel might be far if it was taken by foot, but it didnt take that long for them to arrive by car.

While the rain made it hard for them to see, they could see the hotel building inside their car.

The hotel had a mixed design of Japanese and Western. It had the shape of a rectangular. A wide window was clearly shown in each of the rooms of this hotel. Without a doubt, this hotel would be a great place when they wanted to see the sunrise.

Hina observed the hotel for a moment and only realized it seemed quite expensive.Have I brought enough money? While her income as a teacher was alright, it didnt mean she could spend it without care. However, it was the case that she would ask for a two-room.

‘But if its only one room…

Hina blushed slightly while glancing at Shishio.

“Whats wrong?” Shishio asked. Even if he sometimes could read what someone was thinking through their expressions, it was impossible for him to think Hina was worried about money.

“Its alright. Lets go to the hotel quickly.” Hina decided to throw the worry of staying with him in the same room aside since she just wanted to take a nice, warm bath.


The two entered the hotel after Shishio parked the car. When they entered, they realized the hotel was bigger than they had thought, especially when there was a beautiful garden inside the building. However, neither of them had an intention to enjoy it since it was frigging cold!

They quickly found the receptionist and asked the price of one room.

As expected, Hinas lips twitched since the price of the room was expensive!

However, Shishio paid them without hesitation and asked, “Hina-chan, do you want two rooms?”

“Huh?” Hina quickly shook her head and said, “No, one room is okay!” She didnt think anything weird right now since she was worried Shishio would use too much of his money. While she had heard his family was rich, it surprised her when she saw ten pieces of 10,000 yen banknote in his wallet.

Hina suddenly felt malice in this world, considering how she needed to consider her monthly budget, yet this guy could splurge his money without hesitation.

“…..” Shishio stared at Hina for a moment.

“Whats wrong?” Hina asked while rubbing her shoulders with her hands.

“Well, if you say so.” Shishio nodded and didnt say much before paying the money.

The receptionist didnt care about the relationship between Hina and Shishio. However, if the two really stayed in a different room, she thought to visit Shishios room since she was worried he might get cold when he was wet, and as a good employee, she thought to take care of the guest of the hotel well. However, Hina and Shishio stayed in the same room together, so her plan was already foiled.

“Everything is 20,000 yen, and I receive the money. Please wait for a moment, and Ill let you to your room,” the receptionist said while telling the other receptionists that she was going to take care of the guests.

The other receptionist could only roll her eyes, but she didnt say anything.

However, when the voice of the receptionist fell, Hina quickly realized one huge problem. Her mind had been preoccupied with the matter of the money that was needed to pay for the hotel and how cold her body was, but when she remembered another problem she was about to face, she felt her entire body was hot.

Hina flushed, but she didnt dare to see his expression at this moment and only lowered her head while walking right on his side, following his pace.

Shishio glanced at Hina, and without a doubt, he knew this woman realized the problem they were about to face.

The first problem was their status as a teacher and a student.

However, this problem was small, considering how Shishio had dated Hiratsuka and how no one in this town knew their status too, so they could exclude this problem.

The real problem they were about to face was their identity as someones sibling-in-law.

Hina was Ruis older sister.

Shishio was Ruis boyfriend.

However, the two stayed in the hotel together after this secret trip without anyone knowing it.

Even if nothing happened between them, would one believe nothing would happen?


However, most people would think they had a secret tryst.

They could pretend nothing had happened, but as they were about to arrive at their room, they started to become conscious of each other, and the heat from their bodies caused them to feel even chilly.

They shuddered and thought it was better to think about the matter later after they had taken a bath.

The receptionist guided them to their room and wanted to say something to Shishio, but when she saw Hina kept staring at her, she could only give up and left after bowing her head.

“Whats wrong, Hina-chan?” Shishio asked after the door closed.

“Nothing.” Hina shook her head, showing a natural expression. She wasnt blind and could tell how the receptionist lady seemed to have an interest in Shishio. If she wasnt on his side, without a doubt, they might do something that couldnt be shown in public.

Well, some people might love to see that act to the public, but lets put aside this matter later.

“Its good that we have a double bed in this room.” Hina nodded while observing the room.

The room had this comfy and cozy feeling.

There was also a huge window that made it possible for her to see the scenery over the street.

Hinas curiosity got her better, and she didnt feel cold anymore. It might be related to the room heater, but she was too preoccupied with her own things. She moved around, observing the surroundings while praising how amazing this room was. She somehow understood why this room was quite expensive.

On the other hand, Shishio stared at Hina, who was looking around the room, before he asked, “Do you want to stay for a night?”

Hinas movement stopped instantly, and she was in a state of freeze. It was like a deer who caught sight of a car that was about to hit it. She just stood there for a moment without moving until she asked, “…How about you? Is this alright?”

“You mean to stay with you for a night you?”

“…Um.” Hina didnt dare to look at Shishio, and she nodded while looking at the window.

Shishio didnt answer Hinas question, but he answered after a moment of pause. “It should be okay since even if we stay in the same room, we stay in a different bed.” He felt his words were full of sophistry.

It was like when a man said to his wife he didnt cheat on another because he hadnt put it inside.

His situation was similar to that.

However, those words might be something that Hina needed the most. “Thats true. It is okay since were sleeping in a different bed.” She nodded and made up her mind to stay together for a night with him, especially when it was impossible for them to go back, considering how heavy the rain was. “But we need to return early in the morning since we have to go to school tomorrow.”

“Thats true.”

Their trip was taken on Sunday, and the next day was a Monday.

It was quite troublesome that they had to go back early in the morning, but they had no choice.

While it was possible for Shishio to skip school, it wasnt a choice for Hina to skip work.

However, they had made up their mind to stay for a night.

“But you need to tell your family first,” Shishio said.

“Yeah, Ill call them, but Ill take a bath first.” Hina hugged her body and walked into the bathroom inside the room. “You should call your Sengoku-sensei first while I take a bath.” She knew Shishio was Chihiros nephew, and she knew he needed to tell Chihiro if he wanted to stay out. “By the way, please keep our stay a secret.” She knew he wasnt stupid, but even so, she needed to remind him.

“Dont worry. I know something that I should and shouldnt say.”

Shishio wasnt an idiot, and of course, he knew many troubles could be caused if he blabbered about what had happened here in Kamakura. It was better to make an excuse that he was out with his girlfriends or friends or something instead of telling Chihiro and his girlfriends that he went out on Kamakura with a female teacher. “Hina-chan, while I know that you should understand, you shouldnt tell your family that were staying together.”

“I know.” Hina nodded without hesitation. She wasnt stupid, and she knew many troubles would arise if she told her family she stayed with the boyfriend of her little sister.

The two had made up their minds to keep their stay a secret.

Somehow, it might be how they perceived their world at this moment.

This room, this hotel, and this town seemed to have become a separate world they had in Tokyo. It was kind of hollow and dark, yet there was this indescribable feeling that was born in their hearts, giving them an impulse to do something they shouldnt be done.

Still, the lie they told to their families also wasnt something they should do, but their situation needed them to lie, so lets just blame it on fate.

“By the way, Shishio-kun.”


“Dont peek, alright?”

Looking at Hina, who tried to tease him, Shishio also followed the cliche development that usually happened in the ecchi manga. “I-I wont take a peek!”

Even though Hina knew Shishio was acting, she couldnt help but laugh out loud since, without a doubt, she was really having fun when she was with him.

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