I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 440: Night Mistake

Chapter 439: Falling deeper

Coming out of the bathroom, Hina didnt wear her previous clothes. Instead, she wore a yukata prepared by the hotel for the guests. She also tied her hair up, showing off her white and smooth nape. Her skin was slightly flushed with a hint of rosiness after taking a bath.

Shishio, who had just talked with his girlfriends, stared at Hina in a daze. He knew she was beautiful, and if she wasnt beautiful, there was no way for many guys in the school to fall for her, but right now, he felt she was even more beautiful. However, she didnt know whether it was her yukata, her tied hair, her status as a teacher, or her status as Ruis big sister, which enhanced her beauty, but does it matter now?

Hina, of course, noticed Shishio, who was mesmerized by her. She didnt know why, but it brought a skip to her heart. However, she couldnt show it since her position didnt allow her to do so.

“What are you gawking for? Hurry up and enter the bath! Youll catch a cold!”

Hina pretended to show annoyance while telling him to take a bath hurriedly.

“Okay, okay.” Shishio also had woken up from his stupor. Still, he must admit that being a school teacher was dangerous since even though he had seen many beauties, the forbidden love had always excited him somehow.

Watching Shishio enter the bath, Hina quickly said, “By the way, Ill take your clothes for the laundry later. As for what youll wear, theres a yukata inside the bathroom. You can use it.”


Shishio didnt say much nonsense and took a bath after he became naked.

‘Dont you worry, Ill peek at you? Hina murmured in a low voice while looking at Shishio, who had taken a bath. Her face turned crimson as she pouted, showing a cute expression. After she heard the sound of the shower, she knew he had taken a bath, so she didnt hesitate and entered the bathroom to take his and her clothes from the laundry basket.

There was laundry service at the hotel for every guest who stayed for a night.

Hina thought to give their clothes to the laundry quickly so they could receive their clothes later after they had dinner or in the middle of midnight. If it was in the past, it would be impossible, considering one needed sun to dry their clothes, but with the advancement of technology, it was possible to dry their clothes with a machine.

Hina heard the sound of the shower and shouted, “Shishio-kun, I am going to take your clothes to the laundry.”


Hina could hear his voice even though they were parted by the door.

The bathroom had two doors.

One that led into the sink, placed to change, and toilet. The other one was led to the bathroom.

There was a single door that separated them, and from the frosted glass of the door, Hina could see Shishios figure was there. She stared at him for a while, forgetting her intention to pick his clothes.

“Dont peek.”

“Wh-Who is going to peek?!”

Hina panicked when she heard his plain voice, but she sighed in relief since Shishio didnt seem to notice what she was doing. It might be her imagination, but she felt his nether region move around for a moment.

However, Hina shook her head since she knew a phallus didnt have wings. Therefore, it was impossible for it to fly.

‘So, is it moving for a different reason?

Hina couldnt find the truth since she wasnt the descendant of a famous detective, nor was she a biology teacher. Anyway, she quickly came out after taking his clothes before calling the staff to pick up their clothes and asking them to help with the laundry.

Still, as expected of an expensive hotel, Hina had to admit their service was superb when they told her her laundry would be ready after they finished their dinner.


Hina touched her stomach and felt hungry all of a sudden. It might be because the tension of staying with the “close friend of her little sister” that caused her to forget about her hunger. However, she was a human, and she needed to eat.

Still, Hina wasnt in a hurry since she could have her dinner after Shishio had taken a bath. Instead, she took her phone as she sat on the edge of the sofa. She looked at her phone for a while, feeling slightly nervous, before she found her house number on the list of her contacts.

Hina knew as long as she called this number, Rui or her mother could answer her call. By then, she would tell them she would stay out for a night, but if they asked her why she would stay out for a night, she didnt have the confidence she could lie properly.

Hina knew she needed to keep her trip with Shishio a secret.

There were no people besides them that needed to know about this matter.

It was a secret between the two.

However, Hina wasnt a skillful liar.

Hina was afraid when Rui or her mother answered, her nervousness and lies would be noticed in her voice.

‘If that happens, what should I do?

Hina wasnt sure, but she knew she couldnt rely on Shishio for this matter since if she relied on him, the situation would be even more serious. Still, she must admit, Shishio was quite a good liar since she had been listening to his conversations with his aunt, girlfriends, and many others without blinking his eyes, telling them he had something to do.

Hina wasnt jealous of Shishios talent at lying. Instead, she was jealous of his composure. She hoped he could share some of his composure. However, she knew it was impossible, and she could only bite the bullet.

Hina pressed the number of her house, and the sound of the ring of the call seemed so slow. Her heart was beating so fast, and she was riddled with many emotions.

A second felt like an eternity for her.

Hina knew she was being exaggerated, but this was how she felt at that moment, and after five ringing sounds, her call was answered.


Hearing this voice, Hina let out a sigh of relief inside her heart. Neither Rui nor her mother had answered her call. Instead, it was Natsuo who greatly relieved her. “Ah, Natsuo-kun? Is that you?”

“Ah? Sensei?”

“Geez! Call me Hina-nee, alright? Were a family, right?” Hina pouted. However, she didnt realize Natsuo showed a bitter smile when she said those words.

“So whats wrong…” Natsuo paused for a moment and said, “Hina-nee?”

“Thats good!” Hina smiled, praised Natsuo like a good boy, then said, “Natsuo-kun, can you help me to tell everyone that I wont go home tonight.”

“Eh? Why?” Natsuo was surprised.

“I am going out with my friend, and it has been a while since we met each other, so I plan to stay with her until tomorrow, so you can tell Rui that she doesnt need to prepare my dinner.” Hina might not have the talent to lie to Rui or her mother, but Natsuo was a different matter.

Natsuo wanted to ask who that friend was, but he was bombarded with many questions and talked from Hina, so he could only nod when the call ended. He looked at the phone for a while and hadnt woken up since it felt nice to talk with Hina. It wasnt until his father called him out that he was awoken from his stupor.

“Whats wrong, Natsuo? You have been standing like a fool there,” Fujii Akihito asked with doubt.


Natsuo tried to calm the throbbing on his lips before saying, “Hina-nee told me she was going to stay with her friend tonight.”

“Oh, okay. Ill tell Tsukiko-san and Rui-chan too,” Akihito said and walked into the living room, telling his wife and step-daughter, Hina, was going to stay out tonight.

Rui and Tsukiko only nodded since Hina was already an adult, so they didnt feel worried anymore about her and continued with the preparation of the dinner.

On the other hand, Natsuo was still standing there, looking at the phone, and hoped for Hina to call again since it felt so nice to hear her voice and talk with her.

However, Hina wouldnt call the house again. She put her phone on the side as she lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling absentmindedly. She knew she had done something wrong, but it might be because she had done something wrong in the past. It wasnt as difficult as she imagined.

Hina also wondered why she did this, spending a night with someone who happened to be her student and the crush of her little sister. She might become crazy, yet part of her wanted to go crazy, forgetting everything here and then.

Hina somehow felt Shishios existence really made her crazy. It started with just a normal greeting during the entrance exam, yet many things happened after that. After all, who would have thought she would stay with him for a night.

Hina felt guilty yet relaxed and tickled.

“What are you smiling for? Come on. Lets go out and eat. I am hungry.”

Hina was startled and looked at Shishio, who suddenly appeared in front of her, staring at him speechlessly. He had changed his clothes into a hotel yukata similar to hers. His dry and calm expression somehow made her relaxed but also pouted since she wondered whether she wasnt attractive in his eyes.

Shishio was, after all, a young man in his puberty. Shouldnt he feel something by staying together with his beautiful teacher in the same room for a night?

While Hina felt relieved by his composure, she also felt annoyed by it.

‘Lets see how long you can keep your composure.

Hina lifted her body gently, causing two huge things on her chest to tremble slightly.

Shishio looked away since her movement caused a reaction in his nether region.

Hina wasnt sure, but she could see a slight blush on his face which made her blink her eyes for a moment. She thought it was only her imagination, but it seemed he was really blushing. As for the cause of his blush, it was probably her body. She looked at her body for a moment and must admit, her body was really good, especially her huge chest.

Hina didnt realize she was smiling at this moment and jumped into his back without hesitation. “Shishio-kun, I am tired. Carry me.”

“Are you a kid? Hurry up and let go of me!” Shishio tried to be a gentleman, yet this woman tried to tempt him. He gritted his teeth and wondered whether he should thrust her hole several times, so she would be obedient.

“No! Carry me!”

The two bickered at each other again before Shishio gave up and carried her to the dining.

While being piggybacked by Shishio, Hina looked at his side profile before hugging his neck in silence.

Neither of them said anything, enjoying the moment of silence between them as they fell deeper into the forbidden pleasure.

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