Chapter 440: Night Mistake

After they bickered with each other, they had dinner at the restaurant together. There werent many guests beside them since it was a Sunday and tomorrow everyone would have to go to work or school. Still, there were some people in this restaurant beside them, but they were mostly lovers.

Hina looked around and blushed slightly, wondering whether she would be mistaken for a couple.

“Whats wrong?” Shishio asked, wondering whether this woman was sick.

“No-Nothing!” Hina shook her head and asked, “Say, Shishio, can I order alcohol?”

“Sure, but Ill drink it too.” It had been a while since he drank alcohol, and he was in the mood to drink one. Still, he thought Hina would reprimand him, but she was unexpectedly cooperative.

“Okay.” Hina nodded, but then she noticed Shishios expression was slightly strange. “Whats wrong?”

“I thought you might tell me not to.” Shishio looked curiously at Hina.

Hina thought for a moment and felt surprised by her answer since she didnt reprimand him. Instead, she let him drink alcohol. “Well, youll be able to drink it in five years after all, and from what I can see, youre the type of guy who isnt going to follow the rules.” She felt that alcohol was better than drinking a car and having a secret trip with a teacher. “But lets just order a beer. Were going to be back tomorrow, and you have to go to school, so itll be horrible if you have a hangover.”


Shishio nodded and didnt complain.

The two ordered some food and a beer together.

Unexpectedly, Shishio thought Hina was going to order something heavy to numb her mind. However, he could see she didnt plan to get drunk and just ordered a juice which surprised him. He asked why she didnt order alcohol, but she just laughed and talked about different things. He didnt force her to talk and just followed the flow of the conversation since it didnt really matter whether she wanted to drink alcohol or not.

“Its delicious~~!” Hina chewed as she held her cheeks.

Shishio looked at Hina for a moment and drank the beer. Bitter, refreshing taste covered his tastebuds. He often wondered why something so bitter tasted so nice when paired with food.

The two talked to each other while eating together. It might be something simple, yet they had so much fun together.

After eating, they returned to their room and saw their laundry was already placed inside the room. While they were amazed at the speed of the laundry, they continued to talk about many things while they sat on the sofa, watching the scenery of Kamakura that was drenched with the downpour.

The sound of the rain somehow felt relaxing and made them feel sleepy. The hot tea they brewed before also started to get lukewarm. However, they felt it was too early for them to sleep.

“I wonder why I can talk with you so much…” Hina sipped the tea slowly while looking at the Sagami bay that spread over a distance.

“Its not me who is talking. It has always been you.” Shishio was speechless and said, “You even told me your favorite comedian.”

“Ahaha…” Hina laughed before she looked at Shishio with a smile. “Next time, do you want to watch that comedian with me?”

“I wont go.” Shishio shook his head.

“…Why?” Hina asked and looked at him in surprise.

“I am happy that we can be so close, but itll be dangerous if we become closer. Youre a teacher, and I am a student. What if someone sees us together? They might have misunderstood us, and you might lose your job, you know?” Shishio knew he didnt have a right to say this, especially when he dated Hiratsuka, but he didnt plan to do anything to Hina, especially after he had dated Rui. “But itll be different if you invite Rui-nee too.”

Shishio must admit he felt lustful toward Hina, and he didnt mind doing one stand night, especially when he could gain rewards from the system. However, he wasnt going to make the first move. Unless she attacked him, he wouldnt do anything.

“Rui?” Hina was confused when Shishio suddenly mentioned Rui, but then she asked, “Have you dated each other?”



Hina opened her mouth before she closed it again. She felt quite confused at that moment. Even though she had expected this and prepared for it, she knew she should congratulate him, but it was just hard to say those words. The happy mood she felt disappeared, and she just wanted to sleep.

“By the way, are you planning to go back with your boyfriend?” Shishio asked.


Unexpectedly, Hina gave a straight answer without hesitation. She then looked at him with a smile and asked, “Why did you feel so surprised?”

“No, I am just surprised because you said those words without hesitation. Didnt you tell me before you had loved him in high school, and you even had dated each other for so long? Yet, you forgot about him so quickly.” Shishio wondered whether the memory of someone could be erased so easily.

“Its not so quick.” Hina shook her head and said, “I had been thinking for a long time, and you were the one who pushed my back.” She looked at Shishio and smiled. “Thanks, Shishio-kun.”

“Its okay. I am happy I can help you.” Shishio felt relieved since Hina was alright now.

It was a good thing Hinas problem was solved since her partner wasnt good and could cause many problems for her family if they knew about her relationship with a married man.

The father of Hina and Rui (not their stepfather) had been divorced by their mother because of infidelity.

Hina, of course, didnt have a good impression of infidelity, yet she had an affair with a married man. If Rui, Akihihito, Natsuo, or Tsukiko knew about this, without a doubt, they would scold her, telling her to break up without hesitation, considering how they viewed her relationship as something unhealthy and dirty.

Fortunately, Hina met Shishio, and he gave her advice that one would never expect to give to someone.

Shishio told Hina that everything was her choice. She could continue with her affair or just break up.

In the end, Hina chose to break up since she couldnt see the future with her previous boyfriend.

However, who would expect after she broke up with her boyfriend, she would go out with the boy who was loved by her little sister.

Hina knew she was despicable to have this feeling inside her heart. Yet inside her heart, she felt jealous and envious of Rui. She knew she was her older sister, yet she felt something she shouldnt feel toward him. She knew she should stop before she was burnt, but just for tonight, she just wanted to feel how it felt to be burnt.

“Should we sleep, Shishio-kun? We need to wake up quite early after all.”


There was nothing weird about her words. Shishio knew they needed to wake up early in the morning since they needed to go back to Tokyo. He also needed to go back to Sakurasou quickly since tomorrow his manga with Shiina would be sold in the entire country, and of course, he was going to buy it with her at the convenience store together when they were about to go to school.

While Shishio knew it was something mundane for him, considering how his wealth had reached a level that one couldnt think of, it was to be able to create something with the woman he loved.

Shishio couldnt wait for tomorrow and sleep on his bed before turning off the light. “I am turning off the light.”


As the light vanished, the room was covered in darkness. It was as if they were in a different space.

Shishio knew he should sleep, but he couldnt since Hina suddenly invaded his bed and slept on his side. “Hina-chan?” Her sweet smell invaded his nose, and her soft body was pressed against his back.

“Dont turn,” Hina quickly said when she noticed Shishio was about to face her.

However, Shishio didnt follow her words and turned around.


Hina was speechless, and her face was burning red.

“You play a dangerous game, Hina-chan.” Shishio wanted to reprimand Hina. He was a man, after all, a normal and a healthy one. Hina was a charming woman, and of course, if she seduced him, he could only follow his instinct. They were like opposite poles of two magnets brought together. They would become one if this continued.

“I know.”

Hina strangely calmed after she heard those words. She put her face on his chest, hearing his heart beating fast, and it also started to infect her. However, while her heart was beating so fast, she could utter the words she wanted to say from her heart.


“You know, we have made many mistakes today. We have gone out together, eating together, chatting together, bickering each other, being mistaken as lovers…” Hina narrated many things they did today.

Shishio was in silence, listening to her every word. But, he must admit, he would be lying if he didnt have fun with Hina today. “Its fun, but we cant say anything about it.”

They had decided to keep this trip a secret.

No one else besides the two of them should know about this relationship.

“Yes, we will keep what were doing here a secret, so how about we add another secret.”

“Another secret?”

Shishio was confused, but then he was pushed onto the bed.

“…What are you doing?” Shishio was speechless when Hina pushed him.

“…After we leave this place, well return to how we used to be. A teacher and a student. I might become your sister-in-law too, and youll become my brother-in-law, but before that, before we return to how we used to be, can you grant me a wish?” Hina asked with a shaky and eyes brimmed with tears.


“Can you hold me tonight?”


Shishio blinked his eyes, and he couldnt proceed with what he had heard. It wasnt until a moment later that he asked, “…Are you serious?”

However, Hina didnt say anything and just kept staring at him.

While Shishio had expected this, the mood was just too weird for him. However, he didnt say anything and gently embraced her in his arms.

Hina didnt fight back and fell on his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

“Just tonight?” Shishio asked, smelling her hair that stuck into his nose. He must admit she smelled nice and different from her little sister.

Hina smiled and said, “Yes, just tonight. I wont ask any more after this. After tonight, well forget everything.”

“Youre not drunk?”

“Did you see me drinking so much alcohol today?” Hina pouted, looking annoyedly at Shishio, but she felt something hard on her stomach. She was dumbfounded by the size and quickly looked down. She blinked her eyes for a moment before she looked at Shishio. “..Did you put a remote there?”

“…Want to touch it?”

“…Big,” Hina murmured with a red face.

“…You really touch it?”

“Sorry, I am just curious.” Hina stuck out her tongue cutely.


Shishio and Hina looked at each other for a moment.

Neither needed words anymore since they had made up their minds.

Just tonight.

Just for tonight and tomorrow, they will forget everything.

Shishio and Hina let go of their reasons and became animals controlled by their desires, forgetting everything in this dark space together, without anyone knowing.

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