e to mention this problem since Hina suddenly asked him about an unexpected matter.

“Have you dated Rui?” Hina suddenly asked.

“Why do you ask?” Shishio asked.

“I thought your relationship would become closer the last time you took care of her.”

“Well, were dating now,” Shishio said truthfully.

A silence permeated between them, but Shishio glanced at Hina, who showed an “as expected” expression on her face. “Dont you feel surprised?”

“Not really, I guessed it,” Hina said lazily.

Shishio looked at Hina and felt that a woman was really unpredictable. Before, she was all sad, lazy, happy, then like this. He rolled his eyes and wondered whether he should thrust her hole again. Still, even though she knew about his relationship with Rui, she seduced him, and they had sex last night.

“Even if you know, you still seduce me?” Shishio asked.

“Forget it! Dont tell Rui about us, alright?” When Hina thought about Rui, she felt so guilty. Before, she thought she was the most miserable woman, but when she thought about Rui, she realized what she had done was despicable.

“So we forget about what has happened here in Kamakura, right?”



Shishio looked at Hina, who was in a daze again. However, he didnt feel surprised until now. He just couldnt understand why this woman wanted to have sex with him. It might be because she was lonely, fell for him, or something else. The only one who knew was only her.

Shishio didnt think too much, but he knew if he wanted to have Hina, it wouldnt be as simple as it seemed since he also needed to talk about this matter to Rui. However, he had the experience of taking down two sisters together, and he knew he shouldnt be in a hurry.



“Is Rui so special to you?”

Shishio didnt look at Hina and nodded. “Shes been special since she was the one I lost my virginity with.”


Hina was dumbfounded and asked, “Re-Really?”

“Yes.” Shishio nodded and said, “Just dont tell Rui-nee about this since we want to keep this a secret. However, were dating now, so it doesnt really matter.”

Strangely, when Hina heard Rui was his first woman, she didnt feel surprised or angry. Instead, she felt jealous of her little sister. Suddenly, she felt she had become such an ugly woman whose heart was so dark.

However, Hina also knew what kind of feeling she felt toward him.

Still, their status, their relationship, and all the situations around them make it impossible for them to be together.

However, Hina knew if she asked, Shishio would accept her.

‘But can I do that?

Hinas mind and heart were jumbled around. She just didnt know what to do and wasnt sure whether what she wanted would be right or not.

“By the way, did you forget what I have told you before?” Shishio asked.

His words awoke her, and Hina looked at Shishio subconsciously. “What?”

“Just choose something that makes you happy. Dont think about whether it is right or not.” Shishio held Hinas hand and said, “This is the last time. After this, you need to think about everything by yourself about what you want to do.”

Hina didnt let go of his hand. Instead, she held it tightly and didnt let him go. She looked at him and asked, “What about you? What do you want us to be?”

“While I want to say I want you, it isnt that easy. Youre a teacher, and I am a student. If someone knows what were doing, you can be fired from the school. Is that okay with you? Theres also a Rui. If she knew about us, I cant imagine what shell do to us, especially when you tell me your fathers situation.”

Anyway, Shishio was already a scumbag. The worst thing was that he might be stabbed one day. Still, with his skill, it should be impossible.

However, Shishio must admit Hina was a fascinating woman. Her secret place had a suction that sucked him deeply. It was warm, clingy, and soft.

Hina showed a helpless smile and said, “Somehow, my situation now is harder than when I was in the past.” In the past, with her ex, she just needed to worry about his wife and her family. However, as long as her ex divorced his wife, everything would be alright.

However, her relationship with Shishio was difficult.

They were a teacher and a student.

While it was okay as long as he graduated, his relationship with Rui would make it harder for them to be together.

“Dont make your decision in a hurry, and as you have said before, this is the last time. Last time, we were doing this despicable act. When you have made up your mind about what you want to do, whatever your decision is, Ill support you.”

Hina held his hand even tighter, feeling his warm and dependable hand for as long as she could since she knew once they reached Tokyo, everything would end, and they had to go back to how they used to be.


It was the last time they did something like this, and next time they would be truthful with what they wanted to do.

Hina leaned her head on his shoulder, and she pulled his left hand on her soft thighs, closing her eyes, sleeping to recover her energy since last night she was just dead tired.

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