I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 443: Manga and unexpected meeting

Chapter 442: Rui: If you like him, Ill support you

“Is it enough here?”

“Yeah, Ill just walk back to Sakurasou from here. You should go back, or else you might be late for school.”

Shishio stopped the car in an inconspicuous place, where no one would see them. It might seem he was too paranoid or too careful. However, their status required them to do so. After all, they were a teacher and a student. While there might not be many students that lived around Sakurasou, there were still some students who lived nearby.

Whether it was Shishio or Hina, no one wanted their relationship to be known by random people. Even if their relationship was known, it should be either his girlfriend or her family first.

Still, it was quite early in the morning, and not many people were seen on the street since they were still at home, either sleeping or preparing breakfast.

Shishio wanted to go back immediately since he had something to do. “Ill go back first. Be careful. You have just woken up after all.”

“Its okay. I am fully awake now.” Hina waved her hand, telling him she would be okay. However, she still looked at him for a moment and asked, “Say, can I ask something?”


“Kiss? Last time?”


Shishio looked at Hina for a moment, wondering whether his charm was so dangerous or the night they did “it,” she just became crazy about him. However, either way, he wasnt going to follow what she asked.

Shishio flicked Hinas forehead without hesitation.

“Ouch!” Hina held her forehead and asked in a complaint, “What are you doing?” She thought Shishio would be happy, but who would expect him to flick her forehead?

“Last time. Last time. Next time we meet, itll be the last time again.” Shishio sighed and somehow felt something similar in the past. When one had a smoking addiction and wanted to stop, they decided to smoke for the last time. However, that last time kept going on for a longer time, and in the end, one didnt stop smoking.

Their situation was similar to that, and if they didnt stop, and used the “last time” excuse to kiss each other again and again.


Hina was silent since she felt that possibility was huge!

“If you can tell Rui about what has happened tonight, Ill kiss you, though.”

“Wh-What?!” Hina was dumbfounded by an outrageous thing that came out of Shishios mouth. If she dared to do that, without a doubt, her relationship with her sister would be destroyed!

“So you realize, what are you doing now? Right now, we dont feel anything. We have fun in this secret relationship, but once someone knows…” Shishio didnt need to continue since he knew Hina understood.

Hinas expression was pale, and she realized what she was doing. The pleasure and the fun that she got made her forget what kind of consequences they could have. After all, as she had said before, her relationship with Shishio was more difficult than her relationship with her ex-boyfriend.

Still, Hina wanted her kiss.

“It seems you dont understand.” Shishio kissed Hinas lips without hesitation, which surprised her.


“Thats your kiss. The last time.” Shishios lips twitched when he said the “last time” since he was sure there would be more “last time” in the future before he walked away.

As Shishio expected, Hina didnt understand what she was doing. She had been dating a married man in the past, and for love, she could do anything. However, she had lost the love she had for her ex-boyfriend, and her love was changed to someone else, but the identity of this person was quite difficult.

However, Hina traced her lips and looked at his back until he disappeared before she started her trip back to her house. She had rented the car until today, and she would return it later after she was down with her work.

Hina was still happy and thought that if that guy moved on her, she had a feeling she wouldnt be able to reject him since it was just wonderful. The pleasure of immorality made her feel guilty and cry in the pleasure of carnal desire.

“I am back.”

Hina said after she returned to her house. She thought to wash her body since she was afraid his smell would get stuck on her body. However, would it be so easy?

“Welcome back.”

Hina felt her heart stop and almost jump out. She looked up and saw Rui was there, looking at her with a gentle smile. The moment she saw this smile, she felt her entire body was so weak, and she wanted to run away from this place.

“Whats wrong?” Rui asked, feeling worried since Hinas expression seemed quite strange.

Hearing her concerns, Hina quickly adjusted herself and took a deep breath before holding her head. “I-I might drink too much.”

“Is that so? Youre going to work today. How can you have a hangover?” Rui looked at Hina with a helpless expression. She walked toward her and helped her to stand up. “Come on. You should rest first. Ill give you water later.”

Hina looked at Rui for a moment, but she didnt fight back, letting her little sister help her. She looked at Rui again and somehow felt quite annoyed at Shishio for deceiving her cute little sister. However, not only the little sister but the big sister also had fallen for him. She let out a depressed sigh and felt the two sisters were quite familiar with each other since they had a similar taste in a man.


Hina looked at Rui, who was expressionless and didnt show much expression but secretly, doing something naughty with Shishio. She must admit the gap between her sister was hot. Still, there was something she needed to ask. “Rui.”


“Did you date Shishio-kun?”

“…..” Rui looked at Hina for a moment and nodded. “Yes.” She knew her decision to date Shishio was quite hasty and might also seem a bad choice, considering he had many other women around him. “Do you want to stop me too?” She still remembered how Natsuo tried to tell her to stop dating Shishio since he wasnt a good boy. She must admit Shishio wasnt a good guy, but he was good at her, treated her gently, and also they loved each other.

“No, if you like him, you can date him,” Hina said calmly, unexpectedly.

“Re-Really?” Rui was surprised since she knew even her mother would probably tell her to break up with Shishio if her mother knew what kind of scumbag he was. Still, when she mentioned her mother, she was quite troubled, especially when she tried to press her about what they were doing when he came.

Rui was embarrassed, and there was no way for her to acknowledge she was having sex with Shishio, right?

So Rui was just silent and didnt say anything.

Still, Rui was curious about how Hina could accept their relationship. “Why so suddenly, Hina-nee? Also, is it really okay?”

“Its okay.” Hina took a deep breath and said, “Also, please dont tell anyone.”

Rui nodded without hesitation.

“I had dated a married man before.”

“…” Rui was in shock, then asked, “Wa-Was it the reason you had been weird before?”


If it was before, Rui would tell Hina to break up with her married man boyfriend. However, she understood how unreasonable love was. Even if she knew Shishio was bad, she just couldnt stop loving him.

Still, Rui didnt know what to say and thought she should consult this Shishio since she felt he could find an answer for her confusion.

Watching Ruis various emotions, Hina felt warmth and said, “But you dont need to worry, we have broken up.”

“Wh-Why?” Instead of “really?” and feeling happy about it, Rui was confused. After all, their relationship was similar to each other. She wondered why Hina had decided to break up.

“It might be because I cant see my future with him.”


“He is indecisive and unable to make his decision whether he wants to divorce his wife and be with me or just to play me around, especially when he keeps repeatedly telling me that he is going to marry me. Finally, I cant wait anymore, and we have been unhappy with our relationship, so I have decided to break up with him.”

“…Is it something so easy to do?” Rui asked. While she understood the reason, she wondered whether it was an easy decision for Hina to do so. Also, she must admit that she was amazed by her sisters decision to break up with her boyfriend without hesitation.

“Of course, its not easy.” Hina shook her head and said, “I have thought about this over and over. After all, he was my first love. It was hard to forget about him, but in the end, I made that decision because of someones words.”


“…My friend.” Hina decided to keep everything that had happened before a secret, especially when she saw the expression of her little sister. She could probably see Rui would show disgust toward her when she knew she had slept with Shishio. And now, she understood what Shishio had said to her. Their relationship wasnt as simple as she imagined. While they were happy, they slowly pulled into the depths of the abyss, and if they continued without caring about anything, they would drown sooner or later, destroying everything around them.


Hina knew the consequences and was scared, yet why couldnt she get away from this poison?

“My friend told me if you could see the future and you felt happy with him, then why not? However, if you couldnt see your future and felt unhappy about it, you didnt need to continue. Our ego and feelings made us do many irrational things, and we also couldnt control our feelings, so you shouldnt make everything complicated.” Hina held Ruis hands and said, “Do you feel happy with Shishio?”

“Yes.” Rui nodded without hesitation.

“Can you see your future with him? Can he be responsible for you?” Hina asked.

“Yes.” Rui nodded without hesitation, too, since she knew Shishio could be responsible for her.

Hina gave a gentle smile and said, “If you believe in him that much, Ill support you, but Ill beat him up if he just plays around with my little sister.” She lifted her fist, telling her she would beat Shishio up.

“Hina-nee!” Rui was happy and hugged Hina happily.

Hina let out a helpless sigh as she patted Ruis back.

“By the way, who is this friend of yours, Hina-nee? He seems able to give you good advice,” Rui suddenly asked, which caused Hina to almost choke.

“He? Why do you think my friend is “he”?” Hina asked with doubt.

“Isnt it obvious? Because you showed a happy expression when you told me about this friend.” Rui smiled and said, “If you like him, Ill support you.”


Hina was silent, and she couldnt say anything since Rui knew who her friend was. Without a doubt, many things would happen in the Tachibana family.

Still, Hina realized she might be a better liar than she had imagined.

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