I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 444: Its been a while Senpai

Chapter 443: Manga and unexpected meeting

Everyone in the Sakurasou must admit, it was really nice to be able to eat breakfast cooked by Shishio. Still, if there was something they regretted, without a doubt, it was how he wouldnt cook most of the time, considering how often he stayed out.

“Right, Chihiro-nee, can I invite a lot of people tonight?” Shishio asked.

“Huh? Whats wrong? Are you going to hold a party or something?” Chihiro asked absently. While the food was good and made her mood better, it couldnt hide the fact that her mood had always been in a strange state, especially after Shishio announced he was a scumbag.

Chihiro knew what she had done was wrong, especially when they needed to consider their relationship. Without a doubt, what she had done wasnt something that could be praised. Instead, it would frown upon everyone when someone knew what she had done with him.

Fortunately, Shishio didnt tell anyone, and he also didnt recklessly charge forward with their relationship.

Still, Chihiro felt a bit disappointed, but it also made her realize what kind of danger it would be if their relationship continued. She knew she needed to stop this dangerous feeling, lock it in the corner of her heart, and bury it until it disappeared. However, the more she tried to hide this feeling, the harder it was for her to forget.

However, right now, they were in public, and she was an adult, so she knew something that she should show and shouldnt show.

“Yes, I am going to hold a party.” Shishio nodded.



Not only Chihiro but everyone was surprised.

“Huh? What kind of party? Why all of a sudden?” Sayaka Watanabe asked curiously.

“Is there going to be a lot of food? Youre going to cook it, right?” Mayumi Nishikino asked with excitement.

“Yes, you dont need to worry. You can also join in, eating together.” Shishio didnt stop everyone from joining since he also planned to bring everyone to the party, but there was something he needed to ask. “But let me ask you all again. After all, youre all living here. Are you alright if I bring many people here?” Shishio asked.

“Sure, why not?”

They didnt see a reason not to stop Shishio, especially when they had a chance to eat his food again tonight.

“So, what is this party for?” Shiro-san asked curiously.

“Its for a manga,” Shishio said.


They thought for a moment and looked at Shiina.

Shiina only nodded and said, “My manga with Shishio is published today. It should be sold in the convenience store now.” She had this light smile on her face, showing how happy she was. If she gave an example, it was like a child between her and Shishio was born now. Still, it wouldnt be wrong to call it so, considering how this manga was made with the two of them.

“…” Everyone.


After a moment of a pause, they congratulated them at the same time with a smile. While they were surprised, they were truly happy for them. As for the feeling of envy or something, no one had it, and they just wanted to congratulate them!

“Party! Party! Were going to have a party tonight! Lets get wild!” Misaki shouted excitedly.

“Shishio, lets get wagyu beef, Kobe beef, caviar!” Mayumi was also excited, and her mouth was full of drool.

Shishio ignored Misaki and looked at Mayumi. “With your money?”

“…” Mayumi.

“But really, what are you going to make?” Sayaka asked.

“Are you guys more interested in the food than the manga?” Shishio was lost for words.

They only laughed awkwardly.

“Still, Ill buy the manga magazine when we go to the convenience store later,” Shiro-san said. He was quite free and didnt have anything to do, considering how he had finished the research of his book.

“Thank you, Shiro-san.” 2x

Shishio and Shiina said at the same time. Even though Shiro-san was a masochist and a pervert, he was the most decent among everyone.

“By the way, who are you going to invite?” Chihiro asked.

“Well, it should be the members of the literature club and a few of my friends,” Shishio said subtly.

“Girls? Boys?” Sayaka asked again.


“….” Everyone.

“All?” Mayumi asked.

“All.” Shishio nodded.


“Are they your friends or your girlfriends?” Chihiro asked, but then she let out a sigh and said, “Well, it doesnt really matter, but you cant make too much noise since our neighbor might complain to us.”

“Thanks, Chihiro-nee.”

With the matter of the party settled, they left the Sakurasou together, but before they went to the school, they stopped at the convenience store.

“Somehow, I feel nervous…” Nanami held her chest as she was about to enter the convenience store. Still, she felt it had been a while for her to go to the convenience store, considering how she had stopped working part-time and became Shishios maid.

“Why youre the one who gets nervous?” Shishio was speechless.

“But-But… you know, I wonder how your manga will be.” Nanami hadnt read Shishios story, and she also hadnt read the manga drawn by Shiina. While she was curious and wanted to read it, she was curious and wanted to read it, but she knew their manga had become confidential, and she could only read it if she became an employee of the publishing house where Shishio and Shiina signed a contract.

Nanami had always wanted to read their manga, but when a chance appeared before her, she became nervous, wondering what the response of the public was about their manga. Of course, she hoped it would be successful, but she also felt their chances of failing were also small, considering how they had succeeded in publishing their own manga when they were still in high school.

While Nanami prayed, the automatic door of the convenience store was opened.

Shiina and Misaki dashed inside. However, while Misaki went to the magazine arena to check their manga, Shiina went to get the Baumkuchen.

“…..” Shishio, Nanami, and Ritsu.

As for Ryuunosuke, he didnt come to the school since he had a lot of work with his programming jobs.

Still, someway, Shishio was quite jealous of Ryuunosuke since that guy could play a truant proudly. However, the school was fair since the students were free to do what they wanted to do as long as there was a clear achievement.

Ryuunosuke was a genius programmer, and geniuses had their own way to cultivate.

“Mashiro!” Ritsu quickly chased and tried to stop Shiina, who wanted to eat the Baumkuchen on the shelf at the supermarket.

“…” Nanami.

Shishio looked at Nanami while telling her not to be nervous since the creator of the manga wasnt even the slightest nervous.

Nanami couldnt say anything, and she could only roll her eyes since she knew there was a huge difference between a genius and an average person with hard work. However, she didnt feel inferior since right now, she felt she had the upper hand on Shiina, especially in taking care of Shishios needs in that area.

Nanami suddenly blushed and threw her dirty thought into the gutter while looking at Shishio with a pout since he had made her, who was an innocent girl, into such a dirty girl.

While Shishio didnt know what Nanami was thinking, he could tell that this girl was thinking something rude and perverted, which made him sigh somehow, thinking he was really a sinful guy.

“OOOOOH!!! So this is the manga!” Misaki shouted in excitement as she held the manga magazine.

Hearing her shout, they quickly gathered around Misaki to see the cover of the manga magazine.

The cover was carefully drawn by Shiina, which caused many people to gasp at how beautiful it was.

After all, Shiina not only was a genius at drawing, but she also received tutelage from Shishio too, which caused her skill to be even better than before.

The cover of the manga magazine was a picture of the heroine, Shinohara Akari, smiling, holding an umbrella under the scattering sakura flowers. The smile, her movement, and every detail of this picture caused them to feel they saw this girl playing and teasing them right in front of them.


It was the only word they could say after they saw this beautiful drawing.

“Ma-Mashiro, did you draw this?” Ritsu asked in surprise.

“Um.” Shiina nodded simply, but she was also quite satisfied with this result and looked at Shishio with a smile. “Shishio, its our manga.”

“Yes, its our manga, Mashiro.” Shisho patted Shiinas head gently.

Shiina smiled and laughed as she rubbed her head against him.


Misaki, Ritsu, and Nanami could only stare at this scene in silence and bitterly, but they could only look away since they knew their position didnt allow them to do something similar.

“Okay, should we go to the school now?” Shishio asked.

They nodded and picked another manga magazine since they had a feeling it would be sold out sooner or later, and it was true since all the people who saw the cover of the manga magazine all bought them without hesitation until they were all sold out.

However, it was only known later since they were all going to school.

At school, they read the manga created by Shishio and Shiina. After they read, they could only sigh, feeling slightly itchy and moved at the pure love of the characters in the story. However, it was hard to believe someone as perverted Shishio was the one who wrote the story, which made them speechless.

“Whats with that gaze?” Shishio felt he was hurt somehow.

“Its okay. Its okay. By the way, were going to hold a party on the Sakurasou, right?” Nana asked with a smile.

“Yes.” Shishio looked at Nana weirdly, and he knew this girl should know he had slept with her older sister, yet this girl was alright. However, he took back his words since she whispered something outrageous to him.

“I want to do it in your room in Sakurasou…” Nana whispered.

“…..” Shishio looked at Nana for a moment and said, “Lets talk about this matter later.”

Everyone wanted to go to this party on the Sakurasou, and they were also quite curious about this place. After all, everyone in the school knew this place as a den of weirdos, but was it really?

They somehow wanted to see what kind of place it was.

While they talked to each other, Shishio excused himself and went to the toilet since he needed to release some pressure on his bladder. As he arrived at the toilet, he opened his zipper and released the water, but he didnt expect to meet his acquaintance. “Mitaka-senpai?”

“Its been a while, Oga-kun.” Mitaka nodded with a gentle smile while peeking at Shishios tool before his lips twitched. He stopped intending to take a leak since he was afraid his defeat would be known.

Shishio didnt care even if his tool was seen. He cleaned it up and closed his zipper. “If you need to use a toilet, you should hurry up, Senpai. The class is going to start soon.”

“Wa-Wait, Oga-kun, can we talk for a bit?”

Shishio stopped and looked at Mitaka for a moment before he nodded. “Okay.” Still, even if Mitaka didnt say anything, he could guess what Mitaka wanted to ask or tell him since everything must be related to the time when he dubbed Misakis anime, and it was also the reason he was curious about what Mitaka was going to do.

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