I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 445: The party is going to start soon

Chapter 444: Its been a while, Senpai

It had been a while since Shishio met Mitaka. After all, unlike Sorata, who was in the same class as him, Mitaka was in the third year, and their class was on a different floor. Instead of going to the toilet near the literature club, which was located on the 1st floor, he felt Mitaka would be better to go to the toilet nearby his class.

However, Shishio knew Mitaka deliberately came to him, and it was the reason why Mitaka came to this toilet.

The two stood in the corridor near the toilet. From their position, they could see a few people on the outside, eating lunch together.

“Is it about Misaki-senpai?” Shishio asked while leaning lazily on the window, looking at the scenery around.

Mitaka showed a bitter expression and said, “Youre so blunt, Oga-kun.”

“I just dont want to waste my time, Senpai. I dont think you have many reasons to come to be except for Misaki-senpai.” Shishio knew love was an irrational thing.

Even if Mitaka might have many lovers outside, they were all just for his lower body. His heart was all for Misaki. It might sound ridiculous and stupid, but if someone could control this feeling which was known as “love, the world wouldnt be full of forlorn love songs.

Also, Shishio knew there was nothing they could talk to each other about.

“Well, I am also worried about my junior, who has become a famous scumbag in school.” Mitaka joked to lighten the mood, but inwardly, he must admit Shishios skill was more amazing than theirs. Also, he must admit Shishios girls were all high level and beautiful, which made him sigh.

“Ill go back, Senpai.” Shishio didnt really want to spend a boring time with this senior. Their relationship also wasnt particularly close, and after Mitaka moved out, neither of them talked to each other. If this wasnt Misakis crush, he would just ignore him.

“Wait!” Even if Mitaka was good, he also felt annoyed by Shishios act, considering Shishio was his junior.

In this country, the seniority system was something that everyone abided by. Those older students would usually be respected by the younger students, and it was something normal, something those older students had expected.

However, Shishio didnt really care about any of that.

Shishio moved his shoulder slightly, dodging Mitakas hand, and halted his movement while looking at him with a cold gaze.

Mitaka felt his entire body was cold. He was like prey that knew he was about to be bitten by a snake.

However, the aura around Shishio changed slightly, and he said, “Just tell me, what do you want to tell me, Senpai? I dont have much time to listen to your jokes.” Hearing a joking tone as if he had found a fun thing from Mitakas mouth, even if they were acquaintances, he would cut their relationship without hesitation.

“Sorry.” Mitaka knew that his joke might be quite too much, so he said, “Just whats your relationship with Misaki?”

“Its just a normal senior and junior. If you ask whether theres something special, it is just that were working on the anime right now. However, I dont help her anymore since my job has ended. Thats all,” Shishio said everything in one go. “Do you have something to ask?”

Mitaka knew from Shishios expression that it was impossible for him to have an interest in Misaki. While he might have fallen in love with this weird girl, it was impossible for the others to do so, considering how weird her personality was. However, when he saw him being kissed on the cheek by her, he felt something almost explode inside him. He just wanted to go and come to them and ask them what was happening, but his inferiority complex made him unable to move forward to question them.

Mitaka had walked away from Sakurasou before he felt he wasnt good enough for Misaki. His script was also rejected by her since she felt it didnt get exciting from it.

It was also at that time that Mitaka decided to move away, but deep inside, there was a little hope in his heart that wanted Misaki to feel sad when he disappeared.

However, unexpectedly, Misaki was alright. She was still full of life and smiling.

While his part of him was a relief, Mitaka also felt ugly since he saw her happy. Here he was living miserably, working hard to catch her up, yet she was still on her usual, without thinking about him. He knew this feeling was selfish and irrational, but he couldnt stop it since he had fallen so deeply on Misaki.

Shishio also didnt feel surprised by Mitakas reaction or why he came here since he knew it was tough for someone to feel in love, especially when it was unrequired. While it was cold, it had nothing to do with him, and sometimes, choosing another might be a good thing.

Still, when Shishio looked at Mitaka, he suddenly thought of Momo Kashiwabara. He hadnt answered her confession until now, yet she still didnt ask him to be in a hurry. He knew he needed to give her an answer as soon as possible, but he really wondered why Momo had always fallen for a bad guy?

Still, as for how Mitaka had happened to see how Misaki kissed him on the cheek, Shishio decided to pretend that he didnt know anything since the longer they talked, the longer he stayed here.


Mitaka took a deep breath and asked, “How is your anime?”

“It should end soon. Do you want to watch it?” Shishio asked.


Mitaka was silent.

Watch it?

The anime that was created by Shishio and Misaki?

Was this a joke?

However, Mitaka wanted to see it. He wanted to see whether this anime would turn into a classic or just a joke. He wanted to see who would be between him or Misaki became a joke.

Shishio also wasnt in a hurry and just stayed in silence, waiting for Mitaka.

Love causes madness in some people.

Shishio was sure of it, but there was nothing that we could do since we couldnt control it.

While it was amazing, it was beautiful and unforgettable, it was also ugly, sad, and painful, especially when we fall for someone who didnt love the wrong person or us.

“…Let me watch it,” Mitaka said after a moment of hesitation.

Shishio nodded and said, “Do you need me to bring Senpai at that time?”

“I…” Mitaka couldnt say anything after this question came. While he wanted to see Misaki every day, it was also painful to meet her, especially when he couldnt become how he expected. If he could become a talented writer, who could write a perfect script for Misaki, he knew their relationship would be smooth-sailing. However, he knew he couldnt become one.

Still, Mitaka also knew even if he couldnt become one, Misaki would accept him, and they could become together, yet part of him couldnt accept it. He didnt want to become “normal,” and he also wanted to become “special.”

Working hard silently after leaving Sakurasou and breaking up with all the girls, Mitaka had worked really hard to write the best script, but the trauma of the rejection still lingered inside his mind.

Shishio didnt give advice or anything to Mitaka since he knew when one falls in love, it is impossible to listen to someone else. They would think they were right, especially for their loved ones, so instead of saying anything, it was better not to say anything. He also wasnt Mitakas babysitter or close friend, so what Mitaka felt at this moment was nothing to do with him.

‘Love is surely troublesome… Shishio thought, but when he thought about what he did in the past, he also couldnt condemn Mitaka. He was in luck. He could meet Shiina, or else his state might not be much different from Mitaka, numbing his mind by dating many girls at the same time.

Still, Shishio was worse since even if Shiina had loved him and pulled him out of that place, he couldnt be single-minded and be with other women too. He let out a depressing sigh inwardly and thought to give the best party for Shiina later.

Mitaka couldnt make up his mind and stayed in silence.

“Its better if you meet her,” Shishio said.

“…Why do you think so?” Mitaka asked with complex emotion.

“Why do I think so? Isnt that what you want?” Shishio said simply.

“…..” Mitaka knew Shishio was right. He wanted to meet Misaki, but he couldnt find the right timing, nor did he dare to call her out. It was also impossible to return to Sakurasou since it was this dorms policy not to accept someone who had left Sakurasou to stay again.

“When the anime is ready, Ill tell you. By then, Ill also invite Misaki-senpai. You can meet each other while watching that anime, and by then, you should talk to each other and talk about how youre going to develop your relationship in the future,” Shishio said.

Mitaka opened his mouth and then closed his mouth. He didnt know what to say at that moment.

Shishio knew Misaki was running away. While he had said that running away was okay, it wasnt a good solution. In the long run, either way, she needed to face Mitaka sooner or later. It was okay now since she had preoccupied her mind with the anime, but what after she was finished?

What if she couldnt find anything to do?

While Shishio wasnt sure and believed in Misaki, he decided to do this to make sure she was going to be alright. He also wanted to see Misakis reaction toward Mitaka.

Mitaka also needed to meet Misaki since when one falls in love, one could do anything. Whether it was a good thing or a bad thing, no one really knew.

“…Okay.” Mitaka nodded after a moment of hesitation.

“Then, Ill leave first. Bye, Senpai.” Shishio waved his hand and left.


Waving his hand too, Mitaka then forgot to ask a question about Shishios relationship with Misaki, but it was enough now since he knew what he needed was to prepare his heart when he watched their anime and what he was going to say to Misaki when they met each other.

Mitaka knew he had time, and he was going to make up what he could do.

But could he?

No one was sure, but either way, hopefully, the relationship between Mitaka and Misaki could be solved.

Still, Shishio must admit, he was caught in the troublesome situation again.

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