I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 446: Does the party exciting enough?

Chapter 445: The party is going to start soon

The school ended soon, and everyone went to Sakurasou together to have a party together to celebrate the manga of Shishio and Shiina.

Still, their trip to Sakurasou attracted a lot of attention since the group of beautiful girls had always attracted peoples attention. However, they had gotten used to it and ignored them while talking to each other.

The people who saw them only looked at them for a while before they looked away.

This was how the people in Tokyo were. They were mostly indifferent and individualist. It was cold, yet many people came since they were attracted by the most bustling city in this country, chasing after their dream and becoming rich.

Unfortunately, most of them would work part-time in this city with their dreams ruined, living day by day until they died.

However, that was a different story, and it had nothing to do with this group of students.

While walking, Mai Sakurajima read the manga created by Shishio and Shiina. While she was amazed by the story, the painting, and the delicate emotions painted on each character, she wondered whether it was possible to make it into a movie. She glanced at Shishio for a moment and saw him talking with a few girls.

‘Lets talk about this later.

The trip to the Sakurasou didnt take that much time, and after they walked over the bridge that crossed over the riverbank, they slowly walked before they arrived at their destination.

“So this is Sakurasou…” Mai murmured since it was her first time coming here.

It was also some of the girls first time coming here. They might have heard the name, what kind of strange places this dorm was, and many other rumors, but even so, when they saw it for the first time, they felt it was a fairly normal place.

“Theres nothing strange about this place,” Miu Ashihara said of what was on her mind.

They agreed with her words, but Saki and Yukinoshita, who heard her words, could only smile bitterly since they knew what kind of weirdos were living in this place.

“Ah, Shishio-kun, you have come back? Are you going to prepare the party?”

Shishio turned and saw Shiro-san was there. He nodded and said, “Yes, I am going to prepare, but what is that on your arm, Shiro-san?”

“Ah, this is?” Shiro-san seemed happy when Shishio asked this question and proudly showed a stack of magazines in his hands. “These are porn magazines that I have found on the street today! If you want to read it, Ill share some with you later.”

“…” Everyone.

Shishios corner of his lips twitched, then suddenly, someone called him again.

“Shishio! Shiro! Come here! Help me to bring these beers!”

Shiro-san and Shishio turned and saw Mayumi Nishikino was there with her OL (Office Lady) uniform and a pack of beers in her hands, sweating profusely, holding so much weight on her hands and her chest.

“……” Everyone could only stare at this scene in silence when they saw how much beer this woman had brought.

“Shishio-kun, have you prepared for the party?”

Everyone subconsciously turned to another woman who asked this question to check whether there was something weird about this person, but they somehow felt disappointed at how normal this beautiful girl was.

Sayaka Watanabe, who had just come back from her university, looked at the group of cute girls who seemed to follow Shishio to the Sakurasou. She knew some of those girls were his girlfriends, but she wondered who those girlfriends were. Still, she didnt realize that almost all of them were his girlfriends.

While bringing the pack of beers in his hands, Shishio decided to ignore everyones reaction to each other and said, “Okay, should we prepare for the party?”


They looked at each other and nodded since right now, it was better to stay silent and pretend not to notice the strangeness that happened in front of them.

While Shishio and his group prepared for the party, Chihiro and Hiratsuka were together since they still had jobs.

Shishio told Chihiro to invite Hiratsuka, and she agreed without hesitation since it was a happy day for her nephew.


There was a depreciated smile on her face.

“Whats wrong, Chihiro? Youre not done with your job?” Hiratsuka asked curiously.

“No, I am about to end soon. How about you?” Chihiro asked.

“I have finished. I am just waiting for you.” Hiratsuka rubbed her stomach and said curiously, “I wonder what hes going to cook.”

“Not sure, but it should be good.” Chihiro had confidence in her nephews cooking skills, and no matter what it was, she was sure it would be good.

“Well, thats true…” Hiratsuka murmured while putting her two hands behind her head, stretching her body up and causing the size of her two mounds to become bigger.

Chihiro looked at Hiratsuka for a moment before she poked Hiratsukas chest with her index finger.

Hiratsuka was startled and slapped Chihiros hand away with a blush. “What the hell are you doing?!”

“What are you being shy about?” Chihiro pouted and said, “We have even had a bath together in the past. You have even touched mine.”

“But were in the freaking teachers office!” Hiratsuka was almost exasperated.

“Its okay, isnt it? There are only the two of us here.” Chihiro complained.

It wasnt that the teachers office was empty, but they were working on the box where Hiratsuka usually took the problem students on for the guidance counseling, so while there were some teachers around them, they wouldnt be seen since they were inside the box.

“I am jealous of your future husband…” Chihiro muttered while staring at Hiratsukas chest.

Usually, Hiratsuka would get angry since Chihiro was saying sarcasm at her, considering she had been single for so many years. However, strangely enough, she didnt get angry and just sat there uncomfortably.

Chihiro felt weird and asked jokingly, “Dont tell me you have a boyfriend now?”

“……” Hiratsuka.


Chihiro was like being possessed by an evil spirit as her nails dug into Hiratsukas shoulders.

“Ouch! Ouch! Your nails hurt me! Dont be too forceful!” Hiratsuka patted Chihiros hands several times so this woman would let go of her. It wasnt that she didnt want to slap her, but she was afraid Chihiro would pass out if she really slapped her, considering her power and all.

“Sorry, sorry.” Chihiro quickly apologized, then asked, “So who is this lucky guy? Also, why?” She had never seen a man around Hiratsuka, but suddenly she heard she had a boyfriend? While she was in disbelief, like when she heard the moon drop from the sky, she was more curious about the man that was able to conquer her.

‘Is this the reason why her skin has been good?

Chihiro had noticed Hiratsukas skin became brighter and rosy, which made her sigh, thinking Hiratsukas luck was good since she had a man now, yet on the hand, she had almost fallen into the forbidden love, which made her depressed.

Hearing Chihiros question, Hiratsuka opened her mouth before she closed it again. She couldnt answer her question since her boyfriend was Chihiros nephew. If she told the truth, what should she say?

Hiratsuka didnt know, and she was also afraid to know. However, she could see how Chihiro wouldnt let her go no matter what. She knew she needed to tell the truth, but somehow she hesitated. She wanted to say something, but the box was knocked on by someone.

“Hiratsuka-sensei, Sengoku-sensei, are you here?”

Hiratsuka and Chihiro turned and saw Hina Tachibana was there.

Hiratsuka sighed in relief and asked, “Whats wrong, Tachibana-sensei?”

“Ah yes, this is the document from the vice headmaster…” Hina quickly explained as she gave the documents. However, she noticed the expression of Hiratsuka and Chihiro was slightly strange on her. “Is there something wrong?”

“Tachibana, you seem to be so happy today. Did something happen yesterday?” Chihiro asked curiously.

“Eh?!” Hina was startled, and her face blushed. She suddenly thought about what had happened yesterday and this morning. She was slightly panicked, and she wanted to escape when she realized Chihiro was Shishios aunt. She had an urge to apologize, but she quickly realized neither Chihiro nor Hiratsuka realized what was happening, so she quickly calmed herself. “Ah, yes, I just came back from a trip.” She suddenly felt regret since she said this reason.

“Trip? Where?” Hiratsuka asked curiously.

“Its Kamakura.” Hina subconsciously said.

“Eh? With who you go with?” Chihiro smiled.

“Wit-With my family…” Hina sighed in relief since, in the end, she didnt tell the truth.

“Family, eh?” 2x

However, Hiratsuka and Chihiro didnt seem to believe Hinas words. Without a doubt, Hina came to Kamakura with her lover. Still, they must admit, they were quite jealous and thought it would be wonderful to have a secret trip to the old capital city, doing something that shouldnt be done with their loved one.

Hiratsuka made up her mind to invite Shishio.

However, Chihiro quickly shook her head since she was thinking about Shishio again.

Hina looked at Hiratsuka and Chihiro, then asked, “By the way, what are you talking about? You seem so happy for some reason?”

“Oh? Shishio is going to start a party on the Sakurasou,” Hiratasuka answered generously.

“Oga-kun? A party?” Hina felt bitter, but she didnt dare to show it since her relationship with Shishio was a secret. She also felt relief since she almost called Shishio by his first name instead of his family name. If Hiratsuka and Chihiro knew what her relationship was with Shishio, she was afraid something that shouldnt happen might happen.

“Yeah.” Chihiro nodded and said, “His manga has been published, so he is starting a party.”

“I see…” Hina nodded and didnt say much, but then Chihiro said, “Do you want to join us, Tachibana-sensei?”

“Eh?” Hina was surprised, but surprisingly, she agreed. “Is that okay? Am I not a bother?”

“The more, the merrier, right?” Chihiro said while looking at Hiratsuka.

“Yeah.” Hiratsuka nodded without hesitation.

“Th-Then, please take care of me,” Hina said while bowing her head.

On the Sakurasou, Shishio didnt know what had happened to Chihiro, Hiratsuka, and Hina since he was making a Baumkuchen on the open fire in the yard. While he baked, he looked at the rewards he got from Hina and thought about opening them. However, he didnt know what kind of storm was about to hit him soon.

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