I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 447: Trouble Act 1

Chapter 446: Does the party exciting enough?

Shishio baked the Baumkuchen on the open fire in the yard.

The girls were in the kitchen, preparing and helping to cook various foods.

While baking, Shishio thought to use this chance to open the rewards he got from Hina last night. Still, until now, he felt unexpected when he thought about what had happened last night. He glanced at Rui, who prepared the food with everyone, and wondered what would happen when she knew he had done it with Hina.

Disbelief, anger, disappointment, or calm?

Shishio wasnt sure, but he knew he didnt need to say it now. Instead, he needed to answer Momos confession first, considering he had left her hanging for so long. It was quite surprising that she didnt force him to answer her and she felt happy when he invited her to the party without asking him anything.

However, Shishio knew Momo was waiting for his answer.

While Momo wasnt a virgin and had many experiences, Shishio knew this girl was still a good girl. Still, her luck with a man wasnt good since she had fallen for a scumbag again. He wondered whether there was a good guy who could take care of her, and if there wasnt, he was probably going to take care of her for a while.

While Shishio thought to open his rewards, Momo was happy she could be with everyone, preparing dinner together and having fun with many people. “Hehehe…”

“Whats wrong, Kashiwabara-senpai?” Nanami asked curiously.

“You can just call me Momo-senpai, Aoyama-san. In exchange, can I call you Nanami?” Momo asked.

“Yes, I dont mind.” Nanami nodded.

“Thank you, Nanami.” Momo smiled and said, “Its just that it has been a while since I have had fun with many people like this.”

“Is that so?” Nanami wasnt sure how to respond, but Momo didnt make the situation difficult and asked her how to prepare the yakitori.

Shishio didnt know what Momo was thinking and opened his rewards from Hina.

Shishio felt his rewards felt quite mixed somehow, but since it was a reward, he didnt think too much and accepted them gracefully.

The asset type of reward he got was five billion yen, 60% shares of Yoshimoto Kogyo, and a building in Osaka.

While the money and the building were easy to understand, Yoshimoto Kogyo was the major Japanese entertainment conglomerate. It might sound strange, but this company was an entertainment company that was focused on comedians. It was also the largest comedian talent agency in the country.

Shishio suddenly realized he had become a media conglomerate. Whether it was a movie theater, movie, television, newspaper, publishing house, talent agency, radio, etc., he owned all of them. It felt strange when he got all of them easily by seducing girls, but since they were given to him, he was going to take care of them without hesitation.

However, Shishio knew media couldnt become the key to industries.

As of now, Shishio is thinking of turning his pharmaceuticals or electronic products manufacturers into the main key of his company. However, if possible, he wanted to get a bank or two since, without a bank, his industry wouldnt be completed.

Still, it wasnt that fun to talk about the money, so he quickly focused on his next rewards, which were quite amazing.

‘Compass sense, Prank Mastery, Massage Mastery, and Enhanced Kidney, huh?

The compass sense was, in simple terms, just an ability to sense directions like a compass, knowing where a specific direction was. It might seem useless, but it was quite useful when he had gotten lost in the forest or deserted island. However, he felt such a thing wouldnt happen shortly. Also, it was quite useful for fighting since he could sense, track, and predict his opponents movements and attacks as accurately as a compass. He could also discern their location regardless of direction and instinctively aim for their vitals.

This ability was amazing, especially when he combined it with his “Enhanced Vision” and Enhanced Sense of Smell.”

While his “Compass Sense” was quite amazing, his “Prank Mastery” was quite doubtful, but when he read the description of this ability, he felt this ability was quite nice. He had become proficient in tricks, physiological, surprise attacks, and unique weapons. This ability gave him an unexpected surprise since he didnt expect it would help him in the battle.

His next reward was “Massage Mastery.”

Shishio thought he could master a variety of massages, and it was just like that. However, it seemed this ability was far more than simple. It not only gave him mastery of all types of massages but also gave a variety of effects of massage, ranging from but not limited to instantly inducing: alleviation, comforting, healing, pleasure, orgasms, and relaxation.

‘Its a nice ability.

Shishio was satisfied with the “Massage Mastery” and checked it for a moment before he looked at his last reward.

‘Enhanced kidneys, eh?

The kidneys are an important organ in our body. They play many important roles in keeping our bodies in balance. For example, they remove waste, toxins, and excess water from the bloodstream, which is carried out of the body in urine. They help to make hormones to produce red blood cells, and they turn vitamin D into its active form, so its usable in the body.

However, Shishio also knew this organ also helped during the night activity too, since the healthier the kidney was, the better one at night activity.

Overall, while the rewards were quite dubious at first, Shishio was satisfied, but his mood became weird when he heard words from Shiro-san, who was also baking the Baumkuchen on his side.

“I collected many of the treasures around the neighborhood, yet we used them to bake a cake.” Shiro-san let out a long sigh.

“…..” Shishio.

“Still, I wonder whether the taste of the Baumkuchen that is baked with a porn magazine will become more delicious?” Shiro-san looked at Shishio and asked, “What do you think, Shishio-kun?”

Shishio rolled his eyes and said, “The porn magazine is, in the end, just a piece of paper, so I dont think itll give a better taste to the Baumkuchen. Even if there is, itll be just a placebo effect.” Still, he must admit, it was surely interesting to bake a Baumkuchen using a porn magazine. It was such a luxurious act that he had never thought to do in his life, yet he did it right now and here.

Hearing Shishios answer, Shiro-san shook his head helplessly and let out a sigh. “You dont have a dream, Shishio-kun.”

“Still, is it alright for you to collect those porn magazines? Wont the police catch you for stealing?” Shishio asked since he knew that picking up someones trash could be considered an act of stealing in this country.

If Shiro-san didnt have permission to collect the porn magazines, he would be considered a criminal.

However, even if Shiro-san didnt take the porn magazines, his usual act would bring him to jail without hesitation.

“Its okay. The police around the neighborhood have known me well. If they see me, they just give me a helpless expression before telling me to hurry up and take the porn magazines.” Shiro-san smiled happily and said, “Thank you for worrying about me, Oga-kun.”


Shishio was silent and had never thought to worry about Shiro-san, yet the information he got from Shiro-san was just too much for him to react to. He wasnt sure how to answer. However, he quickly shook his head and asked, “By the way, Shiro-san, can I ask you something?”

“Whats wrong? Do you want to know the spot where you can collect porn magazines?” Shiro-san asked kindly.

“…Its not that.” Shishio shook his head and said, “There are many girls here. Dont you feel anything?” He wondered whether Shiro-san didnt show excitement when he was surrounded by many beautiful high school girls.

“Ah, I dont really have an interest in high school girls.” Shiro-san shook his head and said, “I am more interested in the housewives around the neighborhood.”

“…..” Shishio.


Shishio and Shiro-san turned and saw Yukinoshita was there.

“Can I call the police now?” Yukinoshita asked while holding a phone.

“…..” Shishio and Shiro-san were in silence while looking at each other.

“Cough! Cough! Calm down, Senpai. You dont need to be in a hurry. Sit down first.” Shishio pulled Yukinoshita to sit on the rock next to him.

Yukinoshita showed a reluctant expression, but even so, she sat next to Shishio.

“Let me introduce you again. Hes Shiro-san. A member of Sakurasou. While hes a pervert, masochist, and porn magazine enthusiast, hes a good and harmless guy. Also, hes a famous novelist,” Shishio introduced Shiro-san.

“Thank you for the nice introduction, Oga-kun!” Shiro-san showed an excited expression.

Yukinoshita was silent before she let out a long sigh. She had seen Shiro-san before, but she didnt think too much since they didnt talk much, but who would have thought Shiro-san would be…

Yukinoshita looked at Shishio, and hopefully, nothing had happened to him.

Shishio didnt say anything, only patted Yukinoshitas shoulder.

Shiro-san also didnt say anything and just kindly shut his mouth.

“Hes alright, right?” Yukinoshita whispered.

“Senpai, while I know Shiro-san is a pervert, hes a great guy. I wont let you mock him,” Shishio said with a serious tone.

Shiro-san was a masochist, and being mocked was a great thing for Shiro-san, so he didnt want Yukinoshita to entangle with this pervert due to her frank nature.

While Yukinoshita might not be his girlfriend, Shishio didnt feel good when he thought someone felt happy being abused by her, so it was better to draw a cross between Yukinoshita and Shiros-san. Also, he didnt want her to be traumatized by Shiro-san either.

“Oga-kun…” Shiro-san was in tears.

Yukinoshita stared at Shishio for a moment before she nodded. “I am sorry. I know that what I have said was quite too much.”

“Its alright. When I met him for the first time, I thought to call the police, but once you had gotten used to him, he was as harmless as a flea,” Shishio said.

“Thank you very much!” Shiro-san said happily.

“……..” Yukinoshita was in silence and thought she might not get used to Shiro-san no matter how long it was.

However, the three of them unexpectedly talked well, talking about literature.

Shiro-san was, after all, a famous writer. Even if he was a pervert and a masochist, he was amazing.

While the three of them talked to each other, Chihiro returned with Hiratsuka and another person.

“I am back. Is the party ready?”

However, Rui, who was attracted by the voice, was surprised when she saw her big sister. “Hina-nee?”

“Hello, Rui!” Hina waved her hand with a smile.

“Do you know her?” Hiratsuka asked curiously.

“Shes my little sister,” Hina said with a smile.


Hiratsuka and Chihiro were surprised, and many people were also surprised since they had never known about the relationship between Hina and Rui.

However, Shishios lips twitched since he wondered what Hina wanted to do.

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