I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 448: Trouble Act 2

Chapter 447: Trouble Act 1

Hinas sudden appearance in Sakurasou surprised him, but it didnt let him lose his composure.

Shishio quickly guessed the reason why Hina was here, and he couldnt help but look at Chihiro and Hiratsuka. He knew they had invited Hina and the reason was probably “the more, the merrier” or something like that.

Shishio suddenly couldnt help but sigh.

Not only Hina, but there was also Momo.

Hiratsuka was also there too, and Shishio couldnt help but imagine how Chihiro would react when she knew he and Hiratsuka dated each other.

In this single place, there were three problems he needed to face.

If it was someone else, they might get panicked and run away.

However, as someone who walked on the path of the scumbag, Shishio knew he couldnt run, and he needed to face this problem head-on.

Also, there were other members of his harem and their friends who might or might not have an interest in him. Without a doubt, they would cause more chaos.

His situation was super duper chaos, and the party might become a battle royal in the middle or at the end.

However, everything was still clear, and there was no need to lose his composure.

‘Everything is under control… Shishio thought.

“Whats wrong?” Yukinoshita asked while looking at Hina, Hiratsuka, and Chihiro. She wasnt sure, but it might be her imagination that his expression slightly changed when he looked at the three women. She wasnt sure who it was, but she wondered whether he had dated a teacher too?


While it made her speechless, Yukinoshita felt that possibility wasnt small, considering she knew well what kind of bastard this guy was.

However, Yukinoshita felt it should be her imagination, considering Shishios attention was all focused on the Baumkuchen he baked.

“Hmm? Baumkuchen will be ready soon, Senpai. Do you want to try it?” Shishio asked softly.

“…Okay.” The sweet smell from the Baumkuchen tempted her like a devil, and she would be lying if she didnt want to take a bite.

Shishio nodded and continued to bake the Baumkuchen while telling Shiro-san to be careful, considering how one needed to be focused on baking this cake on an open fire. Still, while baking, he thought he might think too much since nothing might happen.

‘If thats the case, itll be the best.

However, suddenly Shiina came and sat between his legs naturally while watching the Baumkuchen get ready. While Shishio didnt say anything, she could tell whether the Baumkuchen was ready or not with her sense of smell alone, so when the sweet scent suddenly hit her nose, she knew it was almost done.

“…..” Yukinoshita.

Not only Yukinoshita, Shishio, and the rest were speechless at Shiina.

“Is it ready yet, Shishio?” Shiina turned and asked eagerly.


Shishio looked at Shiina for a moment and took a deep breath, put his chin on the top of her head, and said, “Its almost done soon. Wait for a moment.”

“Um!” Shiina nodded while continuing to watch over Baumkuchen.

Yukinoshita was in silence, staring at Shishio and Shiina without saying anything.

However, for the first time, Shiro-san wanted to escape right now, but was it his imagination? He could see Shishio seemed to force him to stay no matter what!

The group was divided into several groups.

Some of them prepared food, some prepared cakes, and there was a group who were lazying around.

But lets not mention the group that lazied around.

Hiratsuka drank a beer given by Chihiro while staring at how close Shishio and Shiina were. Even though she knew they were lovers, and she knew she couldnt monopolize him alone, she also wanted to do something similar to what Shiina had done.

Hiratsuka was also sure that not only her but the rest members of his harem and the opposite genders who had feelings toward him also felt the same.

However, unlike his harem, who could do what Shiina did openly, Hiratsuka couldnt do it since she hadnt said anything to Chihiro. She glanced at Chihiro, who drank a beer on the sofa lazily while watching television, wondering how her best friend was going to react when she knew she dated her nephew.

‘Its going to be difficult.

Hiratsuka didnt have a doubt, and she felt this wasnt the right occasion, considering how they were about to start a party. “Are we not going to help?”

“I am drunk. Ill make a mess if I help them. The best help I can do is not to do anything,” Chihiro said, her excuse smoothly.

“…I cant argue with that excuse.” Hiratsuka was slightly bored and decided to help them with the meat preparation since they were going to have a BBQ. When she was in university, she often went outdoors and prepared a BBQ, so her BBQ skill was good. However, while her BBQ skill was good, it didnt mean it was a good memory since during that outdoor activity, she was the one who was being told to prepare BBQ, and the rest were flirting with their boyfriends.

Hiratsuka was a single before but not anymore.

However, Hiratsuka wasnt sure when she could say this to Chihiro. She thought for a moment and got an idea.Should I tell Satomi (Tachibana Satomi) and Aina (Aina Rumika) first?” It was hard to talk with Chihiro, so it was better to talk with her two best friends. However, she was afraid they might give him a double lariat since they might see her as a showing off, considering how the two of them were single, without a single boyfriend in their lives.

While Hiratsuka thought about her strategy, Hina and Rui talked to each other.

However, Rui said, “Hina-nee, you dont need to help. Youre a disaster in the kitchen!”

“How cruel!” Hina almost cried when Rui blatantly told her weak point.

“Just sit down and drink a beer like the rest.” Rui realized why Sakurasou was known as the den of weirdos. Even though she was just a transfer student, she learned many bits of knowledge from her classmates, including Sakurasou. However, she must admit this place was unique.

As for why Hina was here, Rui didnt think too much since she knew Hina was invited by Hiratsuka and Chihiro. As for the other reasons, she didnt think there was such a thing, and she also felt the more people, the merrier it was.

However, Hina stared at Shishio and Shiina before she asked, “Is it alright, Rui?”

“What do you mean?” Rui asked and followed Hinas gaze before she understood everything. “Its hard, but I have prepared for it. He has repeatedly told me not to get close to him, yet I dont listen to him, and I want to become closer and closer to him, so I think it is okay since I know hes going to make this up later.” She already knew from the beginning their relationship wasnt fair to her, yet she still wanted this. She knew many people would think she was stupid for staying with him, but she was okay with it as long as she could be by his side.

Love is irrational.

Rui just couldnt control her feelings, and she just wanted to be with him.

“Hmm…” Hina nodded while looking at Shishio in a daze.

“How about you, Hina-nee?” Rui suddenly asked.

“Eh?” Hina was startled.

“The friend that gave you good advice.” Rui had a light smile on her face and asked, “Have you dated him?”


Hina was speechless, and the corner of her lips twitched. She wasnt sure how to answer this question since the “friend” she mentioned before was Ruis boyfriend, and if she dated him, wouldnt that “friend” date two sisters together?

Still, if Nana knew, she would just give a thumbs up to Hina and Rui since when it wasnt bad for two sisters to have the same boyfriend.

“No, no, our relationship isnt like that.” There was no way Hina would nod and say she would date that “friend,” so she quickly shook her head.

“Eh? Why?” Rui was quite surprised by Hinas answer.

“Well…” Hina was in silence since there was no way she could explain what had happened to her and Shishio, right?

After all, when Hina thought clearly, she knew she was at fault, considering how she was the one who seduced Shishio. Even though she had said that night was the last time, she just couldnt stop it and kept coming at him.

Hina let out a helpless smile and said, “I have just broken up. I want to take a break for a while.”

Hearing her older sisters reason, Rui nodded since she knew something couldnt be in a hurry. Even though she wanted her older sister to get a boyfriend as soon as possible, she knew her older sister needed to sort out her feelings first.

“Anyway, I want to help. Help me, Rui~~.” Hina pouted while looking at her little sister.

“Geez…” Rui couldnt do anything and decided to help Hina.

While the two talked to each other, Miu looked at Momo curiously and asked, “Momo, you seem so happy. Whats wrong?”

“Really?” Momo laughed and said, “Well, I am happy.” She looked at the people around her before she looked at Miu again. “Usually, I spend my time alone in my apartment, so it has been a while since I have spent time with a lot of people like this.”

“Re-Really?” Miu suddenly turned awkward since she didnt expect to have poked Momos wound.

“Its okay. Its okay.” Momo smiled and hugged Miu.

“He-Hey, dont hug me so suddenly!” Miu panicked and also depressed, especially when she felt Momos soft chest on her. She realized she might have the flattest chest among the girls in this place, making her even more depressed. Fortunately, Shishio loved her flat chest, but if possible, she wanted to have a bigger chest, though.

However, Momo didnt realize Mius depression and stared in Shishios direction. She couldnt wait anymore, and she wanted to hear his answer now!

Still, Momo knew this also wasnt the time, so if possible, she wanted to bring him to her apartment tomorrow.

‘I have to get an answer from him.

Shishio, who had finished baking the Baumkuchen, didnt know that something might happen at this party tonight.

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