Chapter 448: Trouble Act 2

“Okay! Let the party start!”


Everyone raised their glasses together.

Even though some of them drank beer, many drank barley tea and carbonated drinks.

Roberta sat next to Tsukasa and drank tea instead of alcohol, considering she needed to send everyone back to their houses later.

Many foods were prepared.

Baumkuchen, chocolate fondue, cheese fondue, and many types of meats and vegetable BBQ grilled over the fire.

The delicious aroma from the meat permeated throughout the air, causing everyone to drool and grab the meat that was ready.

The adult women drank alcohol and meat together, showing a satisfactory expression.

“Kuuh! Delicious!”


Roberta stared at everyone in silence and gulped slightly.

“Just drink alcohol if you want. It isnt like you can get drunk anyway,” Shishio said.

Roberta showed a complicated expression since it would break her rule as his maid. Also, while alcohol wouldnt affect her much, it would slow her reaction if something happened, so even though it was regretful, she decided to refrain from drinking one. “No, its alright. I wont drink, Shishio-sama.”

Shishio also nodded and didnt force Roberta since he knew how strict and disciplined she was against herself. Unless she was in bed with Shishio, she wouldnt let go of her guard and be fully prepared 24 hours a day.

The two talked together, enjoying the food together.

However, Shishio had to sigh since he was in charge of food, considering he was the one with the best cooking skill.

“Shishio, open your mouth. Ill feed you,” Mai said as she brought meat near his mouth.

“Thanks, Senpai.” Shishio opened his mouth and ate the meat fed by Mai. Even though the meat wasnt A5 Wagyu Beef or Kobe Beef, they were good enough, and they were so juicy.

“Say, what are you going to do?” Mai suddenly asked.

“Cough! Cough!” Shishio suddenly coughed, and the meat on his throat made it hard for him to breathe. He panicked slightly and tried to search for a drink.

Fortunately, Roberta reacted fast and gave Shishio her drink.

Shishio drank the drink Roberta gave without hesitation before he let out a sigh of relief.

Mai also panicked slightly and patted his back gently. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah… I am alright now.” Shishio felt better somehow.

“Sorry, I shouldnt ask you this question while youre eating.” Mai apologized since she could see some tears in Shishios eyes, showing his throat choked for real.

After all, unlike the choke play, it was painful when one got choked when they ate.

Shishio didnt have a hobby of choke play, but lets talk about this matter later. “What do you mean?”

“I mean… whether Tachibana-sensei, Momo, Yukinoshita, Ritsu, Mea, Maiko, the rest of the girls, and even some guys, what are you going to do? Are you just pretending that you wont see them paying attention to you?” Mai asked. She could see how charming her boyfriend was. If her boyfriend wasnt a scumbag, it would be okay, she didnt need to worry too much, but this guy was an undeniable scumbag. She was afraid the number of girls around him had become so much that he couldnt control it anymore.

While Mai didnt care if Shishio played around, it would be different if he made a serious relationship with someone since that meant that girl would become her sister too. Her time with him was quite limited, considering how many girls there were around him. She didnt want that, and she wanted him to focus on her more.

Shishio sipped the barley tea from Robertas glass slightly and said, “You know, youre also like me, right, Mai?”

“Hmm?” Mai was confused.

“Youre a public figure, and of course, you have many guys who are interested in you, right? Not only you, but I am sure everyone here also has many guys to fall for them, considering their appearance.”

“What do you want to say?” Mai asked directly since Shishio was way too round way about.

It was hard to explain. After all that, a man was different from a woman.

While it might not be all, many guys were often attracted by many women and while they had a girlfriend or wife. They loved their wife or girlfriend, but it didnt mean they couldnt feel attraction toward a beautiful woman. If they were asked by a beautiful woman to have sex, probably, nine out of ten would agree without hesitation.

On the other hand, a woman was different. While they might feel an attraction toward a handsome guy, they would only let the man they loved touch, kiss, and have sex with them. However, if the love had faded, it would lead to a complicated situation.

While the women were attracted by appearance, too, they were more into feeling.

If a woman had an interaction with a man for a long time, she might fall for him. However, there was also a case the man would become the best friend of the woman.

Still, everything was complicated.

However, it was normal since if love wasnt complicated, the world would be full of couples, and no people would be troubled as single without a partner.

“What do you think of them? Many of them are rich and handsome. If they tell you they love you, what will you do?” Shishio asked.

“Are you stupid?” Mai pouted and said, “Of course, Ill reject and ignore them, then Ill tell them I have a boyfriend I love so much.” She hugged his arm and rubbed her face on his arm.

“….” Shishio wondered how their conversation would suddenly turn into this. However, it was good that Mai had forgotten what they were talking about before since he didnt really know how to respond to her question. If the women were just ordinary women that wouldnt give him rewards, he wouldnt think too much, but it was different if they could trigger his system.

Shishio knew he was a bastard for thinking about rewards instead of the womens feelings.

However, there was a beautiful woman who loved you so much and could give you a rich reward. Would you reject them?

If Shishio could harden his heart, not his phallus, he knew he could become a loyal boyfriend. However, he had decided to walk on the path of the scumbag, so he knew even if he could hurt his women, he had to move forward.

Still, he might have said something cool and all, yet what he was doing was just dating many girls at the same time, which made many people want to beat him up.

“However, you havent answered my question.” Mai stared at Shishio.

“Just, what do you want me to answer? My answer is obvious, right?” Shishio held Mais hands gently.

Mai was dumbfounded, and her face was slightly reddened by his sudden action.

“The answer is no since I love you, Mai,” Shishio said softly.


“If youre not a scumbag, Ill be moved. Unfortunately, youre one…” Mai let out a sigh and leaned on her shoulder, feeling slightly tired. While she was happy with his answer, the reality said otherwise since this guy was a scumbag with many girlfriends, and she was one of them. Still, if possible, she also wanted him to stop since there were too many girls around him already.

However, Mai already knew about Shishios answer about two women who had an interest in him.

While Shishio might be alright with the fling, he didnt want to have a serious relationship with the two for now. Still, no matter who the girls were, it was possible for him to have a fling, even with the housewives in his neighborhood. The only thing that stopped him was his morale since he knew even if he was a scumbag, he had a bottom line.

“Shishio! Can I open the pudding?” Nana asked while bringing the bucket of pudding.

“Is that okay? Can you eat?” Shishio asked worriedly.

“There has always been a place for dessert, you know?” Nana said proudly and shared the pudding with everyone.

Shishio shook his head and knew there was no need to worry about Nana too much, considering how often she used the gym room in his apartment, so while she ate a lot, she also burnt a lot of calories.

There were sure many things that happened at the party, but nothing serious happened, and Shishio felt he could end this party peacefully. This time, he sat next to Hiratsuka, and he couldnt help but ask, “Have you told Chihiro-nee?”

“…Not yet.” Hiratsukas face was slightly flushed since she might have drunk a lot of beer.

“Do you want me to say it?” Shishio asked.


Hiratsuka was in silence for a moment before she shook her head. “No, its alright. Ill be the one who says it.” She had decided to do it by herself, so she would do it!

“Is that so?” Shishio wanted to say Hiratsuka was like the character of “Sense” in the “Kokoro” novel, showing indecisiveness before it led to the suicide of “K.”

Well, many people didnt really know the story of “Kokoro,” but in simple terms, it was just a story of a love triangle that led to the death of someone because of one indecisiveness.

While Chihiro wouldnt commit suicide, Shishio could also understand how hard it was for Hiratsuka to tell their relationship to Chihiro and how Chihiro would accept their relationship, especially when he thought about his relationship with Chihiro.

Shishio was aware of how different and abnormal his relationship with his aunt was, and it wouldnt be weird if Chihiro had a feeling for him.

The longer they stayed silent about their relationship, the harder it was for them to tell Chihiro.

However, Shishio also knew how hard it was for Hiratsuka to tell their relationship to Chihiro.

Still, Hiratsuka wanted to lean on his shoulder like everyone else before, but she knew it was hard for her to do so.

“Hey, Shizuka, youre going to stay here, right?” Chihiro suddenly said.

“Eh? Is that okay?” Hiratsuka asked.

“Youre drunk. You cant drive like that. Just stay with me tonight,” Chihiro said naturally.

“Okay.” Hiratsuka nodded without hesitation.

Even if the party was eventful and nice, and everyone was happy, the party had to end since they needed to go home.

Roberta, who was prepared, was also ready to send everyone back.

Shishio also decided to help since the number of people who came to the party was a lot.

His girlfriends joined Roberta without hesitation.

On the other hand, Rui and Hina decided to join Shishio.


“Momo-senpai, are you okay to go back with me?” Shishio asked.

Momos eyes shone, and she nodded without hesitation. “Yes!”

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