I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 450: Natsuo is in a good mood

Chapter 449: Doubt

Yukinoshita glanced at Shishios car for a while, but suddenly she felt warm air blow into her ear. “Hyaaan!!” She quickly turned and looked at the girl who had caused her this trouble. “Nana!”

Nana only laughed and asked, “You want to go with him in his car?”


Yukinoshita looked away and said in a low voice, “No.”

“Eehh? You dont need to hide it, Senpai.” Nana pressed her body forward, causing Yukinoshita to flinch since she must admit Nanas boobs were huge and soft.

Yukinoshita glanced at the steep cliff below and couldnt help but sigh.

“Nana.” Mai suddenly said, which caused Nana to pout, but she didnt say anything.

The relationship between Mai and Nana had become closer, especially when they were living in the same apartment building and they often spent their time together. While Nana might be rowdy and slightly noisy, even if Mai was quite uncomfortable at first, she had gotten used to her now.

If it was a different girl, Mai didnt say anything. However, Yukinoshita was different. She had heard Yukinoshita was a daughter of a rich family or something. If the relationship between Yukinoshita and Shishio were known by their families, she wondered whether they might become fiance and fiancee.

Still, if that really happened, Mai didnt think Shishio would leave them, considering…

Mai glanced at Yukinoshitas chest for a moment before she looked away.


Yukinoshita wasnt sure why, but she felt like she was being looked down on for some reason. However, she must admit she was at a disadvantage in this place.

“Hmm?” Miu was confused and tilted her head when Yukinoshita was looking at her.

Looking at Miu, Yukinoshita let out a sigh of relief.

Miu wasnt sure why, but she wanted to beat up Yukinoshita somehow.

While his girlfriends were being sent back by Roberta, Shishio sent Maiko, Mea, Hina, Rui, and Momo back one by one. He thought the car would be deserted and quiet, considering the group of people he sent were unfamiliar with each other.

However, that didnt seem to be the case, considering how the five of them talked to each other normally and excitedly. It might be because they got to know each other during the party they werent so stiff to each other and talked normally.

Still, it might be partly because of Hina, considering she could talk with her students well.

Shishio must admit that while Hina wasnt good at romance, considering how she kept falling for the worst type of man from time to time.

While Hina wasnt good at romance, her mind was good, and she used her status as a teacher to sit next to Shishio.

On the other hand, the others sat behind. However, they havent had much of a complaint since they didnt think Hina would do something to Shishio.

Mea and Maiko might have known Rui was also Shishios girlfriend, but they werent so close, considering how they werent in the same class and how Rui wasnt a member of the literature club.

“Rui-senpai, why dont you join the literature club?” Mea suddenly asked.

“Literature club?” Rui looked at Maiko and Mea and asked, “Are you two a member of the literature club?”

“Of course!” 2x

“Do you like to read?” Rui asked curiously.

“No!” 2x

“…..” Rui, Hina, and Momo.

“Is that okay?” Hina asked speechlessly.

“Its okay. Its okay. Even if we dont read books, we read fashion magazines,” Maiko said proudly without hiding anything.

“…Is that part of literature?” Rui asked speechlessly. If the fashion magazine was part of literature, she also loved to read books, considering how she read a cooking book.

“Of course!” Maiko nodded and said, “Shishio has said as long as there are words on it, everything is part of literature. Even porn magazines he keeps in his room are also part of literature.”

“Oi!” Shishio was speechless since he was mentioned.

“What? Arent you hiding them? We have seen it inside your room! You cant hide anything!” Maiko was full of smiles.

“Yeah, theres a lot of maids, teachers, and…” Mea lowered her head with a blush.

“…” Hina.

“Even if you know, can you spare me something like this? Theres a teacher right next to me, and why did you stop your explanation in the middle? Is there a genre that you cant say?” Shishio was speechless.

“Of course, who has thought you like a housewife genre after all…” Maiko murmured and thought she shouldnt let Shishio come to her salon in the future since she was afraid of her mother being seduced by Shishio.


Momo, Hina, and Rui were silent, and they looked at Shishio at the same time. While they might accept the teacher and the maid genre, they were quite doubtful of the housewife genre. They also had heard that his relationship with the housewives around the neighborhood was good, which somehow made them feel suspicious.

‘Dont tell me?! 3x

“Stop with your accusation. While I admit, I own the teacher and the maid genre, the housewife one isnt mine.” Shishio felt regret for letting the girls enter his room on the Sakurasou. Still, he knew some people would say it was useless for him to have a porn book, considering how he had many girlfriends. He didnt use the porn book for the side dish. Instead, it was used for art appreciation.

While there were many unsatisfactory things in this country, Shishio must admit the art development of this country was amazing.

Unlike technology that could be lost and left behind with time, art was forever. It would last for an eternity, and it was also a powerful thing to remind the future about their culture. It also strengthened the nationality of the country.

Still, while it was doubtful how one could strengthen one nationality with something erotic, without a doubt, everyone understood an erotic thing. They loved it.

Shishio also used it for education since he often learned it together with Shiina, Roberta, and Nanami. However, he needed to fix the misunderstanding, or else it would be hard to maintain his dignity in the future. “I got the housewives genre from my friends in Ikebukuro. He had said his family might trouble him for a while, so he asked me to keep them for a while.”

They looked at Shishio in doubt since they had a feeling he really loved the housewife type of porn book, but they didnt have proof, so they decided to believe in him.

“But you still bought the teacher and the maid, eh?” Maiko asked with a smile.

“Well, yeah, I am a boy. Isnt it normal for me to have one or two, right, Hina-sensei?” Shishio tried to pull Hina into the quagmire.

“Eh?” Hina was dumbfounded, and her face was slightly red. However, when she noticed everyones gaze on her, she coughed for a while and said, “Bad boy!” Then, she knocked Shishios head lightly, trying to reprimand him.

“…” Everyone.

Shishio, who was driving, rubbed his head slightly and didnt say anything since he wasnt sure what to say.

“Hina-nee, is that how you give a punishment?” Rui was speechless.

“Eh? So what do you want me to do? I might be a teacher, but I am not his teacher. Also, I think it is normal for him to have a porn book since hes a teenager.” While Hina said this, she was also speechless since she didnt expect Shishio to have a teacher genre of porn book, which made her mood happy. She knew she was dumb for thinking like this, but she could do nothing to control her emotion.

“Even if he has a teacher genre of porn magazine?” Mea asked.

“…..” Hina was speechless before she let out a sigh and said, “It isnt like we can control our feelings. Sometimes, we just love something that is different from other people. Its like when we know we shouldnt fall for someone, yet we fall for them. Still, I think the teacher genre is quite normal, considering how there are more extreme types of porn books.”

“Oh? Have you read those extreme types of porn books, Hina-sensei?” Shishio asked curiously.

“What do by mean by that Shishio-kun?! I have helped you, and you dare to tease me?!” Hina was annoyed and pouted, pulling his cheek mercilessly. However, she really had read the extremes type of porn books since in the past, when she was a new teacher, she thought she should learn the trend of the youngster. Still, she realized she had learned too much useless knowledge, and it didnt help her much in her career.

Still, while Shishio and Hina bickered with each other, the girls behind were in silence and thought Hinas words were profound.

‘We cant control our feelings and feel for someone we shouldnt… 4x

Momo, Mea, and Maiko were in silence, and they thought Hina was right since they knew even though they had repeatedly told themselves they shouldnt feel something like this, they just couldnt stop it.

On the other hand, Rui thought Hinas words came from her experience, considering how she remembered how Hina had dated a married man in the past. Still, her words also gave her insight.

‘Should she fall for someone she shouldnt be with again?

Rui was in doubt and decided to throw this matter aside since she thought she was thinking too much. However, if her conjecture was true, and she wasnt wrong, who would Hina fall for?

Ru subconsciously moved her head to the person who drove the car. She looked at Shishio for a few seconds until she saw him ask her.

“Whats wrong, Rui-nee?” Shishio asked since he saw Rui kept staring at him.

“Its okay. I just want to look at you,” Rui said calmly while staring at Shishio again.

“….” Shishio was speechless, then said, “Well, if you say so.” He didnt bother to talk to Rui again since he felt their conversation might lead to a situation where this shouldnt be heard by the others.

Rui kept staring at Shishio while thinking,It shouldnt be, right? She shook her head and decided to stop thinking, but she felt she should ask him for a date. That way, she could have alone time with him and talk about what she wanted to ask on her mind.

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