I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 451: The girl whose name is Momo Kashiwabara

Chapter 450: Natsuo is in a good mood

After he sent Mea and Maiko, Shishio went to send Rui and Hina first and decided to send Momo the last.

While Rui and Hina were in doubt, they also understood Momos house was the farthest among them, and it might take a while for him to go home if Shishio sent them back first. However, even if they spent a long time with him, they didnt really mind.

Still, Momo was happy and didnt say much about the order since she knew Shishio planned to talk with her after he sent Rui and Hina back.

The four talked to each other normally while listening to Hinas favorite channel radio. Unexpectedly, Hina had a hobby of listening to comedy channels on the radio. She also told them she often watched live performances of comedian groups after her work from time to time.

“So, Shishio, do you like housewives?” Rui suddenly asked.

“…Can you let me go?” Shishio was speechless and regretted letting the girls enter his room. However, there was nothing he could do since it was their first time entering his room, and they were curious about it. Shiina also became a good guide and told them where he kept all of his porn magazines from A to Z. She told them all of his collections, which made him depressed.

However, what could he do?

Shishio felt that he might dote on Shiina too much, and he might need to punish her slightly.

‘Should I stop her at Baumkuchen ration?

Shishio knew he was being too cruel, but it was for Shiinas good and his future.

Still, Hina, Rui, and Momo laughed when they heard his words.

However, Hina and Rui wondered whether this guy was interested in their mother.

‘Theres no way, right?

“But I have heard your relationship with the neighborhood housewives is good, Shishio-kun,” Momo said.

“Well, its because I want to erase the stigma of the Sakurasou. You should know that the housewives around the neighborhood can become a great force to erase the rumor around the Sakurasou,” Shihsio said calmly, smartly, without causing any misunderstandings. While he might be interested in the housewives, he had never touched the housewives around the neighborhood. Even if he touched them, it would be someone far away from where he lived, the mother and the wife of someone he didnt know.

After all, if Shishio dared to seduce the housewives around the neighborhood, if someone knew about it, without a doubt, he wouldnt be able to stay in the Sakurasou again, and the reputation of the Sakurasou would become shit.

The wife he had dated would also get persecuted and might be divorced by her husband.

Also, while his relationship with the housewives around the neighborhood was good, his intention to get to know them was really what he had told Hina, Rui, and Momo.

The housewives around the neighborhood knew each other, they often talked to each other, and if his relationship with them were good, they would give him and the Sakurasou a good reputation too.

As for their husbands, Shishio didnt care much since they were rarely seen.

Those husbands walked out in the early morning and returned late at night. They didnt have the energy to talk with Shishio or listen to their wives ramblings, so he ignored them.

Also, his hard work was paid for, especially when no one said much, even if they saw Shiro-san collecting the neighborhood-thrown porn magazines. After all, they knew he was a writer, and the writer had a quirk or two.

Shishio also told them that Shiro-san tried to imagine becoming one of the characters in his novel, showing his dedication as a novelist, which greatly moved the housewives around the neighborhood.

However, even if they knew Shiro-san was a dedicated novelist, it didnt change the fact that they were slightly disgusted toward him and might talk to Shiro-san, so they could get closer to Shishio.

Shishio knew their intention, but he couldnt do anything since he wouldnt touch them.

Still, frankly, the lives of the housewives in this country werent bad. They controlled the finances of their families. Their husbands would give their salary to their wives so their wives could control it, giving the husbands some of the income for pocket money. If there was trouble, it would be a lack of sex and boring life. However, how could they blame their husbands?

After all, working in this country, especially after the “Lost Decades,” was hard, and working overtime had become part of their culture.

Tsukasa was lucky he had a system and retained the memory of his past lives. If he didnt, even if his family wasnt bad, he wouldnt be immune to the overwork culture.

‘Well, if I dont have a system, I might probably become a police officer, a bureaucrat, or a banker.

The best way to live in Japan was to choose a stable job, then use the money from the country or the company for their own use.

In other words, embezzlement.

Shishio rubbed his face and thought that no matter where he was, he was still a bastard.

“Well, lets put aside the housewives. What about a maid and a teacher?” Momo asked while looking at Hina, who sat next to Shishio.

Hinas expression was stunned for a moment before she put on a natural smile that no one could find fault with.

“Is that a problem? Its pretty normal, right?” Shishio said naturally.


Hina, Rui, and Momo were speechless since it was their first time to see someone as shameless as him. However, they must admit his taste was pretty normal.

Still, while the maid was alright, the teacher was…

Rui and Momo looked at Hina at the same time.

However, Hina knew what she should do in this situation. She pulled Shishios cheek without hesitation and scolded him. “Bad!”

“….” Shishio, Rui, and Momo.

Anyway, Shishio quickly sent Rui and Hina back to their houses, and they walked out of the car together. When they walked out, Momo decided to sit next to him since it would be awkward to sit in the back seat when they were alone.

Shishio opened the window, looking at Rui and Hina, who was to enter their house. “You dont forget anything, right?”

“No, its alright.”

“Yeah, we dont leave anything behind.”

“Thats good.” Shishio nodded and thought about leaving, but Rui suddenly stopped him and called him. “Shishio.”



Shishio was in silence since Rui kissed his lips.

“…..” Momo and Hina.

When their lips parted, Rui looked at Shishio shyly.

Shishio didnt say much and patted her head gently.

“Next weekend, do you want to go on a date?” Rui asked.

“Next weekend?” Shishio thought for a moment and said, “If youre alright on Sunday, its okay.”

“Whats wrong with Saturday?” Rui asked curiously since it was better to go on a date on the Saturday since that way, they could stay at the hotel together until tomorrow morning.

“Well, if you want a Saturday, then its okay,” Shishio said after a moment of thought. He had a plan to go to the theme park this weekend, and he thought to go on Saturday, but when he thought about it for a moment, it didnt really matter if they went on Sunday.

“Well, do you have a plan for Saturday before?” Rui asked.

“I thought Id invite everyone to the theme park,” Shishio said.

“Theme park?” 3x

“Is it Disneyland?” Hina asked curiously and seemingly wanted to join.

“No, I plan to go to the one near Mount Fuji.”

“You mean the Fuji-Q? The one with the largest and longest roller coaster and the scariest haunted house?” Hina asked.

Shishio looked at Hina speechlessly and asked, “You sure are very knowledgeable about this.”

“Hehe…” Hina only laughed awkwardly since she spent time playing around during her university time.

Shishio ignored Hina and asked, “Do you want all to join?”

“Yes!” 3x

They agreed without hesitation.

While Momo and Rui were happy to join, they felt speechless at Hina, who decided to join.

“Hina-nee, do you think it is alright for a teacher to join?” Rui asked with doubt.

“Its alright. If I dress normally, no one will think of me as an adult. I can even pass as a high school student, right?” Hina asked while looking at Shishio.

“…” Shishio.

“Right?” Hina still maintained her smile, but her smile was slightly scary.

“…..” Shishio was in silence for a moment before he nodded like a robot.

“See?” Hina looked at them with a smile.

“…..” Rui and Momo.

“Anyway, Ill send Momo-senpai first. You should enter the house soon. The night is quite chilly.”

They talked for a while before Shishio drove Momo back to her house.

When they had gone, Rui looked at Hina and asked, “Hina-nee, you seem so close with Shishio-kun.”

“Really?” Hina was silent for a moment before she smiled and said, “I guess it is because I want to know him better since he might become my brother-in-law.”

“Ah!” Rui blushed and felt shy by Hinas words.

However, Hina felt bitter since she couldnt tell the truth, only lying in front of her little sister. She wanted to say something, but in the end, she swallowed them and said, “Lets enter. Its quite chilly.”

“Yes.” Rui nodded.

The two entered the house together, but then they were startled when they saw Natso was there, seemingly eavesdropping on their conversation.

While Rui frowned and didnt hide it, Hina acted like she was surprised and asked, “Natsuo-kun, why are you here?”

Natsuo was startled when the two suddenly opened the door, and he fell to the ground. He was quite nervous, but hearing Hinas question, he quickly said, “We-Well, I thought I heard a voice on the outside, so I was curious.” However, he didnt dare to look into their eyes since he was afraid to see their expressions. He really had tried to eavesdrop on their conversation, but it was hard to do so, considering they talked in a low voice, the sound of the car was quite noisy, and the distance between them was too far, especially when he was also inside the house.

However, how could he say that?

Still, Natsuo wanted to ask why Hina was also with Shishio?

If it was only Rui, Natsuo didnt care much since he knew what kind of relationship she had with Shisho, but what about Hina?

Natsuos heart was filled with the thought of what had happened between Rui and Shishio, and it made his heart restless and tight.

Rui didnt care much about Natsuo and just entered, leaving him behind, especially when their relationship turned nasty when he talked about her relationship with Shishio and how she knew Natsuo had been eavesdropping on what she was doing with Shishio in her room last time.

Rui didnt want to talk with Natsuo at all.

Hina looked helplessly at Rui before she said, “Well, I am a bit tired, so Ill rest first. You should also rest, Natsuo-kun.” She patted Natsuos shoulder gently with a warm smile before she walked inside.

“Wa-Wait, Hi – Tachibana-sensei!” Natsuo couldnt bear to call Hina by her first name.

“Call me Hina-nee, alright? Dont be a stranger, Natsuo-kun?” Hina pouted, showing a cute expression.

“We-Well, Hina-nee…” Natsuo said in a low voice with a blush on his face.

“Thats good!” Hina nodded with a satisfied smile before she left since she was really tired of lying to too many people today.

On the other hand, Natsuo forgot to ask the question he wanted to ask.

‘Well, theres tomorrow, right?

Natsuo was in good spirits since he could call Hina by her first name now.

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