I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 452: Hikigayas peaceful life

Chapter 451: The girl whose name is Momo Kashiwabara

After Rui and Hina returned, only Shishio and Momo were in the car.



“Can I kiss you?”


Shishio was silent and subconsciously looked at Momo, who smiled at him. he only looked at her for a moment before he looked at the road again. “Its dangerous. Were on the road.”

“Well, thats true.” Momo nodded, and she wanted to ask about the answer to her confession, but then Shishio said, “By the way, Momo-senpai, can I ask you something?”

Momo opened her mouth, and then she closed it again before she asked, “Whats wrong?”

“Do you feel happy today?” Shishio asked.

Momo unexpectedly showed a bright smile and nodded. “Yes!” She told Shishio what made her happy and how she loved to be with everyone.

Listening to her words, Shishio thought that Momo was really a lonely girl. The bright smile she often showed everyone was just a facade to hide what she truly felt. He wasnt sure how she could become like this since he didnt know much about her, but if he had to guess, it might have something to do with her family.

After all, it wasnt uncommon to see ones personality grow because of their surroundings.

Still, Shishio must admit Momo was strong since even if she was alone, she could still smile. It might also be the reason why she often changed from one boyfriend to another. It wasnt that she was a bitch or something. Instead, she just needed someone. She just needed someone by her side, so they could accompany her.

While Momo told her experience at the party before, she suddenly felt a warm and big hand gently rubbing her head. She was dumbfounded and asked, “Shishio?”

“Sorry.” Shishio pulled his hand and said awkwardly, “I did something rude to you.” He only realized Momo was a year older than him and what he was doing was rude since he touched her head like that.

“No, no, its alright. I-I like it…” Momo said shyly with a bashful face.

“Do you like it?” Shishio asked.

“Um.” Momo nodded.

“Do you want me to do it again?”


“Then, excuse me.”

While driving, Shishio used his other hand to reach Momos head. Her reddish-brown hair was so soft, and it smelled so sweet. It might be because there were only two of them here that her scent became more intense.

However, Momo only purred and tried to move closer to him, trying to rub her head against him.


Shishio was in silence and wondered why something so simple could make her so happy.

‘Has she never experienced something like this?

However, Shishio thought he might think too much since he knew most of his girlfriends loved being rubbed like this. He just wasnt sure why they loved it, but he didnt think too much and thought it had something to do with the “Patting Mastery” he had received in the past.

Still, when they were like this, they felt like they were lovers.

Momo glanced at him, who seemed unfazed by what they were doing, and confessed once again, “Shishio, I like you.”



Momo was lost for words for a moment before she pouted. “Answer me seriously!”

“Is it hard?” Shishio asked.

“Of course!” Unlike before, her body trembled slightly, and she said, “You might think I confess to you with an easy feeling, but that isnt the truth…” Her eyes were reddened, and tears brimmed her eyes. She recalled the first time they met and how she confessed to him for the first time.

The first time they met was when she was almost drenched with the dirty water from cleaning the floors.

Shishio pulled her and saved her from being drenched. He even told her he had evidence who wanted to bully her and told her she could sue them if she wanted. It was at that time that she knew she was in love with him. It might be something simple, but she never had someone to do something so simple for her since everyone around her just took what she gave and expected her to do something for granted. It was her first time receiving such a simple kindness, and she couldnt forget it.

However, Momo didnt say anything and kept that feeling bottled up inside her since she knew she might not have a chance, especially when she thought of many girls around him.

Still, everything changed when she met her ex-boyfriend at karaoke.

Momo had many ex-boyfriends since she was lonely and alone, and many girls were envious of her good figure and beauty, so they usually isolated her. The fact that she also often transferred schools was also one part of the reason why she didnt have many friends. However, she was beautiful without a doubt, and many people confessed to her.

Momo was lonely at that time, and there were many troubles in her family. She had lost her warm family, and as long as there was a chance for her to gain her happiness, she wouldnt let it go, no matter how horrible it might turn out to be in the future.

Still, Momo didnt expect the happiness she sought really turn into a horrible experience. She was constantly betrayed, left, and wounded, but even so, she kept her smile.

Momo almost gave up, but Shishio appeared and gave her hope once again. She was alright as long as she could be by his side, but everything changed when she went to karaoke before Golden Week. She was almost insulted, and she was told that she was a bitch that would open her legs to everyone. When she was almost drowned and almost pulled into hell, her hero came and hugged her body, pulling her away from hell.


Momo couldnt control her emotion and just confessed to him right away. However, she felt regret since she could tell that Shishio didnt like her. It was also the reason why she didnt mind becoming his sex friend as long as she could stay with him.

However, Shishio didnt seem to show much interest in her, and it made her sad.

Sometimes, Momo was jealous of Rui. She knew she shouldnt have this feeling, considering they were friends and she was the only one who talked with her during school, especially in class. However, she just couldnt help it since she could feel how Rui was treated differently from her even if they were quite similar.

However, Momo had never thought too much of it and just thought the reason might have something to do with herself.

Still, Momo waited for Shishios answer for her answer, and she knew she was going to hear her answer.



“…….” Momo.

“While I know it is unfair for me to say this, can you let me know first? I dont know much about you, Momo-senpai,” Shishio said.

Momo was dumbfounded and asked, “Know about me?”

“Yeah.” Shishio nodded and said, “I dont know much about you, and you dont know much about me. Lets get to know each other first. While I am not sure how our relationship will develop if youre okay with…”

“I am okay with that!” Momo quickly said.

“…….” Shishio hadnt finished his words, but this girl was so excited and even laughed. “Why do you laugh?”

“Its okay. Its my first time for someone to ask me if they want to know about me.” Momo felt her heart flutter, and her heart could jump out at any time.

However, if that happened, Shishio would panic since if her heart jumped out, she would die, right?

“Never? Really? You have had many boyfriends before, right?” Shishio asked.

Momo pouted and said, “Shishio-kun, you shouldnt ask something like that, you know?”

“Whats wrong with it?” Shishio asked.

“I mean… dont you feel anything if I tell you my previous boyfriends?” Momo asked.

“Not really.” Shishio shook his head and said, “If you want our relationship to develop, I think we need to be truthful to each other. After all, we cant erase our past, and if you dont say it, itll linger in your mind becoming a bad memory, nightmare, or something else, especially when we might encounter a similar situation in the karaoke.”


Momo was silent, especially when she thought about her situation in the karaoke before. If something similar happened again, what would she do?

When Momo was in deep thought, her head was patted again.

“You dont need to worry. You wont encounter something like that again,” Shishio said.

“…How can you be so sure, Shishio-kun?” Momo asked.

Shishio only smiled and didnt say much, but then, he wanted to know what made her sense that the value of sex was different from other people.

What broke her?

Shishio wanted to know all of that before he could advance to the next relationship since he knew her value of sex was different from other girls, and if something similar happened to Momo like she was forced, she might not fight back and just hoped her nightmare to end as soon as possible.

However, Shishio didnt want that, and he wanted her to fight back.

It was also the reason why Shishio couldnt accept Momo since she didnt think of sex as something special, something sacred since she had done it many times with her ex-boyfriends in the past. While his skill could make her crazy for him and could only be with him, the human mind was irrational, and there were many things we couldnt control.

In case something similar to karaoke happened once again, Shishio didnt want Momo to become like a lifeless doll in the past.

Shishio didnt care even if Momo had many experiences or wasnt a virgin, but if they were to forge a relationship, he wanted her to be exclusively for him, not for someone else, only him, so when someone tried to force her again in the future, she would fight back and tell them her body was his, and there was no other people could use it, and not by letting those bastards did what they wanted, so it could end as soon as possible.

It was also the reason why Shishio could accept the other women easily, yet he couldnt accept Momo easily since their value over sex was different.

“So about my confession?” Momo asked again.

“Lets talk again after I get to know you better.”

“Then, what do you want to know?” Momo asked curiously.

“What about your childhood? I wonder how you, as a child, can turn into someone who doesnt have a sense of shame by asking me to become your sex friend.”

“How cruel!”

They bickered with each other, laughed, and talked to each other.

Even if their conversations were something that would cause people to frown at them, neither of them thought much since they could feel the distance between them slowly shortened.

Momo was pleased with this fact, but she didnt give up on bringing him to bed. “Do you want to stay at my house tonight?”


Shishio thought he needed to talk to this girl more.

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