I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 454: Sakis journey

Chapter 453: Solace

“You sure do admire bears.” Hiratsuka let out a sigh while tapping her finger on the table. Still, she knew Shishio loved this type of writing, and she decided to keep it. While she must admit Hikigayas personality was quite rotten, his writing was lively.

“I thought you were a teacher of the modern Japanese teacher, Hiratsuka-sensei.” Hikigaya stood in a place with both of his hands behind his back nervously, afraid of being punched. Still, he must admit, somehow, Hiratsuka became more beautiful.Well, it might be my imagination?

“Im a guidance counselor.” Hiratsuka put the writing on the table and said, “So your biology teacher passed this on to me. And how is this about the ecology of wild animals?”

“Its a strong antithesis against wild animals that live in a group society,” Hikigaya said smoothly.

“Quit with your excuses.” Hiratsuka let out a tired sigh, wondering whether it was better to become a housewife. “You make it seem like youre saying being social is a crime.”

“Speaking of being alone, you being single is also one, right?” Hikigaya quickly realized what he was saying, and he hurriedly closed his eyes, waiting for the punch that would come to his stomach, but after a while, he didnt feel anything. Finally, he opened his eyes nervously and asked, “Eh? Youre not going to punch me?”

Hiratsukas lips twitched, and she said, “What kind of teacher do you think I am? I am not a cruel teacher who will lay my fist on a cheeky student like you.”


Hikigaya wondered whether Hiratsuka had short-term memory loss, amnesia, or even worse, Alzheimers since he recalled he was punched several times in the past. Still, he was smart, and he naturally understood the cause. However, it also brought him a shock that couldnt be concealed on his face. “Do-Dont tell me, you-you have a boyfriend now?”


Hiratsuka blushed and coughed shyly.

‘Dammit, what is this teacher? Cute!

Hikigaya suddenly wanted to punch her boyfriend of Hiratsuka since that guy could get such a lovely woman as Hiratsuka.

Still, Hiratsukas expression was slightly cloudy, especially when she thought about last nights conversation with Chihiro. She glanced in the direction of Chihiro, whose desk was empty since she might have had lunch in the art classroom, considering Chihiro was an art teacher and all.

The food, the noisy night, and the happy atmosphere of the party last night became complicated when Hiratsuka recalled Chihiros words.

After the party, Hiratsuka decided to stay with Chihiro for a night.

The two shared a room together. It wasnt their first time doing this since they also had often slept together during university time and even when they were working in the same school. They also slept when they were attacked by a group of people when they went out on a drink.

Still, this time, Hiratsuka felt something strange.

“You have something to tell me, Shizuka?” Chihiro suddenly asked.

The two were lying on the bed together with the light in the room turned off. The sound of the air conditioner and the chirping of the insects from the outside could be heard.

However, for the two, no one said anything, and the sound of each others breathing was the only thing they could hear.

“…Why do you think so?” Hiratsuka was so nervous at that moment.

“Well, you have always been isnt good with lying, and your emotions show on your face all the time. You even help glance at me from time to time.” Chihiro looked at Hiratsuka speechlessly and said, “If you keep doing that, you think I dont notice you have something to talk about with me?”


Hiratsuka was silent and felt awkward somehow. However, she was also annoyed since she felt she was being treated as a simple guy. While she was a woman, she felt like she was a little boy who brought a porn book for the first time nervously, so no one would notice her.

“Well, Chihiro, I…”

“You date Shishio?” Chihiro asked.

“……” Hiratsuka opened her mouth wide and was dumbfounded.

Chihiro let out a sigh and said, “Before, I was joking when I told you to date him when you were drunk before.”

In the earlier chapters, when the two went on a drink with their friends, drunk, and being attacked by yakuza, Chihiro was joking with Shishio, telling him to marry her and Hiratsuka, considering they were single and all.

Still, Chihiro also understood how ridiculous her thought was, and she was joking around. However, she fell for him, she had fallen for someone she shouldnt be with, and without a doubt, once her big sister and family knew what they were doing, there would be a consequence they had to pay.

As for Hiratsukas case, frankly, Chihiro didnt think too much since she knew it was already impossible to stop Shishio. She also didnt feel that surprised since she also saw an attraction from Hiratsuka toward Shishio. However, she must admit it took quite a while since usually, his speed to get a girl was as fast as warming up food in the microwave.

Shishio just needed to smile, and he could bring a girl to the hotel.

Chihiro knew how dangerous his charm was since she was tempted by him even if she knew their relationship was taboo.

“Huh? Is it okay?” Hiratsuka asked.

Chihiro looked at Hiratsuka helplessly and said, “You have dated him. Whats the point of me saying anything now? Even if I tell you not to, will you listen to me?”

“……” Hiratsuka was silent since she knew even if Chihiro forbid their relationship, she wouldnt listen to her words at all since she knew she had fallen too deeply with that bastard.

“See?” Chihiro felt helpless and thought the boy in the disguise of the beautiful woman had really fallen for her nephew. “I wont say much about your relationship, but you need to be careful. Youre a student and a teacher. If a stranger, the people from the school, or the other people know about your relationship…”

“Its okay.” Hiratsuka cut Chirhios words and said, “Shishio will take care of it.”

“……” Chihiro was silent since she knew Hiratsuka was right since she knew if there was a problem, Shishio could handle it. She wasnt sure where her confidence came from, but she had that feeling.Then, in my case… However, she shook her head, showing a bitter smile since her case was different from Hiratsuka and she also knew this was the feeling that she shouldnt have, especially toward her nephew.

‘If the society know…

Chihiro knew she might throw mud on Shishios future, but then she was hugged by Hiratsuka so suddenly. She was in a daze before she asked, “Shizuka?”

“Sorry, I just want to sleep like this. Is that okay?”

“Well… its okay.” Chihiro didnt fight back and just lay there, letting Hiratsuka hug her.

Hiratsuka looked at Chihiro, and suddenly a strange thought appeared on her mind, but before she questioned her, she was asked.

“By the way, have you done it with him?” Chihiro looked up and asked.

“Wh-What the hell were you saying?!” Hiratsuka blushed and showed a shy girl expression.

“……” Chihiro rolled her eyes, but she curiously asked, “So how is it? Did it feel good?”

“…Its amazing.”


Unlike what Hiratsuka thought, the confrontation between them suddenly turned into girls talk. As for the content of the conversation, Shishio could only give a thumbs up since their conversation was too hot.

“By the way, did things go well with the previous request?” Hiratsuka asked with a smile.

“Ugh…” Hikigiya felt awkward and asked, “Sensei, did you deliberately send that girl to the Service Club?” If so, he must admit this teacher was craftier than he had thought. Also, Shishio might be her accomplice, but he didnt have proof, so he couldnt do anything, nor did he plan to do anything. After all, he must admit, even if he didnt want to say it, he felt there was a color in his world. While it wasnt a rose-colored high school life, it wasnt gray anymore.

“Well, enough of that.” Hiratsuka crossed her arms and asked, “What do you think of Yukinoshita?”

“Yukinoshita?” Hikigaya was confused, but he answered honestly, “Quite unpleasant.”

“Is that so?” Hiratsuka sighed.

“But she isnt a bad girl,” Hikigaya said while looking away.

Hiratsuka also smiled when she heard Hikigayas words and said, “Well, thats true. She isnt a bad girl. She is just someone who doesnt know how to bend straight. I know I should praise her honesty, but the world isnt as kind as she is after all.” She must admit, she was quite worried about Yukinoshita.

“You dont really need to worry about her, right? After all, theres him by her side,” Hikigaya said with a sigh.

Hiratsuka laughed and said, “Thats true. Theres him.” She smiled and asked, “So what do you think of him? That scumbag.”

“Well, that scumbag.” Hikigaya thought for a moment and said, “I hope he explodes.”

Hiratsuka laughed heartily and said, “Well, thats true. He should explode!”

“But you know… I just cant hate him.” Without a doubt, it was hard to hate Shishio unless Hikigaya was Shishios enemy. However, the thought of becoming Shishios enemy didnt please him. Instead, it scared him since he knew his defeat was 100%. Therefore, there was no chance of winning, and it was better to either become his friend or just become an extra character who was too lazy to be drawn by the mangaka, so Shishio wouldnt remember him.

However, it was already impossible since his face was already remembered by Shishio.

“Well, it seems it isnt a wrong decision to send you to the Service Club.”

“…….” Hikigaya couldnt say anything since he knew he didnt regret joining the Service Club.

“Well, enough of my talk. Next time, dont write this type of nonsense again.”

“Yes, yes.” Hikigaya perfunctorily answered and agreed since he didnt want to be punched. However, how could he change so easily?

This personality had been rooted into his body, and it was impossible to change.

Still, no one asked him to change anyway, so Hikigaya didnt change, but he might try to become his better self. As he walked out of the teachers office, there was a slight curve in his mouth, and he thought his school life wasnt bad.It wasnt bad. Well, as long as he didnt have an interest in a woman, he knew he would be alright.

Hikigaya walked back to his class and thought the matter had ended. Finally, he could return to his solace. Who would have thought trouble was waiting in his class.

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