I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 455: Were all going nuts!

Chapter 454: Sakis journey

When Hikigaya left, Saki sat on her seat, waiting for Shishio to come.

However, who would have thought something happened before her?

Yui Yuigahama and Miura Yumiko seemed to be in the argument. However, even though it was an argument, it was a one-sided argument with Yumiko, that seemed quite displeased toward Yui.

On the other hand, Yui could only smile awkwardly, trying to say something, but the words that came out of her mouth seemed feeble, and nothing seemed to be heard by Yumiko. She could only apologize, hoping it would reduce Yumikos anger.

However, Yumiko became even more annoyed by Yui since she didnt ask for her apology. Instead, she asked her why Yui hadnt been hanging out with her group anymore, causing her to feel annoyed.

Still, even if Yumikos voice became louder and the argument between them became intense, no one said anything as if they were afraid to be burnt by Yumikos anger.

Even Hayato Hayama, the most popular guy in the class, couldnt say anything and just stayed on the side, without saying anything, waiting for the argument to end.

However, was it a good thing to do that?

Of course not, right?

With the argument between Yumiko and Yui, it wouldnt be weird if they stopped becoming friends, yet no one said anything and stayed in silence, afraid to be noticed.

If it was before, Saki would also be the same. Even now, she would also do the same since it had nothing to do with her, and she could just ignore them. She didnt know them well, so it had nothing to do with her, and even if she ignored them, she felt okay and felt calm, considering the people she had seen in her life were even bigger than Yumiko.

Yumikos presence in the class might be similar to a queen, yet outside of the school, what was she?


Yumiko was just an ordinary beautiful girl.

However, Saki could only laugh inwardly since she was also the same and might be worse, especially if she didnt know Shishio. She let out a sigh and thought to stop them, but as if a shark smelled of blood, this guy came to like it was nothing.

“Saki-senpai! I am here!”

His voice was clear and heard by everyone.

Also, it made Yui and Yumiko stunned for a moment.

Shishio was there, calling Saki there before he looked at Yui and Yumiko, who seemed to talk to each other. While his relationship with Yui and Yumiko was okay, it was quite different from Yumiko since he hadnt spoken with Yumiko after he was known to become a scumbag.

“Whats wrong?” Shishio asked bluntly while looking at Yui and Yumiko.

“No-Nothing.” Yui subconsciously said with an awkward expression.

Yumiko also didnt say anything and turned her head away.

“Well, it might have nothing to do with me, but I can hear your voice from the outside, though.”

“….” Yui and Yumiko. They felt this guy was a bully since he clearly knew what had happened, yet he asked them.

If it was someone else, Yumiko would get aggressive and tell them to be quiet, but it was hard to do it with Shishio since his face was handsome, and he was clearly her type. On the other hand, his aura was also quite different.

If Yumiko had to give an example, it was like meeting an adult. She couldnt help but feel slightly inferior and respectful even if she knew this guy was a scumbag.

“I know that I might be meddlesome, and I am sure you wont be happy if I say this, but Yuigama-senpai, you should talk clearly about what you want to do, and Miura-senpai, you should listen to what Yuigama-senpai wants to say. After all, it will be horrible if your relationship is ruined because of a small thing, right?” Shishio said softly, then looked at Saki, who walked toward him and took her hand without hesitation. “Well, goodbye.”

“…..” Everyone.

Still, the students who werent related to Yumikos clique also walked away since Shishio gave them a chance to escape. Also, the girls couldnt help but look at Saki, and somehow they understood why Saki had become more beautiful, and they felt quite envious for some reason.

As for Yui and Yumiko, the two looked at each other for a moment.

Yui knew she had always been afraid to talk about what was on her mind since she didnt want an argument, but this time, she was going to say it. “Um, Yumiko…”

While Yumiko didnt feel good, she listened to what Yui wanted to say.

Still, when Yui and Yumiko talked to each other, Shishio and Saki didnt walk away since they happened to meet Yukinoshita, who seemed about to stop the argument between Yui and Yumiko.

“Senpai.” Shishio greeted Yukinoshita with a smile.

Yukinoshita opened her mouth, but she closed it again before she nodded. “Um.” She had a feeling that if she had come to stop Yui and Yumiko before, she might have picked a fight with Yumiko. While what she did, wasnt wrong, it would cause Yuis position in the class to become awkward, considering Yui was part of Yumikos clique.

In other words, not only the workplace but even a class also had politics.

It might seem strange, but this was how society was.

Still, of course, there was also a sincere, honest, genuine relationship without such a complicated relationship.

However, such a thing is rare, and when you meet them, please treasure them.

“Yuigama-senpai seems busy. You should wait for a while,” Shishio said.

“I know.” Yukinoshita nodded, then said in a low voice, “Thanks.”

“What?” Shishio looked at Yukinoshita in confusion.

Yukinoshita felt quite embarrassed, but she still said, “If its me, I might cause trouble.” She had always said something on her mind, and while it was something good, there was something known as a time and occasion. She might have said something on her mind, but it didnt mean they were all good to the ears of the people. In other words, she was like picking a fight.

If Hikigaya wasnt slime, he might slam Yukinoshita without hesitation in the past. After all, being mocked badly wasnt something good.

Yukinoshita also knew her problem, but she didnt bother to change it since, in her mind, this was her armor. This was how she protected herself, especially with the experience she had during her childhood time.

Yukinoshita didnt know what to change, and she didnt want to change.

However, if someone could pass through that armor and see her kindness, without a doubt, they would see how wonderful this girl was.

Still, Shishio held Yukinoshitas forehead and showed confusion.

Yukinoshita was stunned, and her face turned red before she swept his hand away. “What are you doing?!”

“I thought you were sick for suddenly thanking me like that,” Shishio said in a murmur.

“…..” If a look could kill someone, without a doubt, this was how Yukinoshitas gaze would appear. “Still, it is rare for you two to appear together. What are you doing?” She was curious since usually, Shishio would be with his harem instead of Saki.

“Well, we have something to do. Ill go out first. See you tomorrow at the club, Senpai.”

Saki gave Yukinoshita a nod and left with Shishio.

Yukinohsita also nodded and looked at their backs before Yuis voice woke her up.

“Yukinon, did you wait?”

Yukinoshita looked at Yui and shook her head. “No. I didnt wait too long. Is your matter done?”

Yui could only smile at Yukinoshitas straightforward personality, but she nodded and said, “Yes, its done.”

“Thats good.” Yukinoshita nodded and said, “Should we go out and have lunch?”


The two were about to go to the clubroom of the Service Club, but they happened to meet Hikigaya.

“Hikki!” Yui greeted Hikigaya with a smile.

Yukinoshita only nodded.

On the other hand, Hikigaya also could only nod awkwardly. It seemed there was still a long way to go before he could get used to the life of a “normie.”

While Hikigaya could only give an awkward response, Shishio and Saki walked next to each other while talking to each other.

“So tonight?” Saki asked.

“Is it a problem?” Shishio asked.

“No, its alright. Ill wait at my house. Tell me if you come,” Saki said.

“Is that okay? Wont your parents give you trouble?” Shishio asked.

“Its alright. My father is working. As for my mother, she knows my situation,” Saki said plainly.

“…..” Shishio could only smile bitterly at the unfriendly working time of this country. “Still, wont they worry if their daughter is taken out by her boyfriend in the middle of the night?”

“Well, it should be okay.” Saki looked at Shishio and said, “You should know I worked at the bar before, right? I havent told my mother that I have stopped working.”

“…..” Shishio.

“Okay. I plan to go with you, so where are we going tonight?” Saki asked.

Shishio thought he might need to visit Sakis house in the future, but lets discuss this matter aside. “I plan to visit LAmant.”


Shishio told Shishio about the cafe where he met Shiinas editor in the past, and the owner of the cafe was a transvestite. He thought to ask the owner about his experience with his book.

“Youre really going to write a book about a transvestite?” Saki asked speechlessly.

“Its not about a transvestite, but one of the characters happens to be a ladyboy. Theres someone I know who happens to be a woman in the body of a man, so I want to interview him a bit,” Shishio said with a serious expression since he wanted his works to be perfect.

Saki also knew how serious he was when he wanted to do something, so she nodded. “Dont worry. Ill be by your side all the time.” She was afraid he might be attacked by a group of transvestites when he came to the cafe where he talked about it. As for him to swing that way, she didnt think so since she knew how lively he was when they were together.

“Thanks.” Shishio was glad that Saki was there.

There was a reason why Shishio brought Saki out of all of the girls. First, she was the most courageous and the one who would protect him in case he was attacked. Also, he wanted to spend more time with her since it had been a while since the two were alone together, so this time, it was a perfect chance for them to go on a date.

Anyway, tonight, they had made their destination, and without hesitation, they visited the “LAmant” to listen to the story of the master.

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