I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 456: Lets talk about something

Chapter 455: Were all going nuts!

After their activity in the clubroom, Shishio and Saki returned home to change their attires. They had planned to go out to research his novel.

Somehow when Shishio thought of his novel, he understood why Shiro-san often walked out to go on the research.

After all, it was different when one wrote without information and when one wrote with knowledge of the information.

The smoothness of the words and the flow of the story would be more believable when one had the information of the necessary knowledge.

While it was quite strange why he had decided to visit Masaki Kobayashi, it was quite necessary for his story.

Still, before he went on his journey with Saki, he told everyone in the clubroom whether they wanted to visit the theme park next Saturday, especially when he had gotten the free ticket.

“…..” Usa could only cry and smile helplessly when he heard about a free ticket. However, he also knew his money wasnt enough, and Shishio also helped him with buying the ticket.

Still, under Shishios invitation, everyone agreed without hesitation to go out to the theme park. However, they didnt visit Disney Park, considering they were from Tokyo and often visited it in the past. It was also the reason why they decided to visit Fuji-Q Highland, the theme park that was located at the base of Mount Fuji.

“Lets go! Lets go there!” Nana said without hesitation.

Mea and Maiko also agreed.

After all, they didnt have to pay since they got a free ticket, so why shouldnt they go?

Mai looked at Usa and Shishio and knew they were the ones who bought the ticket, but she knew since they had money, she didnt say anything. However, she wondered why they did this. What were they planning?

Still, Mai was quite curious about going to the theme park together with everyone. After all, it would be her first experience doing so. She had been busy with her work as a child actress, and she didnt have time to play. However, it was something normal since when one wanted to achieve something, they usually had to sacrifice something.

Though some people didnt need to sacrifice anything, such people were only a small number, and it was better not to think too much about them, considering you might feel jealous or envious, wasting your time, doing something useless when you could use your time to improve yourself.

“Still, what are you planning? Why did you invite us so suddenly?” However, Ritsu seemed unfazed and asked Shishio and Usa with doubt.


Usa became nervous and could only look at Shishio, hoping he would be able to smooth this situation out.

“Frankly, theres no deep meaning. We just got lucky by getting tickets for the theme park. If you dont want to go, we wont force you,” Shishio said calmly.

“Oi!! Shishio! What are you doing?!” Usa sent out a message to Shishio through his eyes since if Ritsu didnt come, what was the point he went to the theme park?

While Usa must admit, going out and playing in the theme park was fun, his purpose in coming was to make his relationship with Ritsu became closer, and if possible, he wanted to confess, then the two would fall for each other and become lovers!

However, if Ritsu didnt come, all of that plan would turn into failure.

“Just leave it to me.” Shishio sent a message to Usa through his eyes.

Usa was in doubt, but before he was able to say his doubt, Ritsu said, “I-I have never said I wont go…” She pouted and looked away, wondering whether Shishio had forgotten his promise to bring her to Jimbocho. However, even if he might have forgotten about it, it was quite hard to remind him, considering she had a problem with the communication, and she also knew it was quite wrong to ask someone who had a girlfriend to go out with her.

‘Well, he has many girlfriends…

Ritsu thought for a moment and felt it might be better to remind him later.

Of course, Shishio remembered his promise, but he didnt intend to go out now. Still, he must admit, even though he helped Usa out at the theme park, he knew Usas chances of success in his confession were close to zero, or rather, it was zero.

However, Shishio didnt say anything and just kept silent. He knew that no matter what he said, it would be futile. It would be useless since when one had fallen in love, they would be blind.

In other words, they would be full of obsession.

It might seem “ew” or something, but Shishio felt it was something natural since that was what “love” did to someone.

If the love was accepted, it was okay, but if it was rejected…


Anyway, Shishio decided to wait until the storm ended and waited until everything had ended before he settled everything.

“So it has been decided, right?” Shishio said while looking at everyone.

They nodded and agreed to go to the theme park together on Saturday.

Ritsu could only sigh, but she also agreed to go with everyone.

On the other hand, Usa thought Ritsu was so cute, and somehow his heart was pounding when he thought of confessing his love to her during their trip to the theme park.

“By the way, I know that many of you, itll be their first time going there, and it is also my first time there, so who hasnt been there?” Shishio asked.

Unexpectedly, Saki, Shiina, Mai, Ritsu, Usa, and even Mea hadnt been there.

“Nana, Maiko, Miu, have you been there before?” Shishio asked.

“Um.” Miu nodded and said, “I have been with my family before.”

“Were too.” 2x

The three of them had visited Fuji Q in the past with their families, so it wouldnt be their first time going there.

“So, whats the popular attraction there?” Shishio was also quite curious since he had never visited Fuji Q. Well, he also hadnt visited Disney Land, but he knew this wasnt the time to talk about this matter.

“Hmm… if I have to say, there are many attractions for families,” Miu said.

“Like what?” Mai asked curiously.

“Its like a spinning teacup, Ferris wheel, mirror house, merry-go-round…” Miu listened to the attraction one by one, causing the girls like Shiina, Saki, Mai, Ritsu, and Mea to become excited.

Still, Shishio looked at Mea Uchifuji and thought it was quite unexpected she had never come to Fuji Q, but he didnt say anything.

It might seem weird for him to think so, but unlike Shiina, who came from England, Saki, who was poor, Ritsu, who had been an indoor child, and Mai, who had been working as a child actress until high school, Mea was like Nana and Maiko.

Mea had a happy family and would also have fun like Nana and Maiko, but it seemed her family might be unexpectedly similar to Saki.

Still, while everyone listened to Mius fairy-tale-like story, Nana and Maiko seemed dissatisfied and shook their heads while making a “tsk, tsk, tsk” sound.

“Whats wrong?” Miu was speechless and looked at the two with a pout.

“Miu-senpai, how old are you?” Maiko shook her head.

“Yeah, those types of attractions are for children.” Nana shrugged her shoulders.

“…Children?” Miu looked at the chest of Maiko and Nana before she looked at her chest.


Miu plopped on the ground and oozed out a gloomy aura.

“There, there.” Shishio patted Mius shoulder gently.

“Shishio-kun!” Miu cried and hugged him tightly.

After confirming Miu, Shishio looked at Maiko and Nana helplessly.

Nana and Maiko could only stick out their tongues cutely.

“So if you say the attractions that are told by Miu are childish, is there an adult-like attraction there?” Mai asked curiously.

On the other hand, Shiina seemed to be very excited. Her eyes shone brightly, thinking it would be fun to play at the theme park on Saturday.

“Of course!” 2x

Maiko and Nana looked at each other, then asked, “Who is going to explain?” 2x

“…….” 2x

“Ill take the lead,” Nana said.

“Please.” Maiko nodded and agreed.

“The first is a terrifying coaster with a maximum falling angle of 121 degrees! It can be enjoyed with two types of acceleration: linear launch acceleration and vertical roll-down! It is also recorded on the world record!” Nana explained fully of tension.

“Not only that.” Maiko suddenly joined in and said, “Theres also the longest and the most feared horror attraction in history! With a total length of 900 m, an attraction can make us experience the fear human beings feel.”

“Isnt that exciting to you?” 2x

“……..” Everyone.

While they must admit that the two attractions could excite them, they excited them for different reasons.

Shishio thought he should bring Roberta with him, too, since he knew he needed someone to help take care of the people around him, but then his sleeve was pulled.

“Hmm… whats wrong, Mashiro?”

“Shishio, lets ride on the coaster and the horror house.” Shiinas eyes shone brightly, showing how excited she was.

“……..” Shishio looked at Shiina for a moment and patted her head. “Okay.” He knew this girl loved a challenge and something dangerous, especially when they were on the “View of Hell” in the past. She could even stand on the edge without blinking her eyes, so he knew the coaster and the horror house also excited her.

Still, this not only burnt the spirit of Shiina since the others also seemed to be in an excited state too.

“Fufufu… I guess this is the best time to see who is the best among us,” Nana said while holding her fists and moving her neck without creating a “creak” sound.

“Yeah, I must agree. Its time to end this struggle.” Mea nodded as she crossed her arms.

“Our long last battle is going to end soon…” Maiko sounded full of melancholy, but her eyes were burning with spirit.

The spirit of the three girls seemed to unite and fuse with each other, creating a chain of reactions among the people inside the room.

Without a doubt, they were going to decide who was the strongest among them on their trip to Fuji Q this Saturday.

Still, among them, there were still many people who had common sense, and they could only sigh helplessly, but without a doubt, they were also excited about this trip.

However, was it his imagination, but could Saki seem to be quite nervous?

Anyway, Shishio could talk with Saki later since they would go out together later and talk about this matter since the battle spirit among the girls had reached its peak, and he was afraid they were all going nuts.

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