I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 458: Are we at a Halloween party?


Saki hesitated for a moment and answered, “…Hostess?”

“Bingo! Thats right. I was a hostess before,” Masaki said with a smile.

While Saki was surprised, Shishio didnt feel that much surprised since he knew how profitable the nightlife industry was, especially in the cabaret club.

Masakis job was to accompany people to drink and talk with them. While they may not have had intercourse, his body was touched regardless. However, it was part of his job, and there was nothing he could do, even if he wanted to give his body to someone he loved.

Still, Shishio hid behind Saki when Masaki looked at him with a dangerous light.

The three hadnt entered. Instead, they talked to each other outside of the shop. There were many people outside, and they attracted attention since their attires were different from the rest, especially when most of the people that walked around in this place were men with business suits. Still, the one who attracted the attention wasnt Shishio or Saki since the two were wearing face masks.

The one who attracted the most attention was Masaki, and those men seemed to leer at him from time to time.

Shishio shuddered and realized what kind of dangerous place he had come to. He was quite scared and whispered to Saki, “Saki, lets go back.” He might have realized it before, but he didnt think too much since he thought this was a normal place. However, who would have thought the gazes of the people would be so scary?

It gave him a shudder, and he wanted to hug Saki to tend to his fragile heart.

“But…” Saki wanted to learn more about this place since she was quite curious, but she also realized the strange atmosphere around this area, and she could also see Shishio was quite frightened. She gulped and asked, “Marie, what kind of place is this?” She had almost forgotten to ask what kind of place this was, especially after she asked how the hostess was paid.

Masaki chuckled and said, “You dont need to worry. This place is safe.” He then explained their questions and answered them one by one since he could see how they were interested in the side they had never thought of before.

The hourly wages of the hostess were extremely low, and it was better to work as a waitress or a cashier in the convenience store instead of a hostess because of low hourly wages.

However, unlike the cashier or the waitress, the hostess had a commission. The more their customers bought alcohol and other expensive things in the store, the bigger their commission was.

At his peak, Masaki could even get 30 million yen a month!

It was an amazing amount of money, especially when the majority of people in this country could only get that amount of money for many years.

Still, Saki also knew the potential of being a hostess since she had received an offer in the past when she was working as a bartender. However, she rejected it and ignored those people since it wouldnt be a joke if her school knew what she did. In the worst case, she would be kicked out of the school if the school knew she was working as a hostess in the club.

Well, even though Saki also knew the fact that she worked as a bartender, without a doubt, she could be kicked out of her family. It was also the reason why she was glad and loved Shishio so much. However, the fact that she had been troubled with money didnt change, and she was interested in talking about how people could get money.

Still, Saki also knew how weird the gaze of the people around, and she could imagine what kind of trouble it would bring if Shishio took off his face mask, so she held his hand and said, “Dont worry, Ill protect you.”

“……” Shishio.

Shishio wondered why Saki was so handsome today, but he could only nod helplessly. “Okay, okay, lets just play here for a while.”

“Great!” 2x

Saki and Masaki were happy.

While Shishio understood why Saki was happy since he knew she was quite curious about this place, he didnt understand why Masaki was happy. Still, he had learned a lot of Masaki, but then he asked, “You know, this place seems expensive. Do we need to pay if we enter?”

“Its okay. Youre still underage after all, and everyone here is my friend, so theyll understand, but I hope you can write something good, alright? Make the image of the ladyboy become good.”

The image of the ladyboy had always been negative in society, and Masaki hoped Shishio could write something that would erase that stigma.

“I cant give you a promise, but Ill try,” Shishio said calmly.

“Thats good. Thats what I want to hear. Alright, lets come in. I am sure you have goosebumps when you stand here.” Masaki laughed.

“…” Shishio stared at Masaki in silence and knew this guy had teased him. However, his heart was well-endowed, so he decided to forgive this guy, especially when he heard Masakis sincere wish.

The three entered the shop together, and Masaki greeted everyone excitedly. “Girls, I am here!”

“Eh? Marie!”

“Why are you here?”

“Its been so long! Your biceps are as good as ever!”


Shishio couldnt take a single step forward and asked nervously, “Are we at a Halloween party?”

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