I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 459: Haunted house or another world?

work here, he made me his rival out of nowhere,” Masaki explained.

“…” Saki and Shishio didnt say anything. While they didnt need Masakis explanation, they were speechless when Erika only maintained “E” from his real name.

“So, what are you doing here? Is your cafe bankrupt? Do you want to work here again?”

Everyone knew Masaki had owned his cafe, and it was impossible for him to work in this place again unless his cafe was bankrupt, so they wondered whether his cafe was bankrupt, and he decided to return.

“Hey, if youre going to return, Ill order more!”

“Yes, take out Dom Perignon to celebrate Maries return!”

“Isnt that a bit too cheap? How about we order the Champagne tower?”

The shop became even more excited and became wilder, with the customers screaming one by one to order more expensive drinks since they could celebrate Masakis return.

Saki was stupefied when she heard how expensive the Dom Perignon and the Champagne tower were since she worked in the bar in the past, so she whispered to Shishio and asked, “Are those people rich?”

“Well, they should be well-off, but even so, it is still expensive to order those types of alcohol,” Shishio answered.

“So how can they? Is that okay?” Saki asked with doubt.

“It should be okay. They usually put a tab for this type of consumption in their companies, and their companies will pay for them,” Shishio whispered.

“Huh? Is that okay? Isnt that embezzlement?” Saki was dumbfounded.

While Saki was surprised, Shishio answered her calmly. He knew from his “business mastery” how many people in this country would use the money of their companies to enjoy this kind of treatment in the name of entertaining the clients. It was something common, and it was impossible to erase. However, as long as one could bring enough benefit to the company and this much consumption was nothing. The company could even buy them houses, cars, and many others.

Still, if they couldnt bring enough benefit and they were found out doing this kind of thing blatantly, without a doubt, they would be fired and put into prison, losing everything, whether it was their social life, wealth, or any others. Some of them might even commit suicide, but this wasnt the time to discuss this matter.

While Masaki was happy that they were happy with his visit, he explained he didnt come to return, and everything was alright with his cafe. However, since the customers had ordered, they couldnt take back their order.

“So, whats wrong?” Erika asked.

“I want to bring my friends since theyre curious about this place,” Masaki said.

“Friends?” Then they quickly noticed Saki and Shishio. While they wore facemasks, they could tell the two should be beautiful and handsome. They ignored Saki, and their eyes turned bright red when they saw Shishio.

Shishio shuddered, and Saki quickly stood in front of Shishio, raising both of her arms like a hen protecting her chick from the wolf.

“Oh, little girl, were not interested in you. Were just curious about your boyfriend.”

“Yeah, its your first time to come here, right? Why dont we get to know each other better?”

“Lets become friends!”


Shishio might have known this place was dangerous, but this place was more dangerous than he had thought. They didnt do anything illegal, and they didnt harm his body, so it was impossible to beat them up. However, his mind was on the verge of breaking, and he wanted to beat everyone in this place somehow.

“Hey, dont tease him.” Masaki also tried to stop everyone from going berserk and said, “Hes coming to ask us about our life and write them into a story.”

“What?!” Everyone was surprised and looked at Shishio.

Shishio nodded, then calmly told everyone about his intention. He didnt come with bad intentions. He came with good intentions, trying to erase the stigma of the ladyboys, so he hoped they wouldnt attack him.

Everyone was surprised and moved by Shishio.

They brought him to the side, and they talked to each other about their lives.

Shishio and Saki didnt take off their facemask since they were still underage, and they were afraid the school might trouble them if they knew they had come to this place.

Everyone believed in them, and they also didnt mind, showing an amiable attitude from the beginning to the end.

Still, even if Shishio didnt take off his facemask, they were all in a daze, and they wanted to rush to attack him. However, Masaki had become his bodyguard, protecting himself from any harm while hoping he could make him fall in love.

Unfortunately, Shishio was normal, and that fact wouldnt change no matter how many times he was reincarnated.

Their conversation was unexpectedly interesting, especially when everyone in the place was excited about the champagne tower and Masaki, who started to dance in the middle of the stage.

“…..” Shishio and Saki.

With the hazy, lazy, and sexy music, everyone was excited, but then, someone suddenly attracted their attention.

“Lucy, please receive this!”

Shishio and Saki turned and saw a man in his 30s, bowing his head, trying to give a letter to one of the ladyboys.


The two were in silence and thought they were riding on the roller coaster without a belt. They could be thrown out anytime, yet they must admit this place was quite fun.

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