I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 460: Dangerous roller coaster

s there one decided to join the group, even if something wasnt funny or one might do something stupid, they would do the same since everyone did the same.

Even though many rich people or politicians often stood in front of many people and had massive confidence, they could still be affected by a herd effect. Saki, who was just a normal high school girl, could also be affected by the herd effect.

If Shishio wasnt by her side, Saki might even laugh with everyone now.

Still, Shishio wondered why Lucy did this. Wasnt it better to do it alone, so the man wouldnt be agitated or angry?

However, when Shishio thought about it calmly, he could see how disgusted Lucy was with this man, so the man might have done this several times, and she might have rejected her several times. Still, the man didnt give up and kept stalking and did something worse and worse, so in the end, Lucy could only do this by embarrassing him in front of everyone, so the man would give up.

Shishio wasnt sure, but hopefully, nothing happened tonight.

“Hey Lucy, you havent given him an answer! Give him an answer!”

Hearing those words, everyone laughed harder.

Lucy looked at the man in front of him with a determined expression and said, “Sorry, I reject your confession, and please dont bother me again!”


Everyone had expected this, but they couldnt help but clap their hands and laugh happily.

Lucy let out a sigh inwardly since he knew he had hurt this man, but what could he do?

This man was just too disgusting!

Lucy was clear he was beautiful, and it was normal for him to be confessed to, but this man was too much!

Not only had this man stalked him from time to time, but his panties were also even stolen by him!

His house had even rummaged once, which made him scared!

The man also had confessed to him several times, but Lucy rejected him many times. Frankly, he didnt think too much about his partners appearance, and as long as his partner had a good heart, he was okay with it. However, this man was a married man!

Not only did this man have a wife, but he also had children!

With such a happy family, whats the point of confessing to him?

Lucy couldnt destroy someone elses family with his beauty, so he rejected the man. Still, the man was too persistent to hear his confession, so in the end, this was the only thing he could do. He hoped by embarrassing him. Finally, the man would give up and stop following him before returning to his family.

However, Lucy underestimated the irrationality of someone who was blinded by love!

With Lucy embarrassing him in front of many people, the man had lost his face. Not only was his love rejected, but his pride was insulted. Right now, he was filled with anger by Lucys action, and with his state of mind, he was almost crazy!

Under the dim light, a gleam of a silver light suddenly appeared and was about to move toward Lucy!

However, everyone was too busy laughing, and they didnt realize what was happening until suddenly a glass was thrown in the direction of the gleam of the silver light!


The sound of the breaking glass and the sound of a metallic object dropping to the ground stunned everyone.

They couldnt react for a while before Shishio shouted, “Stop the man! Hes going to kill Lucy!”

Everyone quickly reacted, especially when they saw the man was about to pick up the knife again.

Even if their hearts were women, their bodies were male!

They could protect themselves, especially with such a thick and meaty body!

“The hell are you doing?!”

“Catch him!”


They had lost their charming voice, and their voices were like a thundering noise.

Lucy quickly reacted by hugging the man from behind and doing a German suplex!

The man was hit by the german suplex and moaned in pain!

Lucy was an ex-pro-wrestler, but he embarked on his true self. However, the skill he honed for many years hadnt been lost, and he quickly captured the man!

However, this wasnt the end since everyone quickly jumped and pinned the man to the ground.

The other quickly put the knife far away from the position.

Everyone who was drunk also quickly sobered since they knew how serious the situation in front of them was!

Sakis heart was beating fast since even if she had seen Shishio fight, it didnt mean she had seen someone killed. Her body trembled, but then she was hugged by Shishio.

“Calm down. Everything is alright.” Shishio hugged Saki tightly and kissed her hair gently.

Saki quickly calmed down and also hugged him tighter, sniffing his scent to calm herself since what had happened before stunned her!

Luckily, Shishio was there, or else?

Saki rubbed her face and thought she really loved him.

Shishio looked at Masaki, who also joined in apprehending the man, and sighed in relief since he was able to stop the trouble. Still, he really felt this trip was like the feeling when he rode on a roller coaster but without a safety belt.

Also, Shishio definitely wont come to this place again!

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