he didn ’t think too much and said, ”I will handle them, you don ’t need to worry. ” For her, it was very easy to erase the existence of that trash of society without anyone noticing.

Shishio looked at Tomari and asked, ”…Do I have to pay something? ” Even if his grandfather was Tomari ’s client, he didn ’t want to owe a favor to Tomari since owning a favor to a businessman was very expensive.

”You don ’t need to pay anything, this kind of thing is easy for me, ” Tomari said easily.

”It ’s alright. Even if you don ’t do anything, they won ’t be able to do anything to us after all, ” Shishio said and decided to refuse Tomari ’s kindness since he didn ’t really want to owe her a favor, least that she might ask him a request or something in the future.

”Well, if you say so… ” Tomari felt that this boy had grown up and felt a bit difficult to handle, thinking back at how cute and stupid he was before, she felt a bit unacceptable by his growth since he became quite smart now and became quite uncute.

”Then Tomari-san, I will go back now since I have to get up early to go to the entrance ceremony of my high school, ” Shishio said.

Tomari nodded and said, ”Then I will give you my phone number, you can call me if you need something. ” She then gave Shishio her name card. ”Give me your phone number, by the way. ”

Shishio didn ’t reject, accepted Tomari ’s business card, and exchanged contacts with each other. ”Thank you, Tomari-san. Then I will leave now. ” He then pulled the hand of the girl and walked away since he felt that it was a bit awkward to meet someone he knew.

The girl bowed her head slightly and also walked together with Shishio.

Tomari looked at Shishio ’s back for a while until she saw him had gone.

”Do you like him, Ms. Tomari? ” Hong asked. He also didn ’t feel that there was anything wrong with it since Tomari was a woman and it was normal for her to be attracted to a man, though, he didn ’t expect that she loved the younger one, but he had to admit that Shishio was very handsome.

”If you keep talking then I will place C4 on your throat later, ” Tomari said coldly.

Hong shrugged his shoulders, but he still said, ”But that boy is powerful, you should scout him as a fighter. ” Even though it was hard to accept, he still had to admit that Shishio was very strong and he might not be able to defeat him, which made him feel bitter somehow.

Tomari raised her eyebrow and started to ponder until she saw her bodyguards come along with her secretary. She then walked away and said, ”Clean up those men in the alley. ”

They quickly nodded and picked all the men that were beaten up by Shishio, following Tomari ’s order to clean them up.

How would they clean them up?

It should be obvious, right?

When Shishio and the girl had walked away from Tomari and her group, he let out a sigh and released the girl ’s hand.

The girl seemed to be disappointed somehow and looked at the hand that was let go by Shishio. The alley was quite dark before so she couldn ’t see Shishio ’s appearance clearly, but under this street light, she had to admit that he was very handsome.

”It is safe now and I am sorry for holding your hand for a long time before, ” Shishio said simply.

”No, it ’s alright. ” The girl shook her head and looked at him before asking, ”Your name is Shishio Oga, right? not Nobi Nobita. ” She wanted to confirm the name of the person who had saved her after all.

”….. ”

”…Yes, that ’s my name. ” Shishio looked at the girl again and had to admit that this girl was very beautiful. He was really wondering how he was able to meet a lot of beautiful women in the past few days, and at the same time, he knew very well who this girl was, and he had a feeling that he would meet more people from the same story as this girl in the future.

”My name is Saki Kawasaki and thank you very much for helping me out before, ” Saki said and bowed her head slightly, feeling grateful for Shishio who had saved her from her plight.

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