I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 461: What are they doing?

k water before reaching his back slowly.

Shishio felt his back was touched, so he turned and asked, “Are you thirsty?”

Saki blushed again when she saw his face since it reminded her of how crazy she was before, but she nodded and sat gently next to him, drinking the mineral water from the same bottle Shishio had drank before.

“You should rest.” Shishio patted her shoulder.

Saki pulled the blanket and wrapped her body around it before she leaned on his shoulder, watching the scenery of Tokyo Bay through the window. “Shishio, can I ask something?”

“Whats wrong?”

“Why did that guy decide to stab Lucy even if he loved him?” Saki asked. Even if she couldnt understand how two similar genders could fall in love with each other, she felt the feeling of love should be similar to each other.

The man should be in love with Lucy, yet how could he try to kill Lucy?

“Haha…” Shishio smiled as he caressed Sakis hair. “It might not be love.”


“Its an obsession. While the difference is obvious, the people who feel that feeling cant differentiate it since you should also understand what kind of irrational thing love can do to someone, right?”

Saki agreed since she knew what kind of crazy thing love could do. It might be love, yet it might not be. Instead, it might be an obsession, but anyway, she was sure she was in love with Shishio.

Also, Saki must agree that love made her become irrational. If she wasnt in love with him, it would have been impossible to let him date many girls together.

Still, Shishio also knew what the man could do was also possible to be done by his girlfriends. His chances of being stabbed were high. As for whether he would be alright or not, it wasnt a problem he could answer since he had never encountered such a problem. As a precaution, he felt it was impossible to prepare since who could predict someones heart?

If one could, there might not be a conflict in this world.

However, if possible, Shishio didnt want to live in such a world, a world where everyone could see inside your heart. He could feel it would be horrible to live such a life. While he was in the middle of a thought, he heard a gentle breath from her side. He saw Saki sleeping on his shoulder, soundly, without a sign to wake up.

Shishio smiled and took her to sleep together.

The next day, everyone in the literature club listened to the story that was narrated by Shishio.

Saki was on his side and nodded from time to time, causing her hair to braid to sway slightly.

However, everyone was lost for words since they didnt expect the two would meet for such an experience last night.

“Fortunately, you can stop the man, or else…”

While they were curious, their expression also turned slightly pale when they thought about how someone was almost killed in front of them. Also, they were quite curious about the gay bar.

“Did you take a photo? Or do you have a plan to go there?”

“I did take a photo,” Shishio said since he had taken the photos of the “Fantasia,” whether it was inside or outside last night secretly, without anyone noticing.


Shishio didnt say much and took out his camera, so everyone could see the photos of his adventure with Saki.

Everyone was curious, and they couldnt help but marvel at the scene that showed in the photos.

“Everyone seemed to be having fun,” Miu said in surprise and could see everyone was having fun.

“It isnt that they have to have fun, but they have to have fun,” Shishio said.

“Huh?” Miu was confused.

However, Saki answered Mius confusion since she knew even if everyone in the shop smiled happily, it was their duty to do so. Even if they were on a bad day, crying, sad, or any other, they had to smile in front of the customers so everyone could have fun.

Looking at the smiling ladyboys in the photo, somehow, they felt a strange contradiction.

They were smiling and laughing, yet no one really knew what they felt inside.

However, everyone agreed that they must admire the determination of the ladyboys in their works.

They continued to talk before the time passed and before it was time to go home. However, Shishio didnt go back immediately since he had had to go to the club. It was a Wednesday, the day he had to go to the Service Club.

As he walked to the Service Club, Shishio happened to meet Hikigaya. “Hikigaya-senpai!”

In his usual lifeless expression, Hikigaya halted his step and nodded. “Yo.”

Shishio didnt care about Hikigayas return and said, “Lets go to the club together.”

Hikigaya looked at Shishio for a moment and nodded.

The two didnt say anything and just walked together, talking about the development of the civil servant.

While the income of the civil servant might not be as much of those who were working in the companies, without a doubt, it was the most stable job that one could choose. Also, the overtime wasnt as serious as those who worked in the companies. They also started to wonder whether there was a job that didnt force them to work too long yet had an enormous income.

As they talked, they saw Yui and Yukinoshita standing in front of the clubroom, seemingly peeking through the gap of the door of the Service Club clubroom. They looked at each other for a moment, and there was a similar question on their minds.

‘What are they doing? 2x

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