I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 464: Exaggerated expectations

Chapter 463: Chuunibyous request

The three boys were having fun with each other, but a cough sounded, and it was like cold water was poured on the top of their heads.

“What are you doing?” Yukinoshita asked calmly while staring at the two boys and one man.

“…” Hikigaya and Zaimokuza instantly lowered their heads, and their faces were burning red in shame. Still, they wanted to kowtow to Shishio when they heard his voice.

“Its something that you, women, wont understand.” Shishio shook his head while showing a lonely expression.

“…..” Yui and Yukinoshita werent sure, but they wanted to beat this guy up.

However, Hikigaya and Zaimokuza must admit this guy was really their highness.

“Hey, hey, stop hitting me!”

While Yui and Yukinoshita seemed to hit him, it was like a light massage on Shishios arms.

Shishio even used this chance to touch their bodies slightly from time to time, without the two girls noticing. While this situation might humiliate him slightly, he decided to bear it for a moment since, in the future, they would have their karma.

As for what kind of karma it was, Shishio didnt need to explain it, right?

Still, watching him being surrounded by two girls, Hikigaya and Zaimokuza must admit while heaven and earth could forgive Shishio, they wouldnt forgive him no matter what!

This was the vow of a single guy!

After the two girls were satisfied, they started to discuss Zaimokuzas problem.

However, before that, there was a question that Yukinoshtia wanted to ask, “So whats that swordmaster thing? Also, whats that exaggerated act?” While Zaimokuzas act made her slightly strange, Shishios act made her interested, and her body trembled since it was so real. “Are you going to become a voice actor again in Misaki-senpais anime?”

Hearing Yukinoshitas last question, the three people quickly turned their attention toward Shishio, especially Zaimokuza, since his eyes were burning with an exciting flame.

“Cough! Cough! Before we talk about what I am doing, let me explain Zaimokuzas condition.” Shishio coughed and said, “While theres no formal name, I like to call this situation a “Chuunibyou.”

“Chuunibyou?” 4x

The term Chuunibyou wasnt familiar to the ears of the people in 2005, so they looked at Shishio curiously.

Still, while the name of the Chuunibyou sounded quite cute or even cool on the ears of people, in the end, it was just a delusional syndrome where one loved to pretend to be the character they loved.

In Zaimokuzas case, it was a swordmaster. His name happened to be similar to the 13th Shogun of the Muromachi Shogunate, Ashigaka Yoshitoru, so it gave him this setting.

On the other hand, Hikigaya had a name similar to the god of war revered by Seiwa Genji, Hachiman Bodhisattva.

As for Shishio…

Cough! Cough!

It was better not to discuss his dark history.

“Thats how it is. Its not a disease or anything,” Shishio said.

“I dont understand.” Yui frowned and even felt crept out by Zaimokuzas act.

Looking at Yuis reaction, Shishio thought only a handsome guy could pull off the act of Chuunibyou. He nodded and thought he had learned a lot since it seemed he wasnt disgusted.

Yukinoshita nodded and said, “In other words, they become absorbed in the setting they create for themselves as if it were a drama, right?”

“Pretty much.” Shishio nodded.

“Then what about your case?” Yukinoshita asked.

“Well, lets just say I want to lighten up the mood.” Shishio just smiled and didnt say anything afterward.

Yukinoshita and Yui seemed to be quite unsatisfied, but they didnt say anything since they could see they wouldnt be able to get an answer from his mouth.

Still, Yukinoshita also knew it was time to handle the request of Zaimokuza.

“Still, who is this Lelouch vi Britannia?” Hikigaya asked since he must admit Shishios setting was cool!

Also, it was his first time hearing Shishio had become a voice actor.

While Hikigaya was curious, he wondered whether it was alright to ask him this question.

On the other hand, Zaimokuza was so excited, and his body was like a barrel of a bomb, seemingly wanting to ask Shishio a lot of questions, but Shishios riajuu aura made him feel intimidated.

Yui and Yukinoshita also looked at Shishio curiously.

“Lets discuss this matter aside since I am sure Zaimokuza-senpai has something that he wants to ask us, right?” Shishio decided to throw to put everyones attention on Zaimokuza.

Yukinoshita didnt force Shishio and also looked at Zaimokuza. “I somewhat get it now. Your request is for us to cure your mental problems, right?”

“Yukinon, be careful! Hes dangerous!” Yui tried to tell Yukinoshita to be careful.

However, Yukinoshita didnt think Zaimokuza was dangerous. Instead, she felt this guy might be as weak as a flea, especially when someone who stood right beside her could fight against someone who was as huge as a truck.

Also, compared to a Chuunibyou, being with a scumbag was more dangerous, right?

Still, Zaimokuza felt overwhelmed by the two girls since it had been a while since he talked with an opposite-gender besides his mother and the convenience store cashier. He looked around before deciding to ask Shishio for help. “Your Highness, please lend this loyal follower your wisdom.”

Shishio had been picking up a piece of paper on the ground, looked at Zaimokuza, and said, “You dont need to say anything. I know what you want to ask.”

“Oh! Your Highness!” Zaimokuza seemed excited when Shishio followed his setting.

“Are you aware of his request?” Yukinoshita looked at Shishio curiously.

“You probably want us to read your novel manuscript, right?” Shishio asked.

“Yes! As expected, of your highness.” Zaimokuza was moved to tears.

The four looked at each other and wondered why it was troublesome to talk with Zaimokuza.

“Well, how about we all sit down and talk about your request in more detail.” Shishio then looked at Zaimokuza and said with a smile, “Also, stop calling me, Your Highness. Its starting to get annoying, Senpai.”

“…..” Zaimokuza was in silence for a while and meekly answered, “Yes…”

“…..” Everyone.

Anyway, the five of them sat facing Zaimokuza while holding the manuscript of his novel.

Zaimokuza seemed confident and explained his purpose in coming to their dwelling.

Ignoring the “dwelling” part, they listened to Zaimokuzas request.

“Its a light novel manuscript. I was thinking of submitting it for the Rookie of the Year Award, but because I have no friends, Id like to hear thine impressions,” Zaimokusa said.

‘Light novel, huh? Frankly, Shishio had never thought of writing a light novel. It wasnt that he wasnt interested, but writing a light novel wouldnt bring him status, and compared to an orthodox novel, the market was smaller, so he had never thought to write them.

His goal was to become a prime minister, and what kind of a prime minister who wrote a harem light novel?

His image definitely would turn bad, so Shishio didnt intend to write a light novel unless he used a pseudonym to write it.

Still, compared to his time in his previous life, the hype of the light novel during this time wasnt so strong.

‘However, if I write, what kind of story should I write?

Shishio thought for a moment before he threw this matter aside to listen to Zaimokuzas request since he must admit it was quite sad to hear his confession.

“Please read it,” Zaimokuza said proudly.

Yukinoshita held her head and sighed. “I feel like he just said something quite sad without any hesitation.”

“There are sites you can submit it to for review, so why dont you try one of those?” Hikigaya asked.

Even if it was just 2005, the development of the internet wasnt slow, and everyone was excited to do a test and trial, even if the dot-com bubble just happened a few years ago.

There were a few novel publishing websites that appeared one after another.

Hikigaya loved to use the internet since he could talk bad about someone without no one knowing, so he was quite knowledgeable about this matter.

“That wont work.” Zaimokuza shook his head and said, “They have no mercy. Id probably die from such harsh criticism.”

“What a weak heart…” Hikigaya was speechless. However, he let out a sigh and said, “But, you know? Yukinoshita and Oga are even more merciless than one of those sites, you know?”

“Haha…” Zaimokuza laughed and said, “Its okay. Its okay. My heart isnt as weak as you imagine.”

‘Who said he would die from an anonymous comment? 4x

Anyway, they decided to take Zaimokuza to review his novel. However, it would take a while for them to read, so they would tell the result the next Friday when the club would be held.

Shishio didnt waste his time and took a copy of Zaimokuzas manuscript and wanted to leave since he promised to spend a night in Hiratsukas apartment, but someone called him out.


Shishio stopped and looked at Yui. “Whats wrong, Yui-senpai?”

“Thank you.” Yui was grateful to Shishio, especially after what had happened last time.

“Its okay. You dont need to worry. Also, I might be meddlesome with the problem of your friend and you, so I am sorry too,” Shishio apologized.

“No, no, its alright. If you didnt say anything that time… I… I might not be able to say what I have kept inside my heart…” Yui said in a low voice while lowering her head.


Shishio suddenly felt the atmosphere turn ambiguous. He felt regret that he didnt bring Yukinoshita with him. “But its great that you can say it now. Your relationship should be closer, right?”

“Yes.” Yui nodded with a bright smile since she felt her relationship with Yumiko Miura become even closer.

“Then, I should go now. I have something to do after this.” Shishio thought it was time for him to go back, but Yui suddenly stopped him.

“Ah, um! Wait for a moment, Shishiron!”

“Is there something wrong, Yui-senpai?” Shishio halted his steps and looked at Yui.

Yui blushed and was seemingly embarrassed, but then she made up her mind and said, “If you dont mind, how about I treat you something?”


Shishio wondered why he felt he could see how this was going to end?

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