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Chapter 465: Path of ecchi

Chapter 464: Exaggerated expectations

While reading Zaimokuzas novel, Shishio spent his night at Hiratsukas apartment.

Hiratsuka kissed his cheek, then asked, “Is that the manuscript of Zaimokuza?”

“Youre the one who tells him to go to the service club, right?” Shishio asked.

“Yeah.” Hiratsuka nodded and asked, “Why dont you ask me why I didnt send him to the service club?”

“Why?” Shishio asked curiously.

“Its because I know he cant talk well in front of beautiful girls.” Hiratsuka snorted and said, “The literature club is literally your harem palace. Do you think that guy can talk well in front of many beautiful girls?”

“…” Shishio didnt say much and could imagine how Zaimokuza would stammer when he talked about his novel. It might also be part of Hiratsukas concern for him since she thought he might be jealous when other guys talked with his women.

Well, jealousy was part of human nature.

Even for him, it was impossible to erase such a feeling. However, it depended on the situation too.

Still, Shishio also didnt want his women to talk chummily with other guys, so while he didnt say anything, he was pleased with Hiratsukas concern.

Shishio knew it was unfair, especially when he had so many women around him and he could talk with other women freely. However, this was what man was. They were selfish and only wanted their woman to be for themselves.

As for unfair or not, who cares about it?

After loving someone itself was a selfish thing, right?

The feeling of wanting the person you loved for your own from now on until death.

If that isnt selfish, then what is it?

However, even so, everyone still wanted to fall in love.

“I am going to take a bath. Are you going to join?” Hiratsuka asked.

“Thats an attractive invitation, but I am afraid if I enter with you, I believe well spend at least an hour there.”

Hiratsuka laughed and asked, “Isnt that fine? Come on!”

Shishio looked at the manuscript and Hiratsuka for a moment before he put the manuscript on the sofa and followed Hiratsuka. He must admit, he couldnt fight back against the force majeure. The charm of the mature woman was like gravity. They just pulled him closer.

Anyway, with the time they spent in the bathroom, Hiratsuka was slightly tired and decided to take a rest before continuing later.

On the other hand, Shishio decided to read Zaimokuzas manuscript for a while since he had promised to give it a review. Still, he must admit it was hard to read, especially when there were many strange and unnecessary words that Zaimokuza thought were cool to be put in the story.

If Shishio had to give an example, it was like a “Bloody Nightmare,” “Saturn Blast,” or “Universe Explosion.”

While Shishio must admit, those words were really cool. However, he could see how unnecessary it was, especially at the beginning of the story. Also, unexpectedly, he must admit Zaimokuza could write quite a good story.

Well, it wasnt that good, but Zaimokuza probably could open the path of a mainstream harem story.

In 2005 the harem story wasnt that well developed. On the other hand, a tsundere heroine was the most popular now.

Zaimokuzas story might not be perfect, but as long as it was polished more, it should reach an “ok” level, especially when the genre of harem story wasnt so widespread.

If possible, Shishio also thought to add an element of “Isekai” since this genre wasnt that well-developed now. Unlike the later generation, the current trend was similar to a “shounen” manga type of genre story with a childhood and tsundere type of heroines.

It wasnt bad, and there were even some good stories that were better than his previous lives in this world.

When Shishio thought about Zaimokuzas story, his phone suddenly vibrated, and when he took the phone, he raised his eyebrow. He accepted the call and said with a smile, “Senpai, whats wrong?”

“Sorry for calling you so suddenly. Are you busy now?” Yukinoshita asked.

“No, its alright. Is there something, Senpai?” Shishio wondered why Yukinoshita suddenly called him. Did she miss him? After all, usually, they went out to have dinner together. However, this time, he decided to go back immediately, so they didnt have dinner together.

“Did you read Zaimokuzas manuscript?” Yukinoshita asked.

“I am in the middle of reading it now. Are you reading it too, Senpai?” Shishio asked.

“Yes. Its a good thing that youre reading it now, so can I ask whats the meaning of “Bloody Nightmare” on page 17? Also, why did the girls lose their garments? Whats the point of getting naked in front of the hero? Why are there many “katakana” words and inexplicable kanji?”

“…Calm down. Let me explain it one by one.” Shishio was speechless, but he didnt feel surprised since, for Yukinoshita, who either read classic or fine literature, Zaimokuzas writing was inexplicable.

Yukinoshita didnt understand the point of fan services, also why there were many strange words to name an ultimate technique and many other things.

The two talked for an hour before Yukinoshita let out a tired sigh.

“You know theres no need to force yourself to read. If this manuscript is sent to the publishing house, the editor will throw the manuscript after three pages.” It might sound exaggerated, but Shishio didnt lie. He might have said Zaimokuza might have potential, but right now, it was just a mess. It was crappy and hard to read.

Still, everyone was like this at the beginning, and slowly they would get better.

“Theres no point in making yourself tired,” Shishio said.

“No, Ill read it,” Yukinoshita answered firmly.

However, Shishio chuckled when he heard Yukinoshitas answer. He had changed his position and sat on the veranda while watching the night sky since he was afraid someone might see him staying in Hiratsukas apartment.

It was night, and many people might not be able to see his face. Many people also didnt think it was taboo for a man and a woman to stay in the same place even if they werent married. However, Hiratsuka was a teacher, and she still had to maintain her reputation, so it was better for him to be careful.

“Why are you laughing?” Yukinoshita asked with doubt and slight annoyance.

Still, Shishio knew he needed to answer Yukinoshitas question first. “No, its just that I like this part of you.”

“…This part of me?”

Shishio could imagine Yukinoshita was blushing and embarrassed by his sudden words. But he wasnt going to stop, and he was going to tease her more. “Yes, this is part of you who cares about other people and wants to help them to get better. While your way of care is quite awkward, you still work hard to do it. Its kind of cute, though.”

“…Shishio-kun, are you thinking of me like some kind of a pet or something?” Yukinoshita was kind of happy but also felt annoyed too since she felt she was a child who couldnt do anything without someone by her side.

“No, no. Its just that I am happy,” Shishio said.

“Happy?” Yukinoshita was dumbfounded.

“Yes, you start to rely on me when you have a problem. I am happy that you can depend on me.”

If it was in the past, Shishio couldnt imagine how Yukinoshita would call him and ask him for help. Instead, he could imagine how she would stubbornly read the story several times until she understood A to Z of the story until she could give good advice to Zaimokuza.

This is how Yukinoshita is. She is overly serious and finishes everything to the point of perfection.

It was also the reason why someone had to be by her side since because of this, she might not be able to fall sick because of overwork.

Yukinoshita also realized the change that happened to her and how she quite depended on Shishio. While she didnt know whether it was good or not, her feelings were mixed. She was happy and also scared. She was happy whenever she talked with him, and their useless banter also gave her a smile every time.

However, she was also scared.

Yukinoshita was scared that if she depended on him too much, she couldnt escape from him.

However, one question appeared on her mind, why did she have to escape from him?

More importantly, what kind of relationship do they currently have?

Yukinoshita knew she was a scumbag, and it was impossible for her to date him, not right now. Then, what about a different type of relationship?

Yukinoshita thought for a moment and felt there was one name that fitted the description of their current relationship.


While neither of them said anything, they knew they had become friends.

It might not be her first time having a friend, but it was her first time having it after her hellish life as an elementary school student.

‘If I meet him at that time…

Yukinoshita could imagine if she met Shishio in her childhood time. She could imagine how she wouldnt have to meet the situation she had to meet in the past.

If they met in the past, Shishio would protect her and bring her to many fun places.

Well, Yukinoshita could imagine she might be pulled around by him, but she didnt hate that feeling.

This was how their relationship was. Even if their conversation might be useless and might waste her time, she felt it was fun.

It was also the reason why Yukinoshita didnt want to destroy this relationship with the selfish feeling that she was slowly born after she met him.

Yukinoshita lay on her bed while watching the window in silence.


“Ah, um…” Yukinoshita forgot she hadnt hung up the call. “Sorry, I was in the middle of a thought.”

“Its okay. By the way, have you eaten dinner yet? We didnt go out to eat dinner like before. Do you want to eat dinner together later on Friday?”

“Okay.” Yukinoshita smiled and said sternly, “But I dont want to eat something heavy or spicy.” She had enough of eating something weird with Shishio and wanted to eat something normal.

“Okay, okay, leave it to me. Lets go out together on Friday. See you later,” Shishio said.

“…See you later.”

“Good night. Hopefully, you can have a good dream tonight.”

“You too. Dont stay up too late,” Yukinoshita said, trying to remind Shishio.

“…Ill try.” However, it was impossible since Shishio knew he would spend a long night with Hiratsuka.

They hung up their call, and Yukinoshita didnt put down her phone and put her phone, staring at the screen for a while.

They were friends, so there was no need to have an expectation toward that relationship, right?

Yukinoshita shook her head, closed her eyes, and tried to sleep. However, she couldnt do it, and in the end, she took Zaimokuzas manuscript again and added more detailed reviews with crueler words.

Without a doubt, if Zaimokuza heard Yukinoshitas review, he would cry to death.

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