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Chapter 466: The number is too much right?

Chapter 465: Path of ecchi

The time passed, and it was time to announce the review of Zaimokuzas manuscript.

Zaimokuza sat in front of everyone, folding his arms arrogantly, and had full confidence over his manuscript.

“…” Everyone.

Still, unlike the original, they spent two days reading Zaimokuzas manuscript, so they didnt feel sleepy and could read them thoroughly, understanding his story in detail even if it was hard to read.

While Shishio, Yukinoshita, and Hikigaya read Zaimokuzas manuscript until the end, Yui didnt seem to read it to the end since every time she read it. She would get all sleepy. However, no one bothered to talk to her since they knew this girl well.

“Well then, Id like to hear thine impressions now,” Zaimokuza said.

“Im sorry. I dont understand this kind of stuff.” Even if Shishio had explained to her, there were many parts of Zaimokuzas story that she didnt understand. However, she knew it was normal since even Shishio was also confused in some parts of the story.

“It matters not. Id like to hear the opinions of the commoners as well. Say whatever you like!” However, Zaimokuza suddenly realized something and asked, “Um… should I call you “Your Highness” too?”

“…Why do you have to call me that?” Yukinoshita stared at Zaimokuza with her cold gaze.

“Ah, um…” Zaimokuza was nervous, but he bit the bullet and asked, “Youre dating Lelouch, right?” Yes, he started to call Shishio by a Lelouch since he felt it was cool. He was a master of the land of the sun, and Shishio was a master of the largest kingdom in history. The friendship between the two would be legendary.

Zaimokuza also knew his mistake of calling Yukinoshita a commoner, especially when she was Shishios queen.

“…..” Hikigaya and Yui.

“No, were not dating.” Yukinoshita embarrassedly, fixing the misunderstanding while glancing at Shishio, who chuckled with annoyance. She then, without hesitation, twisted his waist, causing him to scream in pain.

“Senpai, it hurts! Stop!”

When Yukinoshita felt satisfied, she stopped and hummed.

However, Hikigaya, Yui, and Zaimokuza felt defeated somehow.

“Ahem, lets discuss the manuscript first.” Shishio looked at Yukinoshita and said, “Senpai, can you be the first one?”

“Okay.” Yukinoshita nodded while looking at Zaimokuza, who waited for her review expectantly.

While waiting for the result, Zaimokuza didnt expect this answer.

“It was boring.”

“….” Zaimokuza.

“Just reading this caused me pain. It was as unimaginably boring as one can think of.”

“Gakuh!” Zaimokuza clenched his chest, showing a pain that one couldnt imagine. He felt his entire tremble, and he didnt expect his opponent would attack him without hesitation. However, after he wiped the imaginary blood on the corner of his mouth, he showed an agony expression and asked, “Just for reference, could I request that thee explain which part was boring?”

“First, the grammar is a mess. Why do you always invert the word order? Do you know how to use particles? Were you not taught in elementary school?”

While Zaimokuza was heard, he tried to use his reason why he did all of that. “Ugh… Because rather than using a simple literary style, in order to reach the readers—”

“Arent you supposed to be able to at least write using standard Japanese before doing that?”

He couldnt finish his words, and he was cut by Yukinoshita.

“And about these readings, there are too many wrong ones.” Yukinoshita kept explaining every mistake that Zaimokuza had made. Those words were like an arrow that pierced his entire body, turning him into a hedgehog. He trembled, and the air tried to suffocate him, but he sat there fearlessly, facing this witch.

Shishio didnt say anything and just closed his eyes like Yui, who also fell asleep in the middle of Yukinoshitas review.

On the other hand, Hikigaya had a cold sweat, wondering how the heck Shishio could conquer this cruel woman.

“Would you please refrain from making people read an unfinished story?”

“Gaaaah!” Zaimokuza couldnt handle it anymore, and he was on his knees, unable to get up since the damage caused by Yukinoshita was more painful than he had thought.

“Dont you think it is enough?” Hikigaya felt empathy toward Zaimokuza.

“I havent said nearly enough, but okay.” Yukinoshita stopped talking, then looked at Shishio, who was sleeping, feeling annoyed, and twisted his waist again.

“Ouch! Ouch! Senpai, why did you keep twisting my waist?”

“Cough! Cough!” Zaimokuza had already been damaged by Yukinoshitas words, and he didnt want to be hurt by the random flirting couple. If Shishio and Yukinoshita flirted in front of him, he knew he couldnt handle it anymore and might cry. While he knew a man shouldnt cry so easily, there was a time he wanted to cry, especially in front of Shishio.

“Then, the next is Yuigama, I guess.” Yukinoshita also knew this wasnt a time to punish Shishio since there was something they needed to do.

When Yui was called, she was startled and quite panicked. “U-Um…” She hesitated for a moment while looking at Zaimokuza. “You sure know a lot of difficult kanji.”

“Gaaaah!!!” Zaimokuza felt his back being slashed with a sword.

“Its your turn, boys!” Yui quickly said.

“Senpai, you should go first.” Shishio kindly gave Hikigaya a chance to give his review.

“Hachiman…” Zaimokuza started at Hikigaya hopefully. He was like a thirsty man in the middle of the desert but found an oasis. He hoped Hikigaya could be his oasis. Unfortunately,…

“So, where did you copy that?”

“Uwaaaaa!!” Zaimokuza couldnt handle it anymore and rolled around on the ground.

While Yukinoshita stared at Zaimokuza in silence since she had seen something worse, Yui quickly hid behind Yukinoshita and Shishio, feeling afraid that Zaimokuza might go berserk.

“Senpai, youre so cruel,” Shishio said speechlessly.

Hikigaya smiled awkwardly before he stood up and patted Zaimokuzas shoulder. “Well, you dont need to think too much. Whats important about a light novel is the illustrations.”

“…” Zaimokuza lay on the ground weakly, and his breathing was weak. He was like a weak flicker that could die out anytime. However, he still hadnt given up and looked at Shishio expectantly. “Your Highness…” He hoped for Shishio to give him the last blow since it wouldnt be a disgrace if he died under his hand.

“Frankly, it is a nice idea to have a group with all women, and your MC is the only guy in that group. Also, your fan service is too strange. You should have an accident so itll be more logical…”

The development of the ecchi story started with the story of “To Love-Ru.” It was an amazing manga that developed the direction of an ecchi story.

A lucky pervert suddenly jumps into the crotch of a woman, touching their breasts and many other things.

While there were many mangas in this world, it was hard to say it was an “ecchi” genre. Instead, it was another genre with an ecchi element in the story.

Shishio could see Zaimokuza had a talent on an ecchi, so it was better to develop in that area, especially when Zaimokuza could also add a harem element. Still, it was necessary to have a setting, personality, and many others in the story since the story would get boring if the writer didnt do so.

However, the path of the ecchi story was still ambiguous and unlike the later generation, where the ecchi stories kept sporting one after another.

In this era, even if Zaimokuza wrote a decent ecchi story that would make many people feel bored, the hype would be real, and many people would be excited since he would be the first person to walk into the path of ecchi.

“….” Zaimokuza was in a daze since he didnt expect he would get approval from Shishio. He also became excited when they talked about the ecchi incident and many other exciting things.

Even Hikigaya also joined their conversation, showing his deep knowledge of this matter.

The three of them were like the three musketeers from Alexander Dumas. They were a group who worked together to achieve something great.

However, Yui and Yukinoshita kept squinting their eyes at them.

“Also, you need to read more and write more.” Shishio also gave a book to guide Zaimokuza on his writing.

“Thank you, Your Highness.” Zaimokuza held the book dearly, hugging it tightly like it was the most precious thing. “Also, if possible, can we discuss this matter again?”

“Lets talk if I am not busy,” Shishio said.

Still, even if Shishio praised him, Zaomokuza must admit Shishios critique was more painful than Yukinoshitas. However, he knew what kind of path he should take when he wrote his story. His fingers trembled, and his body was burnt with excitement. He excused himself and dashed back to his home since he wanted to write again!

“Do you think he can become a successful writer?” Yukinoshita asked.

Yui and Hikigaya also looked at Shishio curiously.

“I am not sure.” Shishio shook his head and said, “He might or might not be, but if he doesnt try, itll be impossible for him to succeed. Also, hes trying to walk into a path that one has never stepped on. Hopefully, itll be good.”

Hikigaya nodded with a serious expression since he knew what Zaimokuza would benefit humanity.

“But… will that type of story be read by someone?” Yui couldnt help but cast a disgust since the story they discussed was too perverted!

“Will!” 2x

Shishio and Hikigaya said with conviction.

“As long as humanity wont perish, I am sure someone will read such a story,” Shishio said while stroking his imaginary beard.

“…Lets leave this matter aside. I wont join this matter again,” Yukinoshita said without hesitation since it was impossible to ask her to read an ecchi story!

“Me-Me too!” Yui also agreed.

Shishio patted Hikigayas shoulder and said, “So Senpai, this matter will be left to you.”

“Huh? Why me?” Hikigaya was confused.

“I cant take this matter all the time. However, youre different, right? You have a lot of time,” Shishio said.

“Can you not be so blunt?” Hikigaya let out a sigh, but he nodded. “It cant be helped. Ill take care of that guy.” It wasnt that he was curious about the ecchi story written by Zaimokuza. Instead, as a member of the Service Club, he felt it was his duty to finish someones request to the end.

‘Yes, its my duty.

The three decided to pretend they didnt see Hikigayas excitement.

Still, before they went back, Shishio asked, “By the way, are all three of you free tomorrow?”

“Whats wrong?” Yui looked at Shishio curiously.

Hikigaya and Yukinoshita also looked at Shishio curiously.

“Do you want to go to the theme park tomorrow?” Shishio asked.

While Yui and Yukinoshita were surprised and talked to him about his sudden invitation, Hikigaya realized it might be his first time being invited by someone to play together.

Frankly, it didnt feel bad.

However, should he go or not?

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