I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 466: The number is too much right?

among his girlfriends, Miu and Saki didnt stay together. However, it was a normal thing, considering how they had decided to take their little sisters together with them on this trip, so they decided to stay at home.

Shishio and Roberta cleaned up their bodies, and when they walked out, they saw Nana and Mai preparing breakfast.

“Nana, Mai, thanks” Shishio hugged them from behind and kissed their neck and ear from behind, giving them a giddy feeling.

“Okay, okay, dont bother us. Sit down with everyone.” Mai pushed him away with a blush since she was afraid they might do it in the kitchen if this continued.

Nana only laughed, but she didnt say much. Even if she wanted to do it in the kitchen, she wouldnt do it when so many people were there.

Shishio didnt fight back and sat on the sofa, waiting for breakfast while reading a newspaper, wondering whether there was any unexpected news. Still, Shiina suddenly came and slept while using his lap as a pillow. He didnt say much and just patted her head gently.

“Come on. Lets have breakfast,” Nana said, trying to remind everyone.

Hearing her voice, everyone ate breakfast together while talking about their trip to the theme park, causing Shiina to blast away all of her drowsiness and full of vigor.

While they ate, it was already seven in the morning, and with their appointment time at eight in the morning, they should be in a hurry, but they werent, considering how close their apartment to the bus station was.

“By the way, are you going to let Usa confess to Ritsu?” Mai suddenly asked.

Hearing this question, everyone also looked at Shishio. They were clear that Ritsu might have a feeling toward Shishio, and if he wanted her, he might only need a moment before he could put his fangs and claws on her body. As for the rejection, while it might be possible at first, they knew the girls wouldnt reject him twice, considering how well they knew this bastard was.

Also, Shishio had never made the first move, and all the initiative was taken by the girls under his guidance. It might be manipulative, but this was how one should get their women. After all, if the man was the one who took the initiative, they might be mistaken for sexual harassment, but it was a different matter if the one who made the first move was the woman, right?

While Shishio might be a scumbag, he was more gentlemanly than any good guy that one had ever seen. He treated his women greatly, without care, as if they were the most precious thing in the world, but when they entered the chamber, he would become a beast that ate them whole, causing them to be unable to escape from him and just wanted to be tied by him.

Still, they knew how much they loved his women and wouldnt allow other guys to get close to them. It was also the reason why they didnt understand why Shishio let Usa confess to Ritsu.

“First, Ritsu isnt my girlfriend, and I have you all as my girlfriends,” Shishio told the truth since while Ritsu was quite cute, he had so many women around him now. While he was greedy for her body, it wasnt to the point of obsessiveness.

Still, Shishio wondered if Ritsu accepted Usas confession, what would he feel?

Right now, Shishio didnt feel anything, but what about the future?

Shishio wasnt sure, but even if the chance of Usas confession being accepted wasnt much, he knew there was still a chance, especially if Ritsu wanted to try what it would feel like to be in the relationship.

Shishio shook his head, and instead of thinking of Usa, it was better to think about moving Aki from the Sunohara dorm.

“Its good that you can give such an answer.” Mai was satisfied with Shishios answer since, if possible, she didnt want his harem to increase.

Nana and Shiina looked at Shishio for a moment and didnt say anything since they could see he didnt feel anything toward Ritsu, but they knew Ritsus feelings toward him. However, as his girlfriends, they also hoped the number of girls around him wouldnt increase. Still, if it increased, they hoped they knew that person well since it would be horrible if he dated someone they hated, right?

With that kind of thought, they finished their breakfast and prepared for their journey to the Fuji Q theme park.

It was still early, but Usa and Hikigaya happened to meet each other. They only glanced at each other and felt they were quite familiar, but they didnt know each other.

Usa could only give the nod, causing Hikigaya to nod subconsciously.

However, they didnt talk and did their own things, thinking it was a coincidence they met each other. Still, as the time slowly passed, more and more people came and saw a lot of familiar beautiful girls. Then, they saw Shishio being surrounded by many girls, and they could only stand there while thinking,this number is too much, right?

“Usa! Hikigaya-senpai! What are you doing there! Come on!”

Usa and Hikigaya looked at each other and realized they were in one group.

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