I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 468: Something inevitable in life

Chapter 467: As expected, Shishio is a scumbag

The bus moved at eight in the morning, and their trip would take at least two hours, so they bought some food and drinks at the nearby convince store before they entered the bus together.

The girls sat next to each other while talking happily to each other.

Shishio decided to sit next to Mai since she might have to leave after the mid-term test, considering she had to act on her new movie, so he wanted to spend more time with her.

Usually, Hikigaya felt he would be out of the place, being isolated, and ignored, but this didnt seem to be the case now since not only Shishio, Yukinoshita, and Yui, but there was also Usa, and many of them greeted him. Still, he must admit Shishios girlfriends were too much, right?

It might not be his style to take the initiative, but Hikigaya couldnt help but ask, “Hey, Usa, can I ask you something?”

It might be because there were only three guys, so Hikigaya could only sit next to Usa. However, he didnt really mind this arrangement since he could see how awkward it would be if he sat next to the girls.

“Yes? Whats wrong, Hikigaya-senpai?” Usa asked, but his eyes kept moving in the direction of Ritsu from time to time, showing a nervousness that couldnt be seen on his face.

Ritsu sat next to Shiina, and the two were in silence before talking to each other from time to time, waiting for the bus to move.

“…” Hikigaya looked at Usa and thought this kid was quite good. Naive, good guy, and many others, he didnt mind making him his friend, he thought inwardly. “Are all of them his girlfriends?”

Usa showed a helpless expression and said, “I know why you ask such a question, but not all of them are his girlfriends.”

“I see…” Hikigaya still felt complex regardless since, without a doubt, Shishios girlfriends were more than one by Usas sentence, and this fact made him feel complex. After all, many guys were still single, but here, Shishio was, having many girlfriends. If he wasnt trained by a tough mental training in his life, he knew he would curse that guy now. No, he just wanted to curse Shishio to explode now!

“And you keep looking at his girlfriend. Is that okay?” Hikigaya asked subtly since he could see Usa seemed to glance at one of Shishios girlfriends.

“Ah! I am not looking at his girlfriends, Senpai! I-I am looking at Kawai-senpai,” Usa said hurriedly, but his face quickly turned red when he realized he had said the name of his crush.

“Oh? Kawai-senpai?” Hikigaya looked at Ritsu thoughtfully. While he hadnt talked with girls, it didnt mean he didnt have an interest in them. He also often eavesdropped on the conversation of guys about girls, so of course, he knew about Ritsu.

While Ritsu was cute, she was a loner.

Hikigaya felt this girl should be his female version.

Still, if Shishio knew what Hikigaya thought, he would snort and knock this guys head.

However, Hikigaya didnt say anything about whether Usa had a crush on someone or not. It had nothing to do with him since he had known him for half an hour.

Still, Hikigaya might not realize he slowly changed and started to take the initiative on his own, which was good progress since he had a hard time taking the initiative because of his experience.

“I-I thought Id confess today.” It might be because Usa was nervous, and he just wanted to talk with someone, so he honestly told Hikigaya about his matter.


However, Hikigaya couldnt say anything since he didnt know in and out about this matter. “What did Oga say?” He knew confessing to someone wasnt as simple as it seemed. Once it was a failure, it would lead to a broken relationship, and their relationship would turn awkward.

“Well, he set up this trip so I could confess,” Usa said honestly.


Hikigaya must admit this guy was a good guy to the bone, but even so, he knew how troublesome this situation was, so he just patted Usas shoulder and said, “Just do your best.”


While Hikigaya and Usa talked to each other, Yui and Yukinoshita smiled and showed a satisfied expression since they saw Hikigaya talking with another guy. It was a scene they would never have expected to see previously, but it happened now.

“Its good that he has made friends now.” It would be lying if Yui didnt feel responsible for Hikigaya, especially when she was one of the causes Hikigaya was hit by the car and couldnt go to the school for a few weeks, causing him to be unable to have friends.

“Yeah.” Yukinoshita nodded.

They knew the change in Hikigaya was because of Shishio, but when they looked at this bastard, they could only sigh since, without a doubt, he was surrounded by his women now.

Shishio and Mai talked to each other, talking about many things, including about her mother.

“Whats wrong with your mother again?” Shishio asked speechlessly.

“Well, she asked me to work for her agency again.” Mai let out a sigh.

“You wont, right?”

“Of course not.” Mai didnt want to work under her mother again, especially when she recalled how her mother had signed a work contract where she had to take a photo in a bikini. She was also satisfied with the current agency, so there was no need to change it, especially the one that owned the agency was her boyfriend.

“By the way, is it only me or those two little girls have been staring at you,” Mai whispered while looking at the little sisters of Miu and Saki.

Saki and Miu brought their little sisters together at the theme park, and it was also the reason why they sat together. However, their little sisters kept staring at Shishio.

“Its okay.” Shishio knew how conflicted the feeling of the little sisters were, but he decided not to mind it since he knew as a kid they would forget everything once they had fun at the theme park.

Still, Shishio knew the system wasnt prejudiced against someone as long as they were beautiful. Whether they were old, young, or even of the same gender, as long as they were beautiful enough, they could trigger the system which made him speechless.

[Target has been found!]

[Congratulations, you have received a “Knitting Mastery”!]

‘Knitting Mastery…

Shishio wondered whether the system wanted him to create a doll-like to deceive many little girls. If so, he could only disappoint since he wasnt a lolicon and he was only interested in a legal girl.

“Hey, are you sure about this?” Mai suddenly asked.

“What?” This sudden question made Shishio turn toward Mai.

“While I have been praising you since you had us, should you really let Usa confess on Ritsu?” Mai asked while staring at Shishio to look at his expression and eyes to confirm he wouldnt lie with his answer.

Shishio looked at Mai and said, “Its my first time to see a girl who will recommend another girl to her boyfriend.”

“Whats that? I am just worried about you, you know?” Mai said with a pout.

“Thanks for worrying about me, Mai.” Shishio held her shoulder, moving her closer to him, caressing her shoulder a few times gently.

“Its okay if you understand my worry.” Mai rubbed her face against his. She didnt have much sleep last night, so she decided to take a nap.

Shishio didnt say anything and let her sleep since he knew he was the cause he wasnt able to sleep well last night.


Shishio thought about Ritsu and wondered what he felt toward her. It was true he didnt have that much of an obsession with her. It was a similar feeling he had toward the other girls who he didnt date.

They were close, yet they werent lovers, but they werent much different from it.

Shishio cared about them, but he might not want to change the status quo since he felt it was enough with the current relationship.

Whether it was Shiina, Nana, Saki, Miu, Mai, Nanami, Hiratsuka, Roberta, Rui, or Ayaka, all of them were his women, and he needed to take care of them more than the other girls.

Shishio thought about this problem for a moment before suddenly snapping.


Shishio suddenly realized he became a washy, washy beta protagonist, which made him annoyed. He knew, in the beginning, he refused to become a scumbag, but now since he had decided to become one, there was no need to hesitate anymore.

His feelings toward Ritsu might not be clear, but it was impossible for him to give her to the other guy.

He was okay with Usa confessing toward Ritsu because he knew his chance of being accepted was slim.

Instead, it was close to zero.

It was the reason why Shishio had never felt anything from the beginning.

Also, why should he feel he shouldnt do anything to Usa?

Everything was fair in love and war.

Even Aki, who was a middle school student, was also his victim, so whats the point of getting stopped now?

Still, his relationship with Usa was good, and he also had quickly reported to him that he liked Ritsu, so Shishio decided to give him a chance.

As for how the relationship between Ritsu and Usa would develop in the future, Shishio didnt know and didnt think too much since from the beginning, after his appearance in this world, everything had changed, and many protagonists had lost their heroines to him.

That fact wouldnt change whether it was from now on in the future since right now, he was a scumbag.

Still, it was also the reason why Shishio wondered whether he was right or not.

However, Shishio knew this wasnt a matter of right or wrong. Instead, this was the choice that made him happy, and he wouldnt regret it, so he had to walk on this path without hesitation, even if he knew he would hurt some people.

The trip took around two hours, but everyone didnt feel bored and talked excitedly until they arrived at the theme park.

However, Shishio wondered why he had become a babysitter now?

“Onii-chan, lets go there!”

“Nii-san, I want to try that!”


Shishio looked at two little lolis, Keika Kawasaki, Sakis little sister, and Miya Ashihara, Mius little sister, who pulled his hands.

Keika and Miya looked at each other and nodded and thought they decided to work together this time.

Anyway, leaving the matter of Usa aside, Shishio looked at everyone and said, “Lets go!”


Usa looked at Ritsus back and made up his mind.

However, Hikigaya wondered why the reason he came here was to console Usa?

Still, Hikigaya had paid the money for this theme park, so he should have fun, right?

With that being said, everyone entered the theme park together, enjoying their youth.

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