I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 469: Unexpectedly Hikigaya is a quiet narcissist

Chapter 468: Something inevitable in life

While some people had come to Fuji-Q, many also came to this place for the first time.

Shishio also came to this place for the first time. While he had gotten this place from the system in the past, he hadnt come to visit it.

As for the previous Shishio Oga, he didnt have a hobby visiting this type of place. Instead, he loved to read books and spent most of his time indoors. Also, he was a loner. A lone wolf. It was also the reason why it was quite easy to integrate with the life of the previous Shishio Oga since his interpersonal relationship was almost zero.

Anyway, it wasnt a time to talk about the previous Shishio Oga, and as they entered, they tried to decide to pay for the attraction targeted at the family. It wasnt that they were afraid of something like a haunted house or the roller coaster. However, it wouldnt hurt to warm up a bit, so they could prepare their hearts.

Whether it was Merry-Go-Round, Tea Cups, or many others were tried by them.

Shiina was full of excitement and couldnt be stopped. However, even so, her expression didnt change, and she still kept her usual daze expression, but from how giddy her body was, it could be seen how excited she was.

Still, there was something that surprised Shishio.

While the rest of them continued to play in the nearby attractions, eating some food in the nearby food stalls, Shishio rested with Mea on the bench.

“You sure are good at taking care of children, Mea,” Shishio said while looking at Mea. He saw Mea was quite careful when she took care of the little sisters of Miu and Saki, showing her an unexpected side that he had never seen.

Mea Uchifuji, with her usual hairstyle that covered her right eye, looked at Shishio and said, “Well, I love children. I also have a lot of siblings, and I always take care of them.” Still, she saw his expression turned strange, so she asked, “Whats with that expression?”

“I thought you felt lust toward them,” Shishio said blankly since he knew this girl was a pervert who was attracted to a young boy.

“Do you think I am a pervert?!”

“Yes.” 3x

Unexpectedly, not only Shishio but Nana and Maiko also joined and agreed that Mea was a pervert.

Shishio and Nana were in silence while looking at Maiko since this girl was also a pervert who was attracted to a young boy.

Still, Shishio must admit his situation made him quite hard to calm down. In front of him, Mea looked at him annoyedly and leaned her body forward, causing two things to loom court from the gap in her clothes.

On the other hand, Maiko and Nana stood on his back while pressing their softest things on him.


Shishio changed the way he sat and crossed his legs naturally.

However, this action didnt escape Nanas eyes, and she just laughed and kept rubbing her things on him.

“….” Shishio realized his girlfriend was a devil. He glanced at her, wondering whether this girl wanted to be punished tonight.

“Dont misunderstand. I just love children generally,” Mea said with firm conviction.


If it was someone else, Shishio wouldnt say much, but if it was Mea, it was a different thing.

“Pervert!” 2x

Maiko and Nana said at the same time.

Shishio looked at the two girls and thought they also didnt have a right to say something like that to Mea. However, he also didnt have a right to say something like that since he was a pervert.

Mea was in silence for a moment before she stared at the surroundings.

It was a weekend, so many families came out together on a trip to this theme park.

While the Fuji-Q might not be as famous as the Disney Land in Tokyo, without a doubt, it is one of the most popular theme parks in this country.

Mea watched a group of parents playing with their children with a happy smile and said, “You know, I have thought about doing something?”

“To do what?” Maiko asked.

“Well, Nana and Shishio probably wont have a problem joining any universities as long as they want to. On the other hand, you will also become a hairdresser, following your parents path, right?” Mea sighed and said, “I am the only one who hasnt found anything.” She would be lying if she didnt feel anything, especially when she was surrounded by many people who followed their dreams honestly and worked hard for them. She would be lying if she didnt feel inferior and also wanted to do something.

Meas parents didnt have a family business, she wasnt as smart as Nana, and she didnt have a dream like Nanami. She didnt know what to do, but she must admit staying with Shishio and listening to his words made her realize something.

It was okay if Mea didnt have anything she wanted to do. After all, she was young, and the majority of people in this life also didnt have anything they wanted to do. They only swayed along with the flow before they either worked as a normal employee or became a housewife after being matchmade by their parents.

However, was Mea alright with that kind of life?

Mea didnt want to, and if possible, she wanted to do something she wanted to do in her life, and she wouldnt feel bored.

If she became Shishios wife, it might be good, but could she become the wife of her best friends boyfriend?

It was impossible, right?

Well, it might be possible, but Mea didnt want to be left alone and also wanted to do something, so she kept thinking until she found something she wanted to do.

Nana and Maiko werent sure what to say in this situation since they had never thought Mea would have this problem. After all, Mea had never said anything, but they also understood it wasnt something easy to say. Still, it was also the reason why they didnt know what kind of advice they should give to Mea.

“So, have you found something that you want?” Shishio asked curiously.

“Well, I found it.” Mea was quite embarrassed, then asked, “Youre not going to laugh?”

“No!” 3x

Nana, Maiko, and Shishio said at the same time.

“Well, I want to become a kindergarten teacher,” Mea said with a blush.


“Wh-Whats that expression?!” Mea was annoyed when she saw Nana, Maiko, and Shishio start to back off.

“Well, its not because of lust that you choose this profession, right?” Nana asked.

“Of course not!”

“Really? I dont believe you.” Maiko had seen the disguise on Meas face and knew this girl wanted to become a kindergarten teacher because of lust!

“You should think twice. I dont want my friend to become a criminal.” Shishio was worried.

“Give me a break!” Mea screamed, causing Nana, Maiko, and Shishio to laugh.

“Still, we wont laugh at you, and if you want to do it, well support you,” Shishio said.

“Yes, just share cute photos of those little children when you become a kindergarten teacher,” Maiko said with a smile.

“…Do you want me to lose my job?” Meas eyes twitched.

“More importantly, Shishio, what are you going to do?” Maiko suddenly asked.

“What do you mean?” Shishio asked while looking at Maiko, who leaned on his shoulder lazily. He wondered why this girl tried to act like she was his lover. He didnt really mind, though.

“What are you going to do with Usa? Are you going to just let him go like this?” Maiko asked.

“Do you want me to help or something?” Shishio asked.

“Not exactly, but is this okay with you to see Ritsu-senpai being confessed to?” Maiko asked.

“You can see that Usa wants to confess to Ritsu-senpai?” Shishio asked.

“Of course! This guy is like an open book! Its obvious! The only person who doesnt realize it is probably Ritsu-senpai herself,” Maiko said with a sigh.

Usa was too simple, and everyone could see he had been staring at Ritsu from time to time. They could also see the nervousness on his face that couldnt be hidden. Even if they hadnt heard anything, as a woman, they were naturally sensitive about this matter and knew Usa might plan to confess to Ritsu.

Especially after they had confirmation from Shishios mouth.

“Then, whats the problem?” Shishio asked.

“Can you see it? If he confesses and hes rejected, what will happen?” Maiko asked.

“Well, thats all, right?” Shishio thought Maiko asked about the same problem that his girlfriends asked about, but it seemed it was a different thing.

“If hes rejected, then the interpersonal relationship in the literature club will be a mess. Everyone will be awkward,” Maiko said. Frankly, she didnt care about Usas confession or not. If he could be accepted, it would be alright, but the probability he would fail was greater. If he failed, then what would happen?

Everything in the literature club would be a mess, and everyone would need to be careful to talk in front of Ritsu and Usa.

Maiko was comfortable with the literature club, and she didnt want this club to be destroyed because of this small matter.

While Shishio looked at Maiko thoughtfully since he didnt really think much about what would happen after Usa was rejected, when she pointed out this problem, he knew how awkward it would be when Usa was rejected.

“You want me to stop their confession?” Shishio asked.

“If possible…” Maiko said in a low voice.

“Its impossible,” Shishio answered without hesitation.

“But…” Maiko knew this guy was smart, and he should be able to think of something to solve this matter.

However, Shishio shook his head and said, “If our relationship is broken just because of this matter, then thats it. Our relationship isnt something as strong as you imagine, and it isnt worth keeping it.”

“Youre so cold!” Maiko was annoyed.

“Im not cold, but I believe theyll be alright, so lets just believe them,” Shishio said.

Maiko looked at Shishio for a moment before she let out a sigh. “Well, Ill believe you now.”

“Are you sure?” Nana asked in a whisper.

Shishio glanced at Nana and knew what she was worried about.

They didnt feel worried about Usa since Usa wasnt a loner or something. Even if he lost his place in the literature club or was rejected by Ritsu, they didnt care much since they knew this guy would be alright.

However, Ritsu was different. She was a loner, and while she might reject many people, they were all strangers she didnt know. However, Usa was different since he was someone she knew.

Without a doubt, after Ritsu rejected him, there would be awkwardness, and she would feel uncomfortable.

“Its alright.” Shishio patted Nanas hand gently, telling her it would be alright.

However, Shishio felt a different thing. He felt what might happen today was a part of life. It was something inevitable, and even if Usa didnt confess now, he might confess in the future. He wasnt sure how the relationship between Ritsu and Usa would become in the future.

Still, the wheel of fate had already begun. It was impossible to stop the feeling in Usas heart.

Shishio looked at the sky and looked in the direction of Hikigaya was together with Usa, thinking he was glad to bring him since this way, he didnt need to take care of the aftermath.

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