I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 470: Suspension bridge effect

Chapter 469: Unexpectedly, Hikigaya is a quiet narcissist

The wheel of fate between Ritsu and Usa had started to move. However, it didnt mean everyone was going to watch them every second. Instead, they used their time to have fun without hesitation.

“Mashiro! Mashiro!” Ritsu screamed loudly when Shiina pulled her to Fuji Qs most vicious roller coaster.

“Ritsu…” Shiina looked at Ritsu with a begging expression.

“….” Ritsu could only sigh and give up. She looked at the tallest, longest, and strange shape roller coaster in front of her before she looked at the people around her. She knew she wouldnt be alone, and she would be alright.


“Its time to decide who is strongest among us,” Nana said.

“Youre going to cry this time,” Maiko said while looking at Nana and Mea.

“Arent you putting on bravery?” Mea asked with a snort.

Shishio and Mai could only roll their eyes, but they didnt say much. Instead, they turned and looked at Yukinoshita, Yui, Rui, Momo, and Roberta, who talked together. Still, Roberta didnt join their conversation and just stood there in silence.

As for Hina, even though she had said she wanted to join, in the end, she couldnt since she had something to do. As for what kind of thing she had to do, no one was sure since they didnt ask.

However, Shishio felt he could see how Hina felt awkward, considering this woman tried to join him every time there was a chance. It might be wrong to think something like this, and it felt like she was desperate. He also thought Hina might have realized it and decided not to join. Also, her emotions were still jumbled together, especially when they did it together at that time.

While Shishio believed in his charm, he wasnt overconfident about it. He believed many people could resist his charm because they loved their partner well. However, even if he couldnt seduce those people, he believed he could become their good friend.

The distance between a good friend and a lover was just a wall of paper.

As long as Shishio thrust this wall of paper, the relationship between the two would change.

Still, anyway, it was better for Hina to calm herself. Instead of joining their group, considering he might not have time to take care of them with so many people around him.

As for Saki and Miu, the two havent joined the roller coaster since they were with their little sisters and waited below.

On the other hand, Hikigaya and Usa had been together, and if someone saw them, they would think they were friends.

Hikigaya had a feeling what kind of story would begin, and he wondered whether the reason why he was invited was to take care of the aftermath of Usas fiasco. He wasnt sure, but he felt so helpless. Still, compared to Shishio, he felt Usa was cuter. Not only was Usa full of smiles and obedience. He also didnt mock him. He felt Usa was the best junior he had ever had.

Still, even if Hikigaya was a loner, he also had fallen in love in the past, and he also knew how it felt to fall in love with someone. It was hard to control himself, and it felt like something had controlled his body, so it was impossible to stop Usa.

Hikigaya looked at Shishio and knew this bastard must know the result of the confession, so was it alright to just leave it alone?

Hikigaya wanted to talk about it, but it was hard to talk when many people were around him.

Still, the time didnt wait for everyone, and it was their time to ride on the roller coaster. Everyone moved uniformly and entered this roller coaster.

While Shishio had entered many emotional roller coasters, it was his first time entering one. He meant the real one in the literal meaning, not in the metaphoric meaning. He sat next to Mai and watched everyone seem quite nervous since the roller coaster slowly rose to its peak.

Slowly, yet surely, it was as if they were being teased. Some of them wanted to escape, but they knew they couldnt.

Shishio felt his palm was grabbed by Mai, and he could feel her nails dug into his palm, which made him speechless. Luckily, while it was hurt, it wasnt too unbearable, and he also had gotten used to Mai, who often used her nails or teeth to bite or scratch him, so he decided to endure it.

Then, when the roller coaster reached its peak, it stopped. It was halted, and it was devoid of movement.

It might be because this theme park was located near Mount Fuji, so the air was quite cool. They could also see the scenery of the tallest mountain from their spot, but sudden acceleration caused them to lose all of their voices before they screamed loudly, unable to endure the tension they felt.

While Mai was screaming, Shishio was calm, observing his surroundings. He could see Shiina, who was in the front seat, as calm as a Buddha statue. She was calm and just smirked, which made him scared. On the other hand, Ritsu screamed while hugging Shiinas arm tightly.

Still, what was amazing was Nana since her huge boobs undulated not only vertically but also horizontally. It was a beautiful scenery that even Mount Fuji couldnt compare.

Shishio once again had to sigh, thinking how great his girlfriend was.

Still, the most serious one was probably Hikigaya and Usa since the two were hugging each other while screaming.

“LET GO OF ME!!! 2x

With that scream, the roller coaster stopped, yet no one had recovered, and they were in a daze, watching the sky.

Yukinoshita just wasnt sure what to say at that moment. While she had agreed to join the play in the theme park, in the beginning, it was fun, but she wondered why she had to pay for this type of torture.

If possible, Yukinoshita wanted to invite Shishio to play at the cat cafe to tend to the trauma in her heart.

“Yukinon, are you alright?” Yui asked worriedly.

“I-I am okay..” Yukinoshita shook her head and slowly got up.

Not only Yukinoshita but the rest of the girls, Usa and Hikigaya, also felt the same since they couldnt handle the extreme roller coaster.

“Lets do it again.”

However, this voice suddenly stopped everyones movement, and they looked at Shiina in a daze.

Shiina held Ritsus hand, causing Ritsus face to be pale.

“Mashiro, let me go with you,” Shishio said.

“Okay.” Shiina nodded without hesitation.

Nana suddenly gritted her teeth and said, “Lets do it. I wont lose.”

Mea and Maiko were dumbfounded, but they looked at each other and nodded.

“Count me in!”

“I wont back down from this challenge!”

Rui and Momo were speechless and smiled bitterly.

“Lets get someone, or the numbers wont even,” Shishio said.

“Then, lets get Miu-senpai,” Nana said.

The expression of Maiko and Mea seemed excited, and they nodded without hesitation.

“Thats a great idea!”

“Lets get Miu-senpai!”

“……..” Everyone.

In the end, Shishio, Shiina, Nana, Mea, Maiko, Saki, Miu, and Roberta entered the roller coaster again.

“Eh! Eh! Wait! Wait! I dont want to enter!” Miu screamed helplessly.

“Its okay. Its okay.”

“Yeah, it might be scary at first, but itll be nice after that.”

“….” Shishio was in silence, looking at the girls who talked subtly in a quiet lewd manner.

“Shishio, lets go,” Shiina said and brought him to the front area of the roller coaster.

“…..” Shishio.

Saki and Miu, who were dragged into this, could only look bitterly at each other and showed helpless expressions.

Still, the most nervous ones were Nana, Mea, and Maiko, who showed fake bravery.

“Are you alright?” Roberta asked.

“O-Of course! I-I can ride this roller coaster forever!” Nana said with empty bravery.

“……..” Mea and Maiko were lost for words, but they also didnt want to lose.

In the end, they entered the roller coaster again, and their screams reverberated throughout the theme park.

Mai, Rui, and Yukinshita, who watched this scene, were quite speechless.

“I wonder whether theyre alright?” Yui said worriedly.

“It should be alright, right? Shishio is there after all,” Momo said unsurely.

“We-Well, thats true. Shishio is there, so they should be okay.” Yui nodded with her baseless confidence.

“Heres the water, Ritsu. You should drink some,” Mai said. While she was shaken, she was an actress, so her nerve was better than most people. Shishio was also beside her before, so she was alright.

“Thanks, Mai.” Ritsu accepted the water with thanks before she said, “Who would expect Shiina to be such an adrenaline seeker.”

“Now you mention that.” Mai also agreed with Ritsus remark.

The two looked at each other and could only laugh bitterly.

On the other hand, Hikigaya and Usa didnt have the energy to talk and sat on the bench exhaustedly.

Hikigaya was tired since he was hugged by Usa, but without a doubt, he was scared during the roller coaster before. He then looked at Usa, who was dying on his side, and couldnt help but ask, “Youre alright, Usa?”

“Yeah, I am okay, Senpai.” Usa let out a long sigh since he didnt expect the roller coaster would be so scary. However, when he put his attention on Ritsu again, his spirit recovered slightly, and he took a deep breath, trying to calm himself. However, the more he tried to calm himself, the more he felt nervous.

Hikigaya looked at Usa and felt this boy was really like an open book. He couldnt say anything since this boy had made up his mind. However, why did he feel everything would turn into a fiasco?

Anyway, it had nothing to do with him, and Hikigaya should just ignore it, yet why couldnt he just pretend he didnt see anything and just didnt do anything?

Hikigaya let out a long sigh and thought he was really kind-hearted and a gentle boy.

Still, if Shishio knew what this guy was thinking, he must admit this guy was quite narcissistic, right?

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