want to be alone,” Ritsu said frankly, but she wasnt sure why she said this. Still, she was dumbfounded when Nanami chuckled. “Wh-Why did you laugh?” She pouted and felt slightly annoyed.

“I just didnt expect you to say this. After all, if it was before, would you say you didnt want to stay alone?” Nanami said that she remembered how Ritsu would stay alone while reading books all the time, ignoring her surroundings.


Ritsu was silent since she knew Nanami was right. However, after she had stayed with Nanami and Shiina for a long time, she knew their relationship had become closer, and they became friends with each other.

Nanami didnt say anything and just sipped her cola. She didnt need to do hard work again, skip meals, or do anything to save her money since she was being taken care of by Shishio. If there was something hard, it was quite hard to take care of his sexual urge, and she only succumbed to him every time. However, she would be lying if she didnt like it.

Still, Nanami was somehow in a daze when she thought about their last play. She acted like a housemaid who was being forced by her master. While the play might be weird, she was so excited and cried even harder. Her nectar also kept dripping at that time, which made her want him to bullet her more.

However, Nanami knew this shouldnt be said to anyone, and it was better to keep this matter a secret.

The only thing that Nanami was worried about was whether it was okay for her to get excited about this matter.

Nanami didnt know, but as long as Shishio loved it, she would try it too.

“Nanami, whats your relationship with Shishio?” Ritsu suddenly asked, causing Nanami to choke.

“Cough! Cough!” The cola almost entered her nose, but she held it, and she was glad she didnt have to show an embarrassing scene. Still, she kept coughing hard since the cola entered her throat the wrong way.

“Are you alright, Nanami?” Ritsu panicked while patting Nanamis back from time to time.

Nanami had tears in her eyes, but she quickly got better before she sipped the cola again gently. She then let out a long sigh and said, “I am okay, Senpai.” She then looked at Ritsu and asked, “But then, why did you suddenly ask that?”

“Well, I was just curious why you often stayed in his room for a few hours…” Ritsu murmured.

“…” Nanami was in silence, and if Ritsu realized what she was doing, then shouldnt the others too?

Nanami thought for a moment and looked at Ritsu for a while. “Dont tell anyone, but were in that kind of relationship.”

“…..” Ritsu blinked her eyes and asked, “…That kind?”

“We had sex,” Nanami said with a blush.

“…..” Ritsu opened her eyes wide, but she didnt scream or anything and only asked, “You… you arent dating, right?” If it was another, she didnt overthink, but Nanami was different since she had never heard Nanami was dating Shishio. She only heard Nanami was working as his maid.



“Was it alright?” Nanami asked.

Ritsu nodded since this was the question she wanted to ask.

“I say it depends on who that person is, whether it is alright or not, but right now, I just want to be with him even if I cant become his lover,” Nanami said firmly.

‘Be with him… Ritsu murmured.

“Well, you shouldnt put me as an example, Senpai.” Nanami also knew her relationship with Shishio wasnt something one could be proud of, especially when they werent even lovers. Still, she was okay with it and satisfied with it. However, she would be lying if she didnt want their relationship to be even closer.

Ritsu nodded and didnt ask about Nanamis relationship again, and they talked about many things, but it was mostly about Shishio.

The time felt as if it moved so fast with a happy time.

Before long, it was already evening, and they thought about going back.

Still, before they returned, they wanted to ride on the Ferris wheel and take a picture together.

However, it might be deliberate or a coincidence when Ritsu was waiting for everyone while reading a book, Usa sat near her and suddenly asked, “Senpai, do you have fun?”

Ritsu looked up and saw it was Usa. Frankly, they werent particularly close, and they didnt really talk to each other besides greeting. Still being asked, she nodded since she had fun.

“Thats great.” Usa let out a sigh of relief.

Ritsu lowered her head again and continued to read her book, but Usa didnt let her.

“Senpai…” Usa took a deep breath and asked, “Can I ask something?”

Ritsu wondered what Usa wanted to say and looked at him quietly. “Do you want to say something?”

Usa nodded and said, “Senpai, I like you. Be my girlfriend.”


Ritsu was in a daze, and she didnt expect she was being confessed out of the blue. If it was someone else, she would reject it without hesitation. Still, she had already had an answer on her mind, but she wondered whether it was okay to say this.

“Senpai?” Usa was so nervous that he felt his heart could jump out anytime. Still, he thought he would be accepted since he recalled how Ritsu would reject anyone without hesitation.


“Sorry…” Ritsu apologized, and right now, she felt everything was so awkward, but she knew she couldnt be so rude, especially when Usa was Shishios friend. “I cant accept your confession since I dont feel that way toward you. I am sorry.” She then left after a moment of hesitation since she just didnt know what to say or react to at this moment.

On the other hand, Usa only sat there, turning white pale before disappearing into the dust.

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