I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 472: Its bitter and sweet

and as long as they were human, they could make a mistake.

However, if there was one that made someone different, it was whether one wanted to fix that mistake or just let it away like this, forget everything before they drifted apart.

“Talk with Shishio,” Shiina suddenly said.

“Huh?” Ritsu was dumbfounded.

“He has promised to bring you to Jimbocho, right? So just ask him to bring you there,” Shiina said while holding Ritsus hands. After all, Ritsu was her first friend in this country, and Ritsu had taken care of her many times, so this time, she was going to help her!

“But…” Ritsu hesitated since she wasnt even Shishios girlfriend, he also had a boyfriend, and she had just rejected his friends confession.

Could she brazenly ask Shishio to go out to the Jimbocho just like this?

“Ill talk to him.” Shiina didnt care much about Usa since she only cared about Ritsu, so she just stood up and was about to walk toward Shishio, but she was stopped and held by Nanami and Ritsu.

“Stop!” 2x

Ritsu and Nanami looked at each other and let out a sigh in relief since they were glad someone had common sense around them.

“Mashiro, Ill help Ritsu later. You should rest, alright? Im sure youre tired,” Nanami said.

“Yes, Ill ask Nanami for help later,” Ritsu said.

Shiina looked at the two before she nodded and sat on the chair before she slept directly since she would be lying if she wasnt tired.

Looking at Shiina, who was sleeping, Ritsu wondered whether it was morally okay to ask Shishio to go out after she was confessed by his friend. However, she also wanted to know what he thought when he knew she was being confessed.

What would his reaction be?

Would he feel uncomfortable?

Also, why did she feel this way?

Ritsu had read various romance novels after she met him, and even now, she might have realized what kind of feeling she had, but she knew this feeling shouldnt be born, especially for someone like him.

Ritsu looked in Usas direction and saw him depressed. She would be lying if she didnt feel guilty, but she just didnt feel that way toward Usa, and she just didnt think there was a possibility for them to be together, at least for now.

On the other hand, Usa was just in a mess, and he wondered whether there was something he could do to fix this situation. He had forgotten all of the words that Shishio had told him, and he just didnt want his relationship with Ritsu to end. However, he just didnt know how to face her, and he just felt helpless after being rejected.

Being rejected was, of course, not something fun. It was painful, and it made one a mess.

Usa was in a daze even until they arrived at the bus station. It wasnt until his shoulder was patted that he had woken up. He looked up and saw Shishio was there. “Come on. Come with me. Hikigaya-senpai, follow us too.”

Hikigaya was speechless, but he nodded and decided to follow Shishio.

Usa felt hesitant, but being half-forced by Shishio, he could only nod and follow him.

With three left, the girls also left too since it was quite late, and they thought of going home, but they kept watching Usa, Hikigaya, and Shishio, who slowly left at night.

Shishio didnt need to worry about the girls since Roberta would take care of the rest, and right now, he was going to handle his promise with Usa.

“Where are we going, Shishio? I want to go back.” Usas mood wasnt good since he was rejected, and he was thinking about whether there was a way to mend his relationship with Ritsu.

“Just follow me,” Shishio said simply before he ignored Usa again. “Were going to arrive soon.”

Usa and Hikigaya were confused, but then they saw a simple ramen shop in front of them.

‘Why ramen? They were confused.

Shishio entered the shop without hesitation while looking at Usa and Hikigaya, who were looking at him in a daze. “Come in. I am going to treat you.”

Hikigaya didnt hesitate, but Usa hesitated for a moment before he entered.

“Boss, three ramens, gyoza, and fried rice. Also, give us a beer!” Shishio said without hesitation in one go.

“Huh? Were in high school. Do you think it is alright?” Hikigaya asked in a whisper. Also, he wanted to say they ordered too much.

“Its okay. Its okay. If you dont drink, Ill drink them.” Shishio looked at Hikigaya and Usa and said, “Just order what you want. Lets eat.”

Usa sat in the middle between Shishio and Hikigaya.

The boss ramen looked at the three and didnt question them.

Neither talked, and they just waited quietly for their order to come.

Before long, they heard the voice of the boss, and their order was given.

“Heres your order.”

The boss didnt give the alcohol and gave the ramen to the three of them. Also, instead of alcohol, he gave them cola, but Shishio didnt say anything and looked at the hard-boiled and solemn expression of the boss, wondering whether the boss was a part-time assassin.

Shishio and Hikigaya took the chopsticks without hesitation, but Usa hesitated before he also ate ramen.

Shishio and Hikigaya must admit the taste of the ramen wasnt bad, but Usa felt it was too salty.

“Its salty…” Usa ate his ramen with tears and snot on his face. “Its salty… ugh…” Finally, his tears couldnt be contained anymore, and he bawled.

Shishio and Hikigaya didnt say anything and just patted Usas back.

While the boss quietly gave them the gyoza as a bonus to Usa and lowered the volume of the television.

The three were in silence while listening to Usas sobbing that echoed through the store.

Ahh, bittersweet youth!

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