I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 474: Shishio: Just what do you want to do auntie?

Chapter 473: Tsukiko: I have to talk with him

After crying out loud, Shishio didnt accompany Usa, and he returned to Hiratsukas house. As he had said before, he had promised Usa he would treat him to ramen when Usa was rejected. He also said it was his last time to help Usa.

After all, Shishio must admit, it was quite troublesome to take care of Usa. He was glad Hikigaya was there, and the three simply had fun at the ramen store with the hard-boiled boss by singing an enka song.

While they didnt know why they sang an enka song, they didnt care much and just had fun before they returned home.

As for whether Usas broken heart was healed or not, it was another matter.

However, without a doubt, Usa felt better than before.

As for whether Usa could get Ritsu and their relationship would develop, it had nothing to do with Shishio now.

Still, right now, Shishio needed to take care of Hiratsuka since she was annoyed that she couldnt go with him to the theme park. Fortunately, while she couldnt ride the merry-go-round, she could still ride on him, and frankly, it was more enjoyable.

On the other hand, Hikigaya was being complained about by his little sister.

“Onii-chan, why were you so late?”

Hikigaya looked at his little sister for a moment and said, “Youth.”

“…” Hikigayas little sister.

Hikigaya didnt explain what was the meaning behind his word since, as a man, he had to keep everything he saw to his grave.

Watching Hikigaya, who acted like he was the coolest guy on earth, Hikigayas little sister had only one word for him. “Gross.”

Hikigaya almost staggered, but he only snorted since a woman wouldnt understand what a man felt. Still, he was a big brother, so he needed to show his might. “So you dont want your souvenir?”

“Ah, Onii-chan, youre so handsome today! Komachi really loves you!”


Looking at his little sister, who acted so rudely and had acted so cutely now, Hikigaya let out a sigh, wondering why a little sister was such a creature.

However, when Hikigaya realized how cute his little sister was, he felt he must protect her from the claw of that scumbag.

After all, Hikigaya didnt want to be called a brother-in-law by him!



Hikigayas little sister only tilted her head and showed confusion.

Hikigaya didnt say anything and just patted her head. “Ill take a bath first.”

“What about dinner?”

“I have eaten!”

Looking at the back of his big brother, Hikigayas little sister smiled and thought Hikigaya really enjoyed his youth now.

Still, Hikigayas little sister became curious about her brothers friend.

‘Who is he?

While she had asked him before, he seemed too reluctant to explain, as if there was something hidden. She was like a curious cat, and somehow, she wanted to see her brothers friend.

The seed had been planted, and it was only a time before it would sprout.

However, Hikigaya didnt know that, and when it happened, he could only bitterly cry and hope for the best.


Anyway, it had nothing to do with our protagonist.

After he had woken up, Shishio prepared breakfast for him and Hiratsuka.

On the other hand, Hiratsuka lay on the sofa lazily, closing her eyes while letting the television turn on. While she didnt see or listen to the news, Shishio, who was cooking in the kitchen, and listening to the morning news, wondered whether there was any interesting news.

While cooking breakfast, Shishio wondered whether someday, he would be stunned by the news about a prehistoric human who was found under the iceberg and came alive after the ice had melted.

Or the various prisons on earth were being broken, and many dangerous prisoners escaped, coming to Tokyo.

Or a samurai was found in the middle of the city.

Or a man destroyed the whole United States army.

Shishio wasnt sure, but even if those things he mentioned above didnt happen, he was okay with it since a peaceful world was the best.

“Shizuka, do you have a plan today?” Shishio asked, wondering whether Hiratsuka had a plan.

While Hiratsuka was tired after riding Shishios Merry-Go-Round, she could still listen to his voice and answered absentmindedly, “Um, I am going out with Tachibana Satomi and Aina Rumika later.”

Shishio thought about the friends of Chihiro and Hiratsuka, who he met on a small street stall in the past. He knew they were teachers, and they were also single. However, Hiratsuka wasnt single anymore, and he wondered whether she was going to announce their relationship to the two of them. “Is Chihiro-nee going to follow?”

“No, she isnt going to come,” Hiratsuka said while yawning and rubbing her face on the pillow. Still, her nose moved slightly, and she slowly stood up, creeping toward Shishio silently before she hugged him from behind. “I caught you!”

“….” Shishio.

Hiratsuka rubbed her face against his neck, then asked, “What are you cooking?”

“Wonton soup, is that okay?”

“Oh! Its Chinese food!” Hiratsuka seemed excited. “When will it be ready?” She couldnt wait and wanted to eat as soon as possible.

“Its going to be ready soon.” Shishio turned his body, facing Hiratsuka.

Hiratsuka was stunned before she was suddenly pushed to the table. “Eh?” She was dumbfounded since her panties were taken down.

“If you want it, just tell me. Dont tempt me like this,” Shishio said and could feel Hiratsuka was ready.

“….” Hiratsuka was lost for words, but she didnt fight back since this was what she wanted.

In the morning, the two had a morning exercise, and their exercise was so heavy that their breaths became heavier and heavier.

In other words, it was a challenging exercise.

While Shishio and Hiratsuka did their morning workout, Rui also prepared breakfast for her family. However, she kept looking at the clock from time to time, wondering why the time couldnt move faster.

It was a Sunday, so Hina didnt have to work, and she lay on the table lazily, seemingly sleeping, but it was hard to see since her face was covered by her long hair.

Akihito Fujii and Tsukiko Tachibana were also at home since they didnt have to go to work on Sunday. They talked happily with each other while sipping coffee prepared by Rui.

Hina and Rui smiled when they saw how happy their mother was. After all, they still remembered how distressed and sad their mother asked for a divorce from their father. Still, everything was because of their father, who cheated on their mother, and it was also the reason why they followed their mother.

Hina was in silence since suddenly she remembered her father. She knew she shouldnt communicate with Shishio again, especially after their trip to Kamakura. However, she just couldnt help it and wanted to speak with him again, especially when she thought about the night she spent with him.

It was something unforgettable and something that she had never ever felt before.

Her body became wet when she thought about that night.

Whether it was a bed, chair, bathtub, table, or every corner of the hotel room, they had marked them.

If it was before, Hina would be just a naive woman who didnt understand anything, but under his care, she became an animal in the heat, which made her want to beat him up somehow.


Hina turned her head slightly and looked at Rui, who hummed happily. She knew Rui had gone to the theme park yesterday, and even though she had said she was going to follow them. In the end, she didnt follow them since she felt it was quite too much to follow them, especially when she knew how all of his friends would go out with them.

Hina was a teacher, and she knew how awkward it was for a student to play around under the supervision of the teacher, so she didnt follow them and stayed in the house, watching a comedy show on the television.

Luckily, the comedy was funny. If not, Hina would stay at home bored.

After Hina broke up with her previous boyfriend, she didnt have anything to do on the weekend. But, if possible, she wanted to go out with him today.


“Rui, you seem to be in a good mood. Whats wrong?” Tsukiko asked her daughter curiously.

Her question caused Akihito and Hina to look at Rui at the same time.

“…Am I in a good mood?” Rui was speechless since she didnt realize it.

“Yeah, you have been humming something before. What song is that?” Tsukiko asked.

“Well, it is Shishios song.” When they spent time in his apartment, Shishio often sang a random song, and Rui just happened to remember it.

“Oh!” Tsukiko was surprised and asked, “Could he sing a song?” She thought about her son-in-law, and her expression turned stiff, especially when she thought about how Shishio and Rui might have done “it” at this house.

When Tsukiko took care of Rui when Rui was sick before, even if the smell of her room wasnt funny and her clothes were quite neat, she happened to see a few rubbers on her daughters trash. While she was glad they used rubber, she felt vexed when she thought of how her daughter had become a woman.

‘The time moves so fast…

Tsukiko sighed inwardly and also clenched her fists when she thought about Shishio. She needed to remind him, or else she was afraid her daughter might get pregnant during high school.

“Yes, she could sing a song,” Hina said.

“Have you heard of it, Hina?” Tsukiko looked at Hina curiously.

They talked about Shishios song for a while before Tsukiko remembered to ask Rui why her daughters mood was so good.

“I am going on a date with Shishio. Is that okay?” Rui asked her mother.

“A date, eh?” Tsukiko looked at her daughter thoughtfully.

Rui wasnt sure why, but when her mother stared at her, she felt embarrassed and could only look away.

Tsukiko stared at Rui for a while, which made Rui feel embarrassed.

Still, Akihito laughed since he felt Ruis reaction was cute.

On the other hand, Hina felt depressed since she could imagine how her little sister was being messed up by that bastard.

‘What should I do?

Hina was afraid Rui might become bad, and she wondered whether she should protect Rui by giving herself to Shishio.

However, Hina must admit she felt jealous of Rui, and it was because of this feeling, that she felt she was such an ugly woman who could sleep with the boyfriend of her little sister. She let out a long sigh and wondered what she should do.

Tsukiko didnt see Hinas strange expression, but she said, “You can go on a date.”

“Really?” Rui was happy.

“But bring him here so I can talk with him first,” Tsukiko said sternly.

“……..” Rui.

Still, Natsuo, who was right outside the living room, wondered when he could enter?

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