I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 476: Shishio: What a tough date...”

Chapter 475: Its just awkward

Her voice was soft and unhurried, yet it carried the charm of an adult woman. It was something that didnt exist in the girl around his age.

Somehow, it just gave him a shudder.

Not only the voice but also the question that came out of her mouth gave him a shudder.

Still, Shishio had a hard time answering this question since he wasnt sure how to answer it.

‘Which daughter?

Shishio had, after all, slept with her two daughters, and frankly, his heart almost jumped out when Tsukiko asked him this question.


Still, Tsukiko also realized how rude her question was, and she knew how awkward it was for him to answer this question. She also started to feel embarrassed, and a blush appeared on her cheeks.


They were in silence for a moment before Tsukiko said, “I am sorry.”

“No, its alright. I understand as a parent you worry about your daughter,” Shishio said.

Tsukiko looked at Shishio and said, “Youre so mature for someone around your age, Shishio-kun.”

“Thats part of the reason why your daughter fell for me, auntie,” Shishio said cheekily.

Tsukiko could only laugh, but then she asked, “So you have slept with Rui, right?”

“…Yes.” Shishio could only lower his head, and he wasnt sure what to say for a while. After all, it was his first time to be asked such a question by the mother of his girlfriend. Even Nanas mother had never asked him this question. After all, Nanas mother used her body instead of words, and frankly, Ruis mother was just too hard to resist.


Why was an older woman so attractive?

Shishio could only bury this question inside his mind and hoped Rui would come out so he wouldnt cause a mistake.

Still, hearing his answer, Tsukiko didnt get angry and said, “I wont get angry at you since it is a natural process when you fall in love with someone, but you need to be careful since I dont want her to get pregnant when she is still in the school.”

“You dont need to worry. We have always used protection.” Shishio lied without blinking his eyes since he also often did it raw, but this wasnt something he should say to Tsukiko.

“…While I am the one who asks that question, I am not sure how to respond to this,” Tsukiko said with a long sigh with a cute blush on her face.

“I couldnt be blamed alone, right?” Shishio also let out a long sigh, wondering what he was talking about with Ruis mother.

The two became awkward toward each other, and they didnt know what to say for a while.

Still, Tsukiko didnt seem ready to let him go and asked, “I just want to ask you something.”


“You wont hurt her, right?” Tsukiko asked while looking straight at Shishio.

“While we might have a conflict, hurting her is the last thing I will do,” Shishio said.

“Thats good. Its better than an empty promise,” Tsukiko said with a smile, then glanced at the door. “Rui, you can come in.”

“…..” Shishio.

Rui smiled and sat next to Shishio naturally before she looked at her mother and asked, “Mom, what kind of question did you ask him?”

“…” Tsukiko and Shishio.

“Cough! Cough!” 2x

“I just hope he treats you better,” Tsukiko said with a blush.

“Thats right.” Shishio nodded.

After all, there was no way for them to tell Rui about their conversation before.

“Hmm…” Rui nodded and didnt think too much. “So we can go out now?”

“Sure.” Tsukiko nodded, but then she recalled something. “Now, wait a moment. Let me get something for you. By the way, Shishio-kun, can you wait outside for a while?”

“Well, why not?” Shishio didnt know what Tsukiko wanted to give Rui, but he just nodded and walked out of the house.

Still, Rui was curious and waited at the entrance of the house.

Before long, Tsukiko returned and pulled her daughters hand before giving her something. “Here, use this. You might not know, but I was pregnant when I was a student, so you had to be careful.”


Ruis expression was so expressive when she heard the fact her mother was pregnant with Hina when she was a student.

Rui didnt want to know this!

Rui wanted to cry at this moment bitterly, but she knew it was too late, and she knew everything. It was just she wasnt sure how Hina would react when she knew the fact that Tsukiko got pregnant when she was a student.

Rui just didnt know what to say before she looked at the thing in her hand. She was familiar with this thing, and without a doubt, it was a condom.

“Whats wrong? You have used it before, right?” Tsukiko asked in doubt, wondering whether Shishio was lying about the fact they had been using a condom.

Rui was quite awkward in explaining this situation, but she could only bite the bullet and said after a moment of hesitation, “Um, his thing is “quite” huge, so this condom wont fit him.”

“…..” Tsukiko was silent, and she just didnt know what to say at that moment.

However, Tsukiko must admit her daughter was blessed.

Shishio was waiting outside, but then he noticed someone staring at him. He looked up and saw the curtain on the room was quickly closed. It was only a small movement, but he didnt miss it. He remembered it should be Hinas room, so he took his phone and texted her.

Shishio: “Why are you hiding?”

Hina, who grumbled inside her room, texted him back: “Youre going on a date with Rui?”

Shishio: “Isnt it obvious?”

Hina looked at his heartless answer and quickly texted him back with an annoyed expression.

Hina: “How cold!”

Shishio was helpless and asked, “Have you told Rui?”

“…..” Hina.

Still, when Shishio thought about it clearly, he wouldnt think it would be weird if he was stabbed by Rui if she knew the fact he had slept with Hina.

Shishio: “For now, why dont you sort out your emotions first? You might think of me because we have slept together. While I want you, I am a scumbag. I cant be yours alone. You may regret it once we change our relationship.”

Reading his text, Hina was silent since she knew what kind of mess her relationship with Shishio was. Inside her room, she let out a long sigh before she put her phone to the side.

‘Sorting my emotion…

Hina knew this was necessary.

While Hina knew her emotion was clear and she knew what she wanted, she also knew how horrible it was for Rui.

‘Should I give up?

Hina closed her eyes while letting out a long sigh, causing her breasts to undulate, and she just didnt know what to do for a while.

Shishio looked at his little Shishio and knew it was impossible to control it. He let out a long sigh before putting his phone inside his pocket again.

“Sorry to make you wait.”

Shishio looked at Rui before he gave her a helmet. “Its alright. Are you ready?”

“Um.” Rui nodded and put on the helmet without hesitation before she sat on his back. “What are we going to do today?”

“Lets head to the hotel,” Shishio said without hesitation.

“….” Rui was lost for words, but after a moment, she nodded. “Okay.” She also missed him, so she didnt hesitate and went with him to the hotel.

Unfortunately, when they left, they didnt see Tsukikos expression, which was quite complex.

Tsukiko looked at the piece of condom in her hand. She only gave one piece to Rui since she thought it was enough, but who would have thought this thing wouldnt fit and just one wasnt enough.

Tsukiko let out a long sigh before she thought about her new husband. She thought for a moment before she made up her mind to call him since if her daughter could go on a date, shouldnt she also be able to go on a date too?

Tsukiko quickly took her phone and called her husband.

“Hello, Akihito-san, can we….”

When Tsukiko made her appointment for a date, a few hours had passed for Shishio and Rui.

Rui let out a long comfortable sigh, trying to take a breath with her arm covering her eyes. Her bare body was shown, and she didnt even try to hide it since the one inside this room was only Shishio. It might have been her first time coming to the love hotel, but she must admit, it was quite nice, especially when the room was quite unique, giving them a new experience.

Her cheeks were rosy, and at the same time, she was too lazy to move since she was too exhausted. Still, she was fully irrigated by Shishio, and she felt whether it was her body or soul, everything was satisfied.

“Rui, do you want to drink?”


Rui looked at Shishio, who was also naked and couldnt help but lick her lips. Still, she was trying to regain her stamina, so she honestly let him feed him with the mineral water. She let out a satisfied sigh again while touching her stomach.


Shishio was lost for words and said, “I wore a condom, you know?”

“I know. I didnt mean that when I touched my stomach.” Rui blushed and lightly hit his arm before opening her arms.

Shishio let out a helpless sigh and also lay right next to her.

Rui smiled and hugged him happily while using his arm as a pillow.

Shishio didnt say much since he felt comfortable being hugged by Rui since her body was well-developed.

The two sisters had their own charm.

If Hinas body was soft and her boobs were huge.

Rui was well-fitted and quite flexible, so she was okay with doing it in many different positions.

“Its almost the time were going to check out. Lets clean up and have lunch. I am hungry,” Shishio said.

“Well, yeah, I am hungry too.” Rui agreed.

The Love Hotel usually has two options: “rest” and “stay.”

If one had to choose a “stay,” they could stay for an entire day.

On the other hand, if one chose “rest,” they could only stay for one to three hours.

It was almost three hours they stayed at the hotel, and while they wanted to continue, they decided to continue their date since it was their first date after all.

However, before that, they decided to wash up, considering how sticky their bodies were.

“What do you want to eat?” Shishio asked on the jacuzzi.

“How about Italian cuisine?” Rui asked.

“I am okay with it. Then, lets go there after this.” Shishio hugged Ruis waist and whispered, “How about the last one?”


Rui wondered what kind of a bottomless beast her boyfriend was, but she nodded and agreed.

Anyway, Rui must admit their date was the best.

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