I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 476: Shishio: What a tough date...”

just bring the two sisters together.

As for the mother, Shishio wasnt the kind of low-life that would take down someones wife. He only aimed for someone who was single.


Shishio didnt lie since he only did it with Hina when she became single.

Still, it would be different if he was seduced.

Anyway, this wasnt the problem now since Shishio needed to gain more information about why Rui suddenly asked him this question. “Whats wrong?”

“No, I just happened to talk with Nana at the theme park before, and she asked me whether your relationship with Hina-nee. I told her your relationship with her was okay, and when I asked why she asked me this question, she told me that you also dated her big sister, so she thought you also dated my big sister,” Rui said calmly.

Watching Rui, who said all of that in one go calmly, Shishio was speechless and asked, “It felt weird when you could say all of that to me so calmly.” He looked at Rui curiously and asked, “For example, if I date your sister too, what do you think?”

Rui thought for a moment and said, “I am not really sure, but frankly, I want to beat you up.”

Shishio nodded and said, “Yes, you should beat me up.”

“Still, frankly, I dont think too much since I know you well, and you should be able to take care of Hina-nee well.” Rui knew Shishio was a scumbag, and when she heard how he had dated Ayaka and Nana together, two sisters at the same time, while she was surprised, she unexpectedly felt she could accept it.

Anyway, Rui was okay with his relationship with other girls, so she didnt mind having him date her sister too. After all, if she worked with her sister, she might be able to monopolize him. Also, she must admit, he was so fierce in bed, and she might need someones help to take care of him.

Shishio just didnt know what to say. He wondered whether his girlfriends had already given up fixing him up, so they just let him do whatever he wanted, or they just wanted to trap him to see how his reaction when she agreed to let him date her big sister.

Shishios mind was almost overloaded.

Fortunately, the waiter appeared and served the two iced coffees they ordered.

The cold and the bitter taste of the iced coffee woke him up.

Still, Shishio suddenly wanted to drink lemon tea somehow.

Rui also drank the iced coffee through the straw gently yet surely, and when she let it go, some liquid sprouted in every direction, wetting her pink and luscious lips. She let out a comfortable sigh and said, “It tastes nice.”

“…” Shishio.

“Still, I am glad Hina-nee seems happy now,” Rui said with a smile.


“Before, she was quite depressed about her relationship, but now she seems happy every time I see her,” Rui said.

“….” Shishio wasnt sure what to say and said, “Well, she might be laughing all the time watching her favorite comedian.”

“Haha…” Rui laughed and said, “Thats true.”

“By the way, if you decide to become a chef, why dont you join the cooking club? I have heard that the club is quite good.” One of the girls in the cooking club had confessed to him that Shishio received some cookies from them, and he must admit the taste was quite good. He also knew all the members of the cooking club were female, so Rui could make more friends too.

“I might visit it later with Momo.” Rui thought for a moment and felt Shishios idea wasnt bad. Still, if possible, she also wanted to join the literature club since it seemed quite fun.

They talked about many things about the theme park, Hina who seemed to be close with someone, and caused Shishio to be silent for a moment since the person Hina was close with was Shishio.

Still, Shishio had a feeling Rui might feel the change of Hina was because of him, but it was because of Rui, and neither decided to continue their relationship.

Shishio was also alright with it since he didnt want his relationship with Hina to happen too fast.

They might have shared a bed together, but for the further relationship, Shishio felt it might be too fast since he wanted her to be truthful toward Rui.

Still, Shishio must admit he missed Hinas body for a week after they had done it.

While they talked, suddenly someone called Rui.

“Huh? Rui?”

This voice attracted Shishio and Rui, causing them to turn their heads.

Shishio looked at the middle-aged man with stubble and long curly hair. While his appearance was quite unkempt, he could see this old man was clean. However, when he wondered who this person was, Rui answered his question, “Dad?”

“…Dad?” Shishio was dumbfounded.

“Ahaha, hello, I am Ruis father,” the old man greeted Shishio with a smile.


Not only the mother, Shishio wondered whether he was going to be tortured by her father too.

‘Oh god…

Shishio wondered what he did today, so he had to encounter two big problems in just a single day.

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